What is one moment in the TV Series that you think was perfect (10/10. wouldn't change anything)?

  1. There's many, but Shane faking that guy's escape and taking Rick to that hill (was it a hill?), it was suspenseful, tense, unexpected, you didn't know what was gonna happen until it did

  2. Negan breaking Murder Rick into a puddle of crying, begging mess, a feat unheard of. I didn't think he'd accomplish it...and then he starts tying his belt around Carl's arm.

  3. Rick coming back for the mercy killing of the “bicycle girl” in the first episode. Showed his humanity. That scene always stuck with me. We were not yet numb to zombies.

  4. The lack of humanity in Rick’s eyes and the raspy voice in this scene just prove that Andrew Lincoln is one of the best actors in The Walking Dead history.

  5. Agreed. It was one of my favorite comic moments, and yet by incorporating Daryl into the mix, as well as giving the Claimers (I think was their name) a teeny bit of backstory, I enjoyed the show's version even more.

  6. REALLY wish they would've let Rick drop the F bomb in the famous line, since they seem to have become more lax with that.

  7. Season 4 Episode 8-Season 5 Episode 10 was the absolute peak of the show, minus most of the Beth/Hospital bits. Nothing before or after those 19 episodes will ever beat it.

  8. Shane's death scene is so well done. Cold night, full moon, great acting from Lincoln and Bernthal. "You did this to us! This was you, not me!" Then those freaky cuts while Shane is turning.

  9. That was the goosebumps moment that made me say, "I will watch this entire show, no matter what." Trying to chase that moment and it came when Negan was revealed, then the "border."

  10. Carl being so scared that Rick won’t wake up. Then later Michonne finding them in that house and then knocking on the door… Rick seeing her and saying “it’s for you” to Carl. Love that episode

  11. episode 1 was a masterpiece in its entirety! sometimes i watch it as a sort of stand-alone movie, just because it’s That Good.

  12. The whole storyline with Lizzie is so terribly painful, but I found it such a compelling part of the psychological effects of the apocalypse and love it so much for that

  13. Jesus dying. That scene was just so incredibly well done. The way it was shot just gave off such a confident feeling that Jesus would be fine and then the “zombie” dodges his swing. Probably the last time The Walking Dead actually surprised me.

  14. Agree this death really surprised me given his comic counterpart, although I was sad to see him go I thought it was interesting and showed really anyone could go given circumstances. Sad it was Jesus though.

  15. Such a satisfying episode after they screwed up the first time he attacked the prison. They really worked overtime to get us back to the ending of the prison story we deserved from the comics.

  16. The pike scene, the scene where Maggie shoots the reapers mainly bc of the amazing music, Rick on the horse on his way to Atalanta and meeting Glenn, Rick finding out Lori’s death, Eugene’s plan with the bullets to defeat the saviours

  17. The montage of Carl’s last day is the only thing I can think of right now but so many amazing moments in the first few seasons. The choice to kill him was dumb but that sequence was the highlight of the season for me.

  18. That montage is really great, excellent song for it too even though I am biased toward that song but it was a really great opening piece. Carl got an excellent send off. I also wish he didn’t die but knowing the behind the scenes about why, I get it and it makes it easier to bear. I had a really hard time losing Glenn and Abraham because of the how I think. It feels so brutal and so cruel whereas carls feels very matter of fact. I blur the lines between real life and tv too much and I am very aware of it lol

  19. End of season 2…I was on the edge of my seat when I saw everyone panic running from the farm I’m even feeling a Certain way talking about it rn haha.

  20. I think the reveal of Alpha's border was pretty much as good as it could have been done, besides Rick not being there. I thought the death reveals were a good mix of unexpected and a couple minor-but-likable characters.

  21. This may sound super bleak, but the moment when the governor comes to the prison and then proceeds to chop off Hershel’s head. That was intense! I didn’t see that coming at all, and the fight that ensued was pretty good too.

  22. Sophie reveal. Entire scene from Shane finally losing it (Jon Berenthal’s performance is just incredible, that entire season really), Herschel & family’s shock/disbelief, and the utter chaos of the barn exodus to the Sophie reveal and Carol’s devastating reaction, immediately followed by Rick’s heartbreaking response.

  23. that music was incredible. liked that they actually showed everyone's perspectives and built up to it instead of just being a 5 second thing.

  24. Merles progression, I would change him dying he could have been a big main actor on the show but him going from a horrible racist to dying for the group was one of the best parts of the show for me

  25. His progression was well written and he was acted very well. I would have liked it if Merle stayed around longer.

  26. I have many 9/10 moments but I genuinely don't think I have any 10/10. I'm too picky. Annoyingly so. It makes me kind of sick that I can't just enjoy things sometimes.

