What's the dumbest thing a character has ever done?

  1. As a parent the parenting on TWD drives me absolutely bonkers. I would never let my kid out of arms reach during the fucking end of the world. Came here to say the exact same thing as you.

  2. I feel like we see her try but it's just a super poor effort lol. Like I get it my feet are probably more hand-like (lol) than most, but cmon in a life or death situation you think she'd be able to figure out a better grip

  3. not only would it have been incredibly easy to pick up those pliers with her feet, but milton could have just as easily tied himself to something.

  4. So then, what would you have had her do differently when she was strapped in that chair, struggling to reach that screwdriver or whatnot tool, to free herself?

  5. Trusting the smartest guy from the enemy group to create all of your ammunition and expecting him to be fully compliant

  6. He actually did test it. Except it was Eugene who handed him a weapon for purpose of that test. Eugene probably expected Negan would want to test it, so he took initiative and the sample he provided was not tempered with.

  7. Honestly? Negan might have just been ignorant. I don’t know much about guns and I didn’t know you could rig ammo to blow. Negan might not have either.

  8. flip a military vehicle in a relatively flat empty part of a field, then proceeding not to run away from the approaching zombie herd until one of them gets ripped in half

  9. The commonwealth soldiers were written extremely poorly. Nobody is that dumb with a slow-moving, mindless enemy like the walkers. Just literally walk away and you're safe.

  10. I love how they go from the walkers who can’t figure out dumpsters to walkers who can climb walls and use rocks to break open windows.

  11. Negan's arrogance in All Out War. Dude tried to recruit every person he knew had a personal vendetta against him (Daryl, Dwight, Sasha, etc).

  12. Negan was up his own arse so much when he led the saviours. Dude legit power-tripped beyond all his morals

  13. I mean, keeping your enemies close and breaking them down to the point where they're submissive to you is a pretty good plan. Much better than leaving them back at home and letting them plot against you.

  14. And then shooting yourself in the head on a dumpster surrounded by walkers, risking the life of a fellow survivor AGAIN

  15. Dude I saw a clip of that on YouTube the other day and I literally cried. I miss Noah so damn much 😭😭😭

  16. Herschel, a 70-something old man and the group’s only doctor who was supposed to help Lori give birth imminently, going into the bowels of the prison to help clear walkers.

  17. I don’t think it’s Hershel’s fault because how could he have known Lori was about to give birth in that moment? And Lori wasn’t dilated, so if Hershel was there he would’ve had to give her a C-section the same way Maggie did and she would’ve died regardless. I could be wrong but just my thoughts 🤷🏽‍♀️

  18. I never understood that one. They could have easily and safely killed so many walkers at the prison by stabbing them through the fence. Then they’d literally have a dead walker barricade until they got around to disposing of the bodies.

  19. god this has always pissed me off. whenever we see the people at the fences killing walkers they're always doing it so SLOW. like picking out each walker perfectly like they're at a fucking buffet instead of just getting it over it. I know everyone wants to think theyd be That Guy who's super badass and walkers dont bother em in the apocalypse but istg half the walker encounters in this series look so goddamn easy to deal with.

  20. And then giving an 8 year old complex directions such as "keep the sun over your left shoulder and head that way".

  21. I think the argument being if if shit hit the creek than they would both end up dying , which is why the split. I don’t agree with it but hey 🤷

  22. Yes! And for only TWO walkers, wasn't it? Couldn't he just have killed them? I know they were still relatively new at killing walkers, but he could have outwalked them with her. What was that - I had to draw them off?

  23. as a fellow gimp leg haver, if i was Noah there's no fucking way i would have agreed to that job assignment. Literally walker bait

  24. Also when Laura jumped on his back instead of smashing his head in while he was trying to kill Mary at the prison.

  25. I think it was because Alden isn’t really good with a bow, because you can see him kinda fumble around with an arrow like he was still a novice with it

  26. It’s not Alden’s fault, he was a C-list hero and Beta was a primary protagonist. The plot armour demanded Daryl be the one to kill him /s

  27. He was probably aiming at Beta (like what Dwight said to Daryl about killing Denise by mistake) or Alden knew she wouldn't want to be a walker?

  28. Literally. Even if they had safely removed the walker from the well, god knows how long it’s rotting flesh had festered in the water.

  29. I don’t know what was going through her head in that scene. I mean come on, the shoulder? It was practically suicide. Rick easily would have gotten their way leaving with Carol, Beth, and Noah.

  30. I was like a tiny pair of scissors and it didn’t do anything to dawn, dawn already had her hand on her gun when Beth approached her stop blaming Beth

  31. Daryl getting up to punch Negan, leading to Glenn’s death. No hate on Daryl, I get that he was struggling with Rosita being taunted like that but c’mon man. You were warned and it was clear at this point Negan wasn’t someone to fuck with.

