Boat with up to 20 people onboard capsizes during severe thunderstorms

  1. Any skipper that doesn't know to do a weather check before heading out deserves to have their boating licence revoked. There was plenty of warning about this storm last night as it moved towards Canada.

  2. Emergency vehicles were driving around with sirens blaring for 10+ minutes. Up and down Lakeshore as if lost or uncertain of location. Lots of park waterfront is blocked off for construction. I saw 2 ambulances almost collide at Marine Parade / Lakeshore. Lightning strikes downtown were huge!!!

  3. There was a thunderstorm watch and then a thunderstorm warning. It was a fast moving storm. What exactly do you want?

  4. What did they get wrong? Storms for the weekend were forecast days ago. People I work with had to work outside today, and a few days ago I said "hopefully you're not affected by the storms". First thing this morning I checked the radar and saw the storm system coming from Michigan/South Western Ontario. I knew ahead of time to not be outside in the early afternoon. We knew this was coming. The alert went out when they realized it was moving faster and was more damaging than a typical storm.

  5. i dont' think they did. I mean it was humid yesterday, it was reported in the week that we would get thunderstorms today. I think the issue is that the warning went out literally 5 minutes before it went down.

  6. It's funny because in the amber alert thread a ton of people were pissed they had the audacity to warn us lmao.

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