I really hope CA buffs these guys in Warhammer 3. They are too cool looking, to be so weak.

  1. Across the board means, other infantry will get better too, so i doubt they will get much stronger. But maybe CA gives them special attention and makes them formidable. We can only hope i guess.

  2. it's less that they are weak and more that their role (relatively squishy, expensive, elite melee grinder/anti large specialist depending on weapon choice) doesn't have much purpose in the Coast roster since cheap and plentiful chaff infantry is a much more efficient way to support your gunlines, which are inevitably gonna become your main damage source. Either they need a rather hefty buff, a rework, or the ranged units need a nerf.

  3. The problem with VCoast is that their guns are so damn good they invalidate just about every other possible army composition. Depth guards, syreens, mournghuls, and hulks can be added to an army but that army won't perform nearly as well as one packed to the gills with gunpowder and deckhands.

  4. I doubt them being valuable to other races. At least for most of them. Any faction with a "true" Elite infantry has better options. Funnily enough, even the Greatswords do the job better than them.

  5. I think the anti-large variant is still pretty useful. Not always possible to stop a hero/monster/flier from getting into your guns but halberd depth guards will see them off pretty quick!

  6. Unpopular Opinion: Nerf the shit out of ranged units please. So tired of my SEMS getting focus fired, especially considering most people consider them the coolest units in the game

  7. They're good in sieges but that's about it. I use them as shock troops to breach the walls after you've wiped out most of the defender's ranged units.

  8. Yeah, wish they could be my elite frontline instead of the giga crabs. They are so good looking but my grandma and her bingo team would hold the line better than them.

  9. I love being able to shoot under them crabs tho. Doubt you’ll ever be able to shoot through Depth Guard

  10. There is a way to make one army have super strong depth guards, I always at least use that just to make the campaign be more varied and fun.

  11. Yeah I don't know why this elite infantry unit is so small. That feels like it holds them back more than anything else does.

  12. Would rather they go the other direction. Make it 16 models with 500 hp each and individual attacks that can kill multiple infantry models at once.

  13. Im a bit worried that with the recent video on gun damage nerfed, that Vcoast will be left behind a fair bit.

  14. I finally gave SFO a try. Might be I’m playing as Bretonnia and these guys are a great coubter but yeah - they are absolute beasts. 4 of them? Army killer

  15. They're a slightly fragile melee damage dealer in a shooting faction. Generally speaking a Vampire Coast gunline is going to want its infantry to endure and hold the line, while the powder deals the damage. I'm not sure if the Depth Guard are actually under-statted, so much as weirdly positioned in terms of the roster because of the basic concept of the unit.

  16. The biggest issue i have with these guys is their super low HP pool. Really annoying to see that these heavily armored vampires, protected in some ancient ensorceled blood forged armor die to rusty iron arrowheads shot by peasants from Bretonnia... Elite Melee Infantry should generally just get a buff for protection against any kinds of missles like a "heavily armored" tag that gives a good chunk of missle resistance

  17. They are actually an CA creation, so they don't exist in the lore. But they are still lore friendly, because they are basically just normal vampires that do like ships :D

  18. they are Blood Knights pretty much. elite warriors handpicked by Luthor and other Vampirates to receive the blood kiss, becoming vampiric soldiers, but sea themed and without horses unlike their vamp count counterparts

  19. Honestly, just the +20 leadership that all VC units seem to be getting would go a long way towards making them not suck. Their low HP is supposed to be mitigated by passive regen, but that was made irrelevant when their embarrassingly low leadership (for a T5 unit) meant they started crumbling at around 60% HP.

  20. Front line of "dick hands" to soak the damage and integrate these guys in that line. They'll do damage while the trash soaks the damage and the hunger keeps them going.

  21. Have you seen the immortal empires leaks? Unless things change depth guard are going to be insanely strong due to heal stacking. Like literally no models will die until you hit the games 75% healing cap.

  22. Just completed a legendary Vampirates campaign with them. They shred so hard and take no damage from most other melee units. Send em through a chokepoint in a siege and it's a meat grinder. Just a shame that if a ranged unit locks onto them, they just melt. Same if they get surrounded because they're such a small unit.

  23. This is a myth. They are actually terrible at killing too. They lack the AP DMG to really hurt other elite infantry and they don't have a bonus against infantry.

  24. Blood Knights do not have Blood Greed (that's a Minotaur trait). They will gain The Hunger (Depth Guard already have that).

  25. Depth Guard are not meant to hold the line. You can even tell from their small unit size that they hold less line than other infantry.

  26. Really liked them in SFO as elite shock troops and I believe they had “The Hunger” too in sfo which made them a deadly force

  27. Their main problem is definitely their low hp. A model increase or hp per entity would help them greatly.Their MA/MD is actually top tier category, but without actual weapon strength and no anti infantry bonus, makes them fall short.

  28. Dismounted Blood Knights is the closest thing, since these guys are basically Blood Knights of the seas

  29. They weren't good. They were disgustingly overpowered. They got nerfed pretty quickly though. It was before the actual launch.

  30. I wish the entire Vampire Coast roster would be reworked. No faction has more useless/barely useful units than the Vampire Coast. Very cool faction, but a lot of units that are skippable. Especially all the dropper units

  31. Well it's mostly just their very low number of entities in a unit that's holding them back so it should be an easy fix. That said, I don't believe they're gonna get a buff unless we get some kind of Vampirates DLC or FLC.

  32. They said that they were going to turn Aspiring champions in to a unit that is more like monstrous infantry. Maybe they will do the same for these guys.

  33. I wouldn’t be surprised if they get buffed, if Vampire Counts got massive buffs I don’t know why they wouldn’t buff Vampire Coast.

  34. I've never really played Vamp coast; Loved the first pirates of the caribbean, but for some reason I have a hard time getting down with zombie pirates in this sort of medieval fantasy setting. But every now and then the giant crabs and depth guard call to me because they're so cool, then I remember they apparently suck. Lol

  35. Honestly depth guard are quite good at their role which is taking a buzzsaw to the enemy chaff. