Imagine these four in twd they would be unstoppable

  1. Those guys would end the whole apocalypse, noise attracts zombies which means their gunfire will attract hordes which the crew would easily dispose of

  2. Probably, the last of us zombies are 10000x more deadly and can even come in different forms, have the ability to run and can infect you without even touching you.

  3. Honestly my money is on the last of us cause there zombies actually run they have bloaters clickers and the boss one in the second one and the other big one and twd has just zombies who barely walk

  4. Best advice I can say about TLOU2 is to keep an open mind and not look at it like anybody is the hero and look at it from the point of view of everybody

  5. Honestly, no idea. To keep things as spoiler-free as possible, the game tries to really make you sympathize with her and make you care about her. Problem is, they do this like 12 hours after she killed Joel, and her story doesn’t work for everyone. It did for most people (somehow), but not me.

  6. I also only played it for the first recently and it might be my #1 game. It's actually what got me into TWD in the first place. Total masterpiece and I think the Abby shit during release was blown way out of proportion.

  7. Jill Valentine, Leon Kennedy, Ada Wong, and Chris Redfield would deadass be untouchable😭 not even Jesus would lay a fingy wingy on them lmfaooo💀

  8. Lmao Leon is just Jesus++ with the fucking ridiculous melee moves in RE4. Ofcourse the ridiculousness is what makes it great.

  9. I think TWD has some pretty insane humans. The Governor, Negan, Shane, Daryl, Beta, Abraham, etc. And truth to be told, I would bet on those guys if it ever came down to fighting.

  10. if season 11 hasn't been disappointing enough now I have to imagine a crossover between TWD and the Nickelback of zombie franchises?

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