Attack on Titan The Final Season Part 2 Official Main Trailer

  1. It's here! Man I am not mentally registering how close AoT really is. Less than 3 weeks now. I'm happy to see that this part of the story will look glorious. The season closing off on 131 is a relief as well. More time before I have to see the ending animated. . .

  2. Yeah, I’m glad that there’s one last season that I can fully enjoy. Mappa seems to have improved their production as well, I never thought I’d be hype for AoT again after how disappointed I was by the ending but damn I can’t wait for the paths chapters to be animated.

  3. I'm not going to lie, this trailer is pretty great. I'm glad that they're using a different song for once.

  4. never thought I would say this but the CGI looks cleaaan af. The movements are so Smooth and the visuals were godly. Beyond hyped rn

  5. The models are the same, but it seems like they fixed the ambience lightning to insert them better in the 2D background.

  6. Shit every frame except that headless Eren close up is so crisp and clean, they did God's work with the time they had

  7. For real. Eren running to Gabi with a rifle to Eren's head being blown off. They acrually showed Eren with no head in the trailer.

  8. I like this trailer, but they've actually decided to show so much, now I have to hide this trailer's existence from my anime only friends

  9. Luckily this season is ending at either chapter 130 or 131, whatever comes out after part 2 is just fan fiction 😍

  10. Woah, holy shit that CGI looks really good, it doesnt event look like a CGI, it looks 2D animation just like WIT's. This is so clean.

  11. Attack on Titan always finds a way to pull me back in lmao. This actually looks great, the camera, cgi work, and animation, Mappa really trying to prove themselves even when given a shitty schedule. Mad respect

  12. GODDDDD i can't believe it took the trailer for me to ////feel/// it again i am actually so excited for this why am i excited for this IM GONNA CRY

  13. Despite not wanting to be excited for AoT ever gain I couldn’t help it. I feel like I’m getting back with an abusive ex-girlfriend

  14. That was cool. They showed Eren being shot + Zeke's scream though. Gabi sniper might be harder to connect but anyone paying attention last season would make the connection with Zeke wine

  15. So I haven't posted anything here since months, came back here because I just can't stand the other parts of the community. Trailer looks decent tbh.

  16. People are still believing. Tbh the shot of Mikasa around 0:20 - 0:22 is giving me strong hopium, considering this is the angle from the manga and her scarf is black, not red.

  17. Yoooooo MAPPA going in. It makes me mad to even think about how overworked they are over there with it looking this good

  18. Eeey, the fact that there is CGI in this trailer makes me think it's not pre-animated this time like the first trailer was, which would be great 😊 because this looks so good!!

  19. Damn the hype in this subreddit is only a fraction of what it used to be. Shame what a shit ending does to a series.

  20. Only people that stuck around are the people that want to endlessly complain about the story/the end. Not gonna get much hype at this point from the sub.

  21. a 50% reduction in excitement from the first trailer but given the ending I'm surprised I'm as hyped as I am

  22. Oh wow the trailer lookin kinda good there, that’s a first. They really hyped up that titan fight and paths, which are definitely be the star points of this part anyways.

  23. This is actually a pretty good trailer. Good animation, hype action scenes, great soundtrack, Eren being iconic. It might be even better than pt 1's trailer.

  24. The 3D used for the Paths-related scenes are interesting. Specifically, the Grisha memory from Ch121, Ymir from Ch120 (Maybe Ch115) and the beginning of Ch120. I don't think the really Evangelion-esque abstract angle works for Paths but I'm glad they're at least doing something creative this time. There were so many missed opportunities in Part 1.

  25. Anyone know where the crying Connie scene is from (towards the end of the trailer)? Don't remember seeing it in the manga

  26. Here’s to hoping we get Linked Horizon for the final opening, does anyone have any news on the OP?

  27. I actually like the cgi in this trailer. Yea I just said that. Normally I am not the biggest fan of cgi but it didn’t look that bad in this trailer

  28. Holy fuck it was so good, fuck the doomers, MAPPA stay goated, CGI WAS SO GOOD AND SHOTS WERE SICK, I CANT STOP COOMING!

  29. Looks like were getting actual anime shots in the trailer this time. They really only showed shit form up to the paths chapters but im guessing they haven't much beyond that yet. I guess the shot of Annie could be an exception. Im down with a slower pace for sure if the rumors are true. Honestly, If they went really slow and added a lot of new scenes I would want them to end at 129 or the very beginning of 130. Having chapter 130 and 131 as the opening to a movie would actually be fucking insane. If rumbling got big budget.

  30. Nice trailer over all. Showed a bit too much but main problem is that the worst looking thing is one of the absolute best moments arguably in the entire series. The headshot. Gabi with the sniper looked awkward and the whole dolly zoom shot into Headless Eren looked bad. Hopefully it’s just for the trailer. Also just noticed they fixed Erens pants when’s he’s running so 10/10 trailer fuck it

  31. The Gabi sniping shot looked hilarious. The rifle looks even more ridiculous, her pose and expression are flat and overall it lacks the dynamic feeling from the manga. But it's a trend with Gabi feeling lifeless in the trailers, tbh.

  32. It looks so GOOD but I can't feel hyped knowing how the story ends. I wish I was an anime only right now, manly because I wanted to enjoy Ymir's backstory episode as much I did in the manga without knowing the bullshit of Ymir loving his abuser, all her life waiting for Blandkasa and of course "Only Ymir knows..."

  33. They pretty much showed (most of) the worst frames for the first trailer. Which made me very worried for the final product. But even though those same shots are in here, there’s some fantastic ones to balance it out and I’m overall super excited. Does the CGI look sketchy in some areas? Yeah. Does it look really fantastic it others though? 100%. I was actually pleasantly surprised by this. Good job Mappa. (Let’s just hope the story can retain the same hype…)

  34. The animation is a big step up from the previous season. Theres quite a lot of spoilers in this tho? Like zeke turning everyone into titans and eren getting decapitated

  35. FINALLY! A trailer that actually has some fucking soul put into it, some new fucking music being used too, instead of Ashes on the Fire all the time. They also improved how Eren's Titan looks, these visuals are overall more impressive than anything in part 1 combined.

  36. If it is true that anime ends at chapter 131 then it's 200iq move from Mappa here. It will be like 25th episode of DN, any episode after it can be considered optional.

  37. Whattttt? WIT Armored Titan (in particular Season 2) is 100 better than Mappa slicky Armored Titan...

  38. I'd be way more surprised if they did show her lol. Maybe a quick shot of the crying panel I guess. But yeah they don't have much to work with.

  39. Too bad the the ending sucked lol, it's sad that I'm not as hype as I would be if the ending didn't suck but oh well.

  40. Meh. They made it seem like titans finally have some weight. And got rid of the blur. Apart from that some scenes look like coloured manga panels especially the paths ones.

  41. I love how people still say this. Blur is still there lmao. If you actually pause the frames, it’s still noticeable. I personally don’t mind it, but it’s odd that the people who had such a problem with it are incorrectly assuming it’s gone.

  42. I already erased aot from my mind and unsubbed here after the disappointing ending but goddamn youtube randomly recommended the trailer to me and this looks fking epic. Finally feeling hype for this series again.

  43. CGI still looks like shit but aside from that I'm really excited to see how Anime Onlys take the ending. Twitter is going to be a warzone for those morons that think the ending was good versus the people who hate the ending because they know its not what Isayama intended it to be.

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