Some say he's still roaming around as a ghost.

  1. Some say that each of his toes is a tiny racing tire, and that his backside is stamped with a "Pirelli" logo. All we know is, he not The Stig, but he is The Stig's motorcycle riding cousin.

  2. People spray bikes like that when they are stolen so that you have no way of distinguishing if it’s your stolen bike or not. This guy is using a stolen bike 😂

  3. His gear and the tires, too? I think it's just a funny picture with a bike they probably don't care about. Why paint everything with so much attention to detail (brake lines, even coat) if you just want to make it hard to identify?

  4. This is actually very smart, most suits are black. While white would reflect light which is litterally cooler & you're more visible.

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