  32. Carol's one of my favorite characters, so it pains me to write this, but running after Alpha into that cave, when she had no idea what could be waiting for her inside, still baffles me.

  33. Alpha made that trap so obvious it should be on the list too and really highlights how dumb move it was from Carol.

  34. Going out into the middle of a forest with a stranger to stab walkers in the head to “free their souls.”

  35. Rick in season 8 going back to the trash people, who had already betrayed him once and helped Negan kill some of his people in season 7. He went back to them BY HIMSELF to recruit their help against the saviors only to be IMMEDIATELY captured and stripped down. They were going to kill him but he miraculously turned the tables on them through the powers of writing. The trash people join Rick and follow him to the sanctuary and once they realized that the saviors had escaped....they then IMMEDIATELY turn on Rick again and abandon him....you know...I saw a post on here yesterday saying"I don't understand why season 8 is so hated".

  36. My guess is Travis unlocked the car with the little button then opened it from the outside it’s easier then reaching inside the car

  37. Anytime a character had the option to just shoot the villain Indiana Jones style and end the conflict then and there, but chose to keep talking with them instead or letting them flee.

  38. everytime they have a chance to easily kill walkers cause they're trapped but dont, and then those walkers end up getting loose. the place where noah and deana's son die. they could have killed those walkers that were locked up. glen should have known better.

  39. Jumped from the roof of a truck to a drain pipe while holding a baby, and somehow didn't crush the baby or fall.

  40. I love the kids and all but choosing to be pregnant in a zombie apocalypse has to be one of the most stupidest decisions ever made.

  41. When Dale (That old guy who taught Glenn how to fix cars) walked over in the dark without alerting anyone to investigate a dead cow

  42. Morgans “every life is precious” bullshit, it’s a apocalypse there will be bad people that can’t change, not every life is precious babe, grow up

  43. Fear The Walking Dead season 5: When Tom kept recording himself and didn't get off the collapsing bridge, despite everyone warning him.

  44. The kid that tried to free the horse and got bit from Hilltop. You knew that Walker was the closest. Kill the Walker on your way to the horse and then free the thing. Also, then you won’t get bit.

  45. Anyone choosing to be with the Whisperers. I think that idea works better in comics because it looked so damn stupid seeing that lifestyle on screen. Who in their right mind would EVER want to join something like that.

  46. Every character that tries to break into sanctuary. Carl only lives because Negan backed him, because Carl didn’t shoot him btw. Sasha got herself caught. Tbf I don’t think Jesus got caught, but he should’ve. That place was a fortress.

  47. Climbing down into a well with a bloated zombie in an attempt to...remove the zombie and then drink the water?? Literally ignoring it and doing nothing at all would’ve been a better idea.

  48. like, idk I understand he was angry etc but what the fuck was he even thinking. Either he would just hit him once then he would be dead (unlucky4glenn) or even if he miraculously killed negan (idk how tho) there would be still like 100 fully armed men. There is literally no win situation

  49. The guy who put down the spear to kill the Walker with a knife and was then surprised when the Walker grabbed and ate him

  50. Dawn wants to take Noah back and Rick is like ye no worries I did just cripple and kill one of your officers but I'll bow to you now like a bitch this makes no sense

  51. Not a single character but that scene where they try to get a carriage over the glass floor of a museum was so ridiculous it turned me off the series for years.

  52. Almost everything. The amount of times I screamed at my tv bc a character or group were acting dumb. I could be here all day typing it out lol.

  53. Season 2 when lori leaves to try and find rick as if he needed any help from her. Only to hit a walker and crash and getting shane to find her. And asking daryl for help before hand even though she never helped him once lmao

  54. This kind of conversations, while you are living in a zombie apocalypse for over 15 years, with millions of zombies and hundreds of enemies hunting you:

  55. I mean woodbury was the first community and only Andrea trusted them, michonne didn’t from second 1 and no one else had a chance to make an impression cause michonne told everyone “they’re fucked up”. Similar situation with Grady memorial hospital, but not even Beth from the very start trusted them. Terminus was also the exact opposite of trust, they went in through the back and buried weapons on the border, then immediately went hostile when Rick was seeing his peoples stuff carried by the people there. And they were very standoffish of Alexandria for a long time, ricks first instinct was to punch Aaron in the face when he told them about a community

  56. Beth stabbing the cop lady (dawn I think) in the arm when she had a gun... I mean she could have killed her and survived if she picked to stab her.. I don't know... anywhere that actually kills people. Most stupid thing of the whole show

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