to call on Jackie

  1. It doesn't matter the age, the only people attracted to positions of power are those who want it for all the wrong reasons. It doesn't matter who we elect or which new person we bring it. They're always going to be the worst person for the job

  2. This is what happens when we don’t have an age limit for holding office. I’m going to edit to add, I don’t think the last guy was better(far from it); I just think office/positions should have age limits AND term limits. Including the Supreme Court.

  3. Too be fair I’m young and the other day my girlfriend and her family are talking about the haunted mansion reboot. They are debating on who would make a good ghost women in the crystal ball (forgot the characters name).

  4. Yeah I don't know about you guys but having someone that is losing their marbles and unable to remeber a lot of things is not giving off the best image for America and it's scary to think what decisions this could lead to or what he could say.

  5. His supports say it’s a speech impediment and he’s brave for even attempting to speak in public.

  6. I was just having this discussion with coworkers earlier. An easy fix is tying AARP/Medicare benefits due to age with holding public office. If the government says you’re old enough to retire, then you should not be eligible for public office (or maybe have some sort of extensive cognitive test to become exempt that is taken every X years).

  7. Pleasantly pleasantly Confused versus unstoppably deranged. If anyone’s ever worked in a hospital you’ll know you want the pleasantly confused guy not the unstoppable deranged guy.

  8. Saw a FB meme likening this to Impractical Jokers final punishment. Where the jokers are talking to Biden in an earpiece telling to him ask “Where’s Jackie??!!”

  9. Jackie, are you okay? So, Jackie, are you okay? Are you okay, Jackie? You've been searched for You've been called by A dementia ridden president.

  10. I still voted 3rd party anyway and will continue to do so if the 2 main parties only provide us clowns like Trump, Biden and Hillary. Idgaf if it’s a “wasted vote”, I’d rather that than to have my vote count towards someone I don’t want. And if everyone else carried the same mentality, we probably COULD get a third party candidate in, but everyone wants to play the stupid “nobody else will, so I won’t either!” game

  11. There are 535 people in a Congress that has changes every year. It's impressive that he even remembered her name in the first place.

  12. I am convinced this man has no idea what he's doing. I need to get out of here as soon as possible.

  13. Old mate is so close to death, when he went to the queens funeral the priests tried to load him into another coffin.

  14. That’s not ever been the criteria for being President, but if you have some weird fantasy you want to believe, go ahead

  15. Lot’s of Trumpies in the comments bringing up dementia are ones to talk. Your guy is the mental equivalent of a used napkin. Cope.

  16. Or they could be like me and think all our politicians are morons. You don’t need to be a “Trumpie” to know that Biden isn’t all there.

  17. Maybe it was just dark Brandon striking again! We took it as senility, when in fact he knows what he’s doing!

  18. Sleepy Dark Brandon, not the president we wanted but the president the DNC gave us. Well fuck them lol.

  19. How soon we forget about the last guy who said we should into how we can “get the disinfectant into the body”

  20. We still are and everyone knows it, even you. Our logistics and weapons alone have allowed Ukraine to push back an invading force, that by all measures, they should have been steam rolled by.

  21. Pretty positive our arms alone are proving that were superior. Ironically under inept Bidens leadership, he’s managed to defeat Russias military without American boots on the ground. We just showed the world that they are very far behind the US/west! They know we’re superior militarily to them, they weren’t positive a a year ago. Having said this Bidens still cringey and embarrassing.

  22. I don't hate this man. I largely disagree with him and think he's just as much of a buffoon as the last buffoon the US had in the office, but I don't hate him.

  23. Our alternative was an even more moronic manchild who instigated an attempted coup of the government. Biden ain’t great, but he’s not telling us to nuke hurricanes, inject ourselves with bleach, or stare into the sun.

  24. Ugh. Can we please just vote for Teddy Roosevelt’s corpse? Still less awful than watching this poor Alzheimer’s patient mumble his way through failure after failure.

  25. Yeah. Trump is praising Putin. He said Putin is a genius after invading Ukraine. I am sure Putin made his plan for invading Ukraine thinking Trump would still be in charge. Trump said he wants to quit NATO.

  26. His press secretary said something like “she was on the top of his mind”. No acknowledgment to the fact he couldn’t remember she died

  27. Not even going to read the stupid comments bc I’m quite sure all of his lovers are just going to attempt to defend him by saying “Trump” or “Bush”. It’s Weekend at Bernie’s playing out in the US.