  27. My favorite is season 2 in the bar with herschel. He finally see the light and he will kill to protect the group. I was stunned when Rick shot Dave and Tony. First time Rick killed a human. Runner up is when Daryl blew up the saviors on the road.

  28. There’s a shot in 6x16 where Rick is forced to kneel by Simon. The shot slowly gets closer to him as those around him are forced to kneel - and the sheer defeat on Rick’s face is monumental. This man has been having a no fucks given, “I’m in charge” persona since the beginning. And it’s now been shattered.

  29. i think it’s believable, you have to remember that he was only a deputy in a rural georgia sheriff’s department, and this is the same guy that carried around a fucking .44 Magnum

  30. Glen was a favourite of mine and most of all abe really was one of my all time favourites in the comics and show but that scene was so powerful it’s hard not to be one of the best scenes simply because of the impact it had on us all and the heart break, great parts of the show can also be the most heart breaking parts

  31. I had heard what happens in the comics with Abe so I figured okay they gave his death to Denise so he could die in negan episode. I was so sure! Abe would totally sacrifice himself to protect people and he is big and looks like a threat to negan. When negan walks by Abe sits up taller and stares straight at him, i think negan chose him for that reason. And everyone loved Glenn. I was so surprised! (My mom was furious and quit watching)

  32. The Grove. It was a bottle episode and fucked up in all the wrong ways. One of the most captivating episodes.

  33. I love the opening of season 3. The group is moving in silence and as tight as a drum, everyone’s on alert. They’ve been circling the prison, Lori is heavily pregnant and they’re so desperate to eat Carl is about to feed everyone canned dog food. And when they finally make they’re way through the yard and into the cell block, they’re beyond exhausted but so fucking proud. The tension between Rick and Lori is so real it makes you uncomfortable. Daryl is the fucking man! I love that opening so much 🖤

  34. The bar meetup w herschal and glen, the way rick quickdrawed w the bandits and the way everyone was left speechless in the room shit was hardcore

  35. When Carl got shot in the eye and Rick went through that insane rampage and took back Alexandria. Also the entirety of season 1 is 10/10 for me, especially the first episode whenever it was just a raw zombie apocalypse and no real character drama yet. Love it

  36. Season 6 “no way out” that scene when the walkers had our groups back against the wall, then Daryl comes in clutch with the fuel truck and rocket launcher, than Rick and the others begin pushing back against the zombies as that amazing music choice was playing. Pure goosebumps that was

  37. In the battle for Alexandria against the walkers, where they flipped through scenes of all the characters fighting. That was 100/10. Straight from the comics. Gave me chills.

  38. When Alexandria was overrun by walkers, Coral got shot and Rick went beast mode and all of Alexandria killed the infestation of walkers.

  39. How the two buddies and partners came to killing each other at the end of the world. It's time I rewatched this whole thing. This series has been and will be a hallmark television success. Start to finish, I get everything I want and LOTS of stuff I don't. I never felt in control or predictive. Good bye for now TWD I doubt we'll ever see the last of you.

  40. Sophia coming out the Barn is hands down some of the best TV. But More recently When Jesus gets killed by the whisperers in the cemetery and the heads on the spikes scene

  41. When carol saves them from Terminus and Daryl see her for the first time OR when the gang gets Daryl back from being tortured at the Sanctuary and sees him for the first time at Hilltop Can you tell I’m a Norman Reedus fan??

  42. Shane beating Ed to a bloody pulp for putting his hands on Carol. I know he was also working out his own frustrations about Lori, but damn it was satisfying to see Ed get his just desserts, and especially on rewatches

  43. My moment is when Sophia gets out of the barn. The way every character gets a close up of their reaction only to have Rick step up. That was a defining moment to me, it showed that Shane might be correct in his ideas, but he would never make it as a leader. He can make tough calls (more so then anyone at that point) but when the consequences of his actions need to be dealt with, he hesitates. Really solidified Rick as the leader IMO

  44. Rick telling that dude at terminus he was gonna get free and kill him with a red handled machete, and then doing it. Season 3 or 4 i think.

  45. The barn scene in my opinion. One of the most intense scenes from the earlier seasons! Loved it.

  46. The Whisperers chase through the Cemetery. When Jesus goes in and the whisperer just dodges it so gracefully and kills him. That one got me good.

  47. S10E22 “Here’s Negan” Personally this is one of my favourite episodes, especially when Negan arrives back and Lucille is dead. The acting is top tier and the sudden switch in personality is perfectly fitting for his character. Also the way the episode comes full circle with Negan moving on from his past and saying sorry/goodbye to Lucille. One of the greatest things I’ve ever seen on television.

  48. That scene where Alpha marches Negan into the woods and makes him take off his clothes. She says something like “You are a crass man. I thought you would appreciate a crass reward.” Didn’t see that coming! Lol! His reaction was comic gold.

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