TIL a suicide bomber with explosives in his laptop boarded the Somali owned Daallo Airlines in 2016 intending to blow the whole aircraft. Twenty minutes after the takeoff, the bomb exploded, creating a hole in the plane, and the suicide bomber was sucked out of the plane. He was the only fatality.

  1. There was one suicide bomber who tried to kill a Saudi Arabian government official by getting a face-to-face meeting and then detonating a bomb hidden up his ass. Unfortunately you can't really test these things and the human ass only fits so much explosives so all he did is splatter himself all over the target.

  2. I have to wonder why these terrorist recruits never say to themselves "Hey, maybe a plan that involves shoving things up my ass isn't the best idea."

  3. So basically he put the bomb in the single most padded part of his body, also the part farthest away from his intended target? Turrism.

  4. He was the bomb builder’s brother. Beware of family members asking you to wear a butt plug.

  5. Nah didn't you read? He intended to blow the whole plane. By the sounds of it he didn't even blow his neighbor before getting sucked himself.

  6. Kinda like the Suicide-Bomber woman in Russia who wanted to blow up a group on New Years, only her cellphone (which was the bomb) wasn't turned off during setup and when she got an automatic "Happy New Years" text, she exploded herself. No other fatalities.

  7. Nice! Pretty incredible the A321 was able to withstand the damage. I don’t say this often but great work engineers of Airbus!

  8. The delay in take-off probably also helped - the plane wasn't at cruising altitude when it went off and therefore not fully pressurized.

  9. I just watched a little documentary on Airbus, and through that I learned about the Beluga! It’s pretty damn cute, and I can’t believe I’m saying that about an airplane!

  10. The a321 is seemingly a very tough cookie. A few more decades and it will reach the levels of the a340 That, is, basically a Nokia mobile phone but in a plane format.

  11. From this description it sounds more likely that the two airport workers were in on the plot, helped the laptop bomber avoid security, and were [attempted] dispensed with once it became clear that there was some evidence linking them to the bomb.

  12. Important question! So, like, when he got sucked through the hole, was he awake? Was he watching the relatively undamaged aircraft fly peacefully onwards as he fell to his death? I need to know that this guy noticed his mistake and his last few moments were intense regret.

  13. If the explosion happened within close proximity to him I'm sure he was dead before he started his fall... unfortunately

  14. Perhaps his last moments were seeing the hole in the plane, thinking "hahaha it's surely going to crash now, and I'm safely on the outside!"

  15. Imagine planning this for years, perfecting the bomb, studying arrivals and departures, finding the perfect flight, flawlessly executing your plan; only to kill yourself and injure 2 people.

  16. NZ news reader Hillary Barry reporting on this, immediately after reporting on a much more comical mews story...

  17. Ha! Just like the NYE bomber who got a text message from her provider wishing her a Happy New Year. She was the only one who was blown to bits.

  18. “This is your captain speaking. If you’ll look to the left side of the plane, you’ll notice an idiot flying through the surrounding mountains. Anyway, the inflight movie will begin soon. Enjoy”

  19. Can you please name a few religions whose leaders don't/didn't tell their followers to kill people? Flying Spaghetti Monster...

  20. I'm sorry is this fucker the reason I have to take out and place my laptop, ipad, and phone in different trays twice for every layover??

  21. Interested to know what's their mindset behind this. Someone who grew up with families and loved ones who can just let go all of this to suicide.

  22. Someone had to lose their job from this no? For letting the terroist get through security and risk the lives of thousands?

  23. The only saving grace for the rest of the passengers was that this dumbass wasn't smart enough to wait for them to reach a higher altitude. Explosive decompression would have happened if he waited.

  24. To those only reading the headline, read the article as well. Shit's creepy as fuck, he wasn't actually the only death. The security dude that checked his laptop died "mysteriously" 3 days later in a fucking car explosion.

  25. The security dude was part of the plot. He got a job at the airport so he could allow bombs through. He died because he was involved with bombings.

  26. At least he didn't have his shampoo with him in the cabin when the bomb went off, that would have been the nightmare scenario. Another job well done by airport security

  27. I LOOOVE the idea that as he fell, he had time to reflect. Reflect on what a piece of fucking shit he was and how he was a failure in life and in death.

  28. The point of explosives on a plane is to cause a pressure balance (Because air pressure inside a plane is different than outside).

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