[Request] What are the odds of a family of four (two parents and two children) all being born on the same day of the week?

  1. You can ignore the odds of the first person being born on a given day a that is basically free choice. (Although I will put as 1/1 here to show working. The second person being born on the same day is just 1/7 Additional people born on the same day are 1/7 So to get the compound odds you multiply all the fractions together. 1/1 × 1/7 × 1/7 × 1/7 = 1/343 = 0.292%

  2. Doing math in my head I come to roughly 6% chance. I'm probably 100% wrong but it was a thought out "guess". It went something like 4 ppl, 7 days a week. 7 x 4 =28. 28. Flip to 82 (because) 8 - 2 =6. So 6% or so. You're welcome.

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