TIL that in Norse mythology, Loki got fucked by a horse and became pregnant, he would then later give birth to the eight legged horse Sleipner which would become Odin's horse

  1. He seduced a horse (edit: he shapeshifted into a sexy lady horse first) to distract it from doing it's job so that the Aesir (Odin Thor and the other Norse gods) could get out of a construction contract that they never intended to pay for.

  2. I learned about it listening to Neil Gaiman’s norse mythology. He tells it that instead of losing a bet, Loki turned himself into a mare to lead off the horse doing the work he bet couldn’t be done, then just shows up later as Loki being followed by a foal he doesn’t talk about.

  3. Thor murdered him, because they found out he was a Frost Giant, so they didn’t have to keep to the bargain, because Frost Giants are bad.

  4. I listened to this story in audible on Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman. He was building them a wall around Asgard. Great audiobook, very interesting

  5. The payment was Freya, and they weren't planning on having to pay (Freya did not agree to the whole thing and was very angry).

  6. Thor wasn't in Asgard when the Builder was doing his thing. Thor being absent was the reason the giant was in Asgard trying to steal Freya in the first place. Had Thor been in Adgard the other Aesir would never have thought of needing a defensive bulwark to begin with.

  7. He became a sexy horse, to lure away the a workman's horse the gods hired to build a wall, thus the workman could not finish on time without his horse so the gods stuffed the workman on payment.....buts it's ok the workman was a evil giant.

  8. Actually you catch a glimpse of Sleipner in the first Thor movie when Odin arrives to Jotunheim! People are really hard on that movie but Kenneth Branagh did his research on Norse mythology and did a pretty incredible job of marrying the mythology with the MCU alien concept

  9. Funny to see the "loud minority" complaining about Marvel being too woke when the myths some of their characters are based on would blow their simple minds.

  10. Let's be real. Loki very deliberately seduced a horse and lead it away into the forest and then didn't use protection and ended up with an 8 legged horse baby.

  11. I think its important that we remember this isnt actually weird, because Loki isnt human. Hes a magical shapeshifting creature whose purpose is to create other magical creatures by doing exactly that.

  12. To be clear, this story is not from Norse mythology but from the 13th century Icelandic Prose Edda. Written 200 years after the age of vikings by a lawyer/poet.

  13. Is there any Norse mythology sources that were written during the Viking age? I remember when I listened to the Aesir episodes of the Myths and Legends podcast the host brought up that Thor might've been depicted as being an idiot because the writer of the stories we have of him were Christian and were making fun of the pagan gods.

  14. So I was today years old when I learned that my parents didn't meet during a mead break while building Valhalla. Thanks, internet.

  15. Get niel gaiman's norse mythology book or audio book he's done some serious research for it and some of the stories are insane, but yes loki seduced a horse

  16. Personally my favorite source is "Zues Grant's Stupid Wishes." A whole pile of mythology told as it would be by a drunk bard in a tavern to a bunch of drunks.

  17. I wouldn't call it "serious research". Neil Gaiman's book is a modern fantasy story of his own making that is based on/inspired by the Norse myths. It's a fun story but it is not an accurate book of "serious research".

  18. Yes- Hela, Fenris and Jormungandr were all his kids, and all key figures in Ragnarok. Their mother was the Jotun woman Angrbotha.

  19. He was her father by the giant Angrboða. Loki and Angrboða also produced Jörmungandr and Fenrir (the giant wolf that showed up in Thor: Ragnarok for anyone who is only familiar with the MCU).

  20. Swede here, can confirm. He's a man and genderfluid, like, genderfluid for real. Not androgynous. He shifts genders at will. In the shape of a mare he fucked a horse and gave birth to Sleipner. To make things worse Sleipner's father is a giant's horse, called Svadilfare, which, in turn, means the horse is also giant. So not only did Like one day get a craving for upping regular cock to horsecock, he had to go for GIANT horsecock. On the other hand the other gods sent Loke away on a mission to stop Svadilfare from working so hard with his master, building some shit, so if part of the mission is getting fucked by a giant horse I could understand why Loke is so angry at everyone all the time. On the other hand he kinda came up with the plan on his own soooo...idk man, Loke's weird. Apparently a honey trap has always been the way to go.

  21. I wouldn't call him genderfluid as much as being a shapeshifter who can take any guise he wants to. Calling him genderfluid implies he just switched between male and female, but he can switch to being a male bird as much as he can switch to being a female horse.

  22. Ha! I hope you like some of my tattoos then :) Rattatorsk / Hel / Garmr / 3 Norns / Gulveig and the spears / skill and Hati (with Sol and Mani)

  23. An awful lot of Norse myths can be summed up as - Loki fucked something up bc he thought it would be funny, and then the other gods made him fix it Or Else

  24. lmao norse mythology is like an author out of ideas making it up as he goes. So the baby giant-god horse can run faster than every other horse! Shit, he's Odin's steed. K, he can jump over hells gates too!

  25. I just read this story in Neil Gaiman’s Norse Mythology book last night. The Norse gods are a different breed of deity. Highly recommend.

  26. People learning about true, non destroyed By marvel norse mythology makes me so happy. Also Loki turned into a mare to seduce the great stalion to birth Sleipnir

  27. He got raped by a horse because he was teasing it as a female horse that was in heat so that the horses owner would fail at his deal of building something for Odin within so much time

  28. The whole story is quite hilarious, too, and part of me still wants to send Tom Hiddleston a mother's day card with a picture of an eight-legged horse on it...

  29. So the gods make a deal with a builder, that if he can build thier "fort" in three seasons, he can have a goddess, the moon and sun.

  30. Loki is also the father of Hel (who Odin makes the keeper of the underworld), Fenrir (a wolf so large and powerful that the gods decided to bind him in unbreakable chains, despite never doing anything wrong) and Jormungandr (the World Serpent, who encircles the whole earth and is said to be what defines the boundary of the universe).

  31. And also the World Serpent, a giant snake that wraps around midgard and is also the oldest being in the world and was also around ages before loki was born.

  32. I mean these people plundered and pillaged on hallucinogenics, of course they got some fucked up stories

  33. The builder took a job from the gods to build a wall around the newly built Asgard, in return he asked for the Goddess Freya, the Sun and the Moon as payment. They said yes but only if you can do it in this time frame, knowing very well it wasnt possible.

  34. Can someone please make an animation of what an 8 legged hourse would look like running. Please. I need to know. This is going to eat at me and I can't animate. Help

  35. It’s an analogy for a corpse being carried by four pallbearers. Odin was big on the whole shamanic death journey thing

  36. One thing I learnt a long time ago is ancient religions must have been created by people on super-powerful narcotics living fucked up lives.

  37. Is Sleipner 8 legged though? Or were they just try ing to depict a horse running extremely fast in the artwork? Like old-school cartoons.

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