  28. It’s really sad, this past week he’s been awful, the Elton John incident, didn’t he say something like to stop hurricane Ian we must be vaccinated, and finally this. I’m not American but fuck I can’t watch

  29. That was a speech from a year ago when the vaccine was being pushed. His point was to be vaccinated before hurricane season in order to reduce the spread of Covid.

  30. Just let the man rest already… It scares me more and more that THIS is the guy that’s our President. What were people thinking?

  31. That they didn’t want the racist, fanatical, twice impeached, criminal shitbag and his grifting family back? And now we find out he was also committing treason, all while trying to end the republic and have himself installed as dear leader. Any president we have ever had is orders or magnitude better, and that includes Nixon.

  32. It’s times like these when I have to close my eyes and repeat to myself “at least it’s not Trump.”

  33. At Bidens inauguration: Gas was 1.93 per gallon. There was zero inflation. There were no supply chain issues. Economy was strongest in 50 years. Border was controlled and secure. Taliban wasn't armed with US weaponry. No labor shortage. Stock market at record highs. 401Ks at record highs. Interest rates at record lows.

  34. And people continue to call us stupid for saying he has serious cognitive issues. The man is in early stages of Alzheimer's and never should have run.

  35. Really all the stuff he has to remember, I know you’ve had to of seen the republicans plan for Americans. Every good thing in this country has come from a Democrat you just forget how many Americans have died fighting for every workers rights.

  36. If he had an R next to his name this would have multiple 100k+ upvotes threads across all of Reddit saying how senile he is and how he is unfit for the presidency.

  37. Yeah id still take the old forgetful nice guy over the fucking hateful lying greedy piece of shit we got rid of.

  38. August was recent. Is it possible he didn’t know she died /hadn’t seen her in a while anyway? I’m not sure how often the president talks to reps etc

  39. We’re dealing with my grandma going through late stages of dimentia. She’s said things like this which is sad, but at least it’s just her at home with us family. I hope this isn’t too hard for his family to witness

  40. The man doesn’t know where he is half of the time.. but hey at least he doesn’t have mean tweets! The big, bad, orange man hurt my feelings.

  41. Trump is a fossil too. But he’s a more dangerous one. We picked the one we felt would do the least damage. I still stand by that vote over the other guy without hesitation.

  42. All cause yall hated obama…you elected a sociopathic narcissist with no sense of boundaries with delusions of grandeur and telepathic powers of document stealing who gropes women and will end up with you all in jail or drinking end times punch while you wait for the reptilian aliens to take you away from here.

  43. This isn't really a point though. Trump probably got more votes than Obama. The only thing that this shows is that more people voted.

  44. At Bidens inauguration: Gas was 1.93 per gallon. There was zero inflation. There were no supply chain issues. Economy was strongest in 50 years. Border was controlled and secure. Taliban wasn't armed with US weaponry. No labor shortage. Stock market at record highs. 401Ks at record highs. Interest rates at record lows.

  45. He has a lot on his plate and pressure and constant criticism to boot. He gets little or no credit for what he tries to do. He wasn't my first choice - that was Bernie.

  46. You know none of this shit would be happening if we just elected bernie when he was running like go damn. Trump is a fucking lunatic and biden seems like the stress of being president is aging him rapidly, like he looks older everytime i see him. Like if hes aging that fast imagine how is mind is going. He was days were hes okay and then days like this, there really should be an age limit on all elected officials, hell you cant be president until you turn 35 so why the fuck do they still let dinosaurs, like practically every damn president weve ever had, still hold any form of office.

  47. Trump is 3 years younger and said so many things incorrectly, lied, almost falling and acting like a Buffon on an almost daily basis yet, Biden is the one who constantly gets shit

  48. He didn’t just accidentally lie or deceive by omission, he purposefully and with ill-intent lied, constantly. He was like a moth to flame.

  49. I love how the dumb fuck MAGAts in my office tried to make this a big deal today. Bc misspeaking means…. Hahaha Alzheimers, but purposefully taking classified information is fine. Fuck you MAGAts fuck you for hating this country and undermining democracy. I’ll take an old man that is slightly forgetful over a narcissistic racist bigoted despot any day of the goddamn week. Good day!

  50. Remember when with Trump it was invoke the 25th because he is mentally incompetent. Where are those exact same people now? This man is literally acting senile right in front of your face daily and you losers just look the other way. Bunch of hypocritical assholes

  51. Bro.... If someone had died in government and Trump went onstage and was looking for the dead guy? We would hear about this shit until November. I hope Republicans pounce on this opportunity and demand he be 25th the fuck out the white House

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