TIFU by attaching a nude photo to a job application

  1. I swear to god if she puts another edit along the lines of "Ok fine, by popular request, here's the photo in question you horny bastards" and then disguises a Rickroll as an imgur link.

  2. I had taken the screenshot without even realizing the info was at the top of the photo, and I didn't feel like searching back 11 years again... And no, searching the recipient's email did not yield any results, because yahoo mail sucks. That's why I no longer use that email address.

  3. Tbf, when I first came to the post I was thinking, "oh yeah, no chance you've got the job" but after you explained the erm, nature of the job you were applying for, you may have increased your chances /s

  4. I mean, for a type of place like that, they probably DO get a lot of those type of email attachments. If you want the job, after the response you got, I’d probably just go in, explain you are mortified and thank them for being so professional, and if you want mention they were from a meddling shoot. Then proceed. Or just never acknowledge the place ever again. Either works. Edit- seeing this was ages ago. Ignore me.

  5. I actually would believe it happens all the time. Both from large albums being linked and not pruned for nude photos, and from those intentionally trying to get ahead/use it to their advantage.

  6. Wow. That's the exact same day I was in a motorcycle accident. Some of the most horrifying this you can never forget.

  7. Apparently, everyone who knows anything about emails wants to talk about this. I'll paste my reply from a previous comment: I had taken the screenshot without even realizing the info was at the top of the photo, and I didn't feel like searching back 11 years again... And no, searching the recipient's email did not yield any results, because yahoo mail sucks. That's why I no longer use that email address.

  8. I think you did it again Ashley. You put the picture of the email instead of the oiled up honkers. Please update this or we’ll have to re think your involvement with our establishment —lady manager

  9. If it makes you feel any better, I'm a very offensive person by reddit standards and I wouldn't show your pics to coworkers. I mean, it's obviously a screwup. I would likely tell somebody because it's also hilarious but a lot of managers like myself would delete the personal photo as soon as possible.

  10. Forget about the shame, that's a great opportunity just waiting for you. Think about it. Everyone in the world has seen breasts. Even kids can access them anytime on the internet. Your one slip-up that landed in the view of a female manager, is something that she probably wouldn't even care about afterwards, especially if you get hired. Meanwhile, this job, if you do get hired, would provide great financial benefits to you. Decreased time to earn the same amount of money that you would otherwise spend countless hours on. Think about the ways you can free yourself with that money. Think about how the money can help you and your family. Think about how you can probably take some days off to relax for your own mental and physical health because you wouldn't have to work that long to earn the same amount of money.

  11. That's very kind to say. Thank you. This happened 11 years ago... Since then, I became a CMA and Phlebotomist.... But, unfortunately, I'm unable to do much now because of chronic illness. Again, thank you for the kind words... It definitely helps to hear positive things during rough times.

  12. I saw the link and was very surprised you were willing to milk your screw up for internet points if you wouldn't use it for a job. Not boobs, screen grab of email, much more sensible.

  13. Honestly my primary thought would be "did this person seriously put 'LOL' in a serious business communication?"

  14. I had just sent them a photo with my tits out. I wasn't exactly concerned about the impression I left after that.

  15. How do you think Hooters and Twin Peaks gets away with only hiring a certain type? This wasn't either of those places... but it used the same "method". Not suspicious at all. That's just how they do it.

  16. Wasn't concerned about anything I said, after I'd already sent a photo presenting my unclothed motor boat eaters. How the fuck worse could it get? You already exposed your honeydews, so does a nervous "LOL" really mean anything by that time? I don't fucking think so.

  17. You know, things like this literally cannot happen if you just don’t take nudes. Mind blowing, I know, but it’s true.

  18. So are we going to talk about the way OP emailed a potential employer? I would be more embarrassed to send an email written like that than my wiener to my employer.

  19. I have zero doubt it happens all the time. There would absolutely be a number of women that would hope it would provide a leg up on the competition.

  20. That woman sounds very nice for saying “it happens all the time”. She was trying to make you feel less uncomfortable about it. It was a white lie at worst.

  21. Given the job you where applying for I'm betting some applicants do in it on purpose assuming it will entice a male hiring manager.

  22. I actually did something similar. When I was trying to aply for a new job, it asked me to add of photo of something (I can't remember what so please forgive) and as I was going through my phone I noticed pics that were..... questionable because A. I'm gay and B. I would never save like that something on my phone. The text message is right there so why would I. Anyway I realize that as I was submitting my app I accidentally attached one of these nude girl photos to the document and I FLIPPED. I called and panicked and she "it's perfectly fine, mistakes happen. I dont even see your application anyway so you're good". Such a relief to hear

  23. Dude just own it. If your attractive use it to ur advantage while u still can and make some money! Enjoy it. If I could I would 🤷🤷‍♀️

  24. As a hiring supervisor, I would be more put off by the “LOL!!” than an honest mistake. We’re in the age of tinder, you’re most likely not the first one to make this mistake.

  25. You threw the list and the LOL in there makes it seem not so bad. Hopefully the person reading LOL-d hard and moved on.

  26. I work at a bar and someone recently did this on purpose. Didn't get an interview but the owner had a good laugh (and possibly a good wank).

  27. Hey, I can't imagine that this sort of thing DOESN'T happen from time to time in that line of work. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

  28. And i thought I was an idiot for sending in a 5 sentence email to give them my cover letter, only to forget to attach the cover letter. Lost me that job by the way, lmfao.

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