Is apple not the best stock to wheel on the entire market or am I crazy?

  1. This is a loose number, but the average mega cap company lasts for 30 years before shrinking. Apple is unique because it almost died in the 90s then was reborn / revitalized in the late 90s making it closer to 25ish years old than 45ish.

  2. the problem with Apple is that it stays super lazy for months and the premiums get you nothing, and then it explodes in one direction or the other blowing out your strikes, and then goes back to being lazy. It is a great company, and has a defensive position thanks to the massive ownership stake of BRK, but it can be rough to wheel at times.

  3. If a year from now Apple is at $100 will you be happy or sad you wheeled it? Expect 12 months before market bottoms

  4. When does the Fed stop selling assets/allowing bond run offs? Difficult for me to imagine new all time highs while the Fed is actively shrinking its balance sheet. However, rest assured there will be some day in the future where the Fed announces a new bond buying program and stocks will skyrocket again and we'll probably see a new bubble and new all time highs. Just difficult for me to see new ATHs while the Fed is shrinking.

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