...to get at her kid with the good ol' slipper.

  1. If that was my mother she wouldn’t have bothered. She’d have waited me out to get a proper shot. Or rather multiple. The longer you evade the longer it’d last

  2. What a shitty parent. When we were kids, my mom could headshot-360-no-scope me and my siblings all day long with her slipper.

  3. I only once ran from a beating. I started circling the table like crazy. I had also prepped in advance for said beating by putting on 10 pairs of underwear. By the time I got caught and they noticed the pairs of underwear, they were laughing too hard to proceed with beating. One small victory for child - one giant W for all children.

  4. One time I barricaded my bedroom door and my mom absolutely lost it. I (like 6) had a doctors appointment where I knew I’d be getting shots. My bedroom was one of those where the closet stuck out in the room and the closet was right in front of the door so you could open teh door but there was a wall right there. I pushed a big play house right right between that wall and the door and then put every toy I owned inside the house it between it and the door. My mom spent thirty minutes trying to break the door down and screaming at me. When she finally got her arm through and started moving toys and forced her way in she was so mad she broke a spatula beating my ass

  5. One day my step dad told me to go find a belt after I had been acting up and I spent 10 minutes going through all of my belts to find the softest one, just to have him use his anyway. Idk if it was his plan all along either way I wasn't spanked with the cloth belt I chose.

  6. Oh dang this is a trip down memory lane. I remember as a kid I could climb the molding and pull this move to travel from our family room to the kitchen without touching the floor.

  7. It really does boggle the mind that parents can see their child literally climb the walls to get away from a spanking and think “yes, this is a correct and cool and good way to teach my child right from wrong.”

  8. Yeah some of the "fun" childhood memories are rather disturbing in my opinion. Is it still so common to hit your child as a punishment? In my country that's illegal.

  9. They dont care, they think being feared and having an "obedient" child is the right/ proper way. "Its how I was raised" mentality. In other words, short sighted idiocy by fuckwits who need to feel the fear they make their kids feel. People who still hit their kids should get hit by competitors from the worlds strongest man/woman competitions.

  10. It’s more she is doing it badly. My dad would spank my ass occasionally if I was being an shitter. (ie destroying property) It was always administered calmly and clinically so the lesson is not I am mad at you and more this is wrong now you pay the consequences. If done properly whipping is not child abuse.

  11. Well my parents did spank me and the like, but I still love them. Of course I was never spanked past about the age of 6-7. They also never spanked me unless I'd monumentally fucked up. Like the time I was throwing a baseball in the house and smashed the glass cover on a clock that my dad's company had gifted him. Spanking your children and loving them are not mutually exclusive.

  12. Going to either leave that spider alone, or get a bigger slipper. My vote is to leave it alone, it will eventually get tired and move on.

  13. That’s sad, not funny, and the kid could get pretty badly injured if he fell from up there. Why are there parents out there like this?

  14. “Wait don’t do that, you’ll hurt yourself! So imma just hit you until you get down!” Sound logic mom

  15. Me: i didnt like ninjas for nothing hand signs air style boomerang chancla jutsu! throws aiming for the balls

  16. Half these comments never seen the kid running away from his hispanic mother and her BEAMING him in the back of the head from a block away with her slipper

  17. Lmao I did this in my grandparents stairs as a kid. My grandma nearly had a heart attack when she went to go up the stairs and saw me doing this going down towards her. Then I was no longer allowed (when adults were present) to wall walk up and down the stairs. Luckily they didn’t care about us taking the mattress off my sisters bed and riding it down the stairs. My grandma would even get us extra pillows to cushion the landing zone haha

  18. Being a kid was so fun. The power to weight ratio allows you to do shit like this much more easily. The square cube law is a bitch.

  19. Mannn the chancla’s range was unlimited. After a few headshots, you realized running is an act of futility.

  20. Well that was anticlimactic, but I was also expecting her to throw it and the kid to dodge it, so it’s my own fault for being disappointed

  21. I'd be up there taunting and talking shit, knowing full well my ass is coming down in three minutes and I'm being sent to see god.

  22. This parent is a noob. My mom had had enough xp to access the heat seeking cruise slipper from the moment i spawned. There was no hiding, no getting away.

  23. On god that was me too! My mom would make me stay up there forever and then woop my ass. But i got in her head so it was worth it lmfao

  24. My mom could throw it across the home. She could even account for the swing and it still hit the target.

  25. If this was me many moons ago the chair would have deffo come into play but it would have likely been thrown at me to dislodge me from the walls then I would have had a worse hiding for trying to avoid it in the first place :/

  26. Crazy that people want to hit their kids when they can stem like a pro in a slot canyon. Wait for them to get down, then give them a bowl of warm soapy water and a rag to clean up after themselves, then go get them an ice cream.

  27. Must be a childless aunt - a real mom or a grandma would be able to knock a zit off your nose from 300 yards and it would bounce back like Captain America's shield

  28. I guess it's good that I'm not a parent because I'd start bets about how long he could stay up there before needing to get down and grab a stopwatch. Lol I'd also challenge him to beat his personal best.

  29. I remember the first time seeing a kid do this, i threw a ball at my cousin down the hallway and he did this to jump over it and I nearly had a seizure from laughing so hard!

  30. You ever stop in the middle of doing something so ridiculous, you have a sudden moment of awareness where you ask, “wait, wtf are we even doing right now,” and decide to call it quits? This is what should have happened here.

  31. the kid is perfectly understandable for doing that. Hurting your kid like that makes you a bad parent and i don’t care what you have to say about that.

  32. If that were my ma, she would've threw the slippers at him. Hell, if she ran out (which I doubt) she would've grabbed the belt and started using it as a whip lmao.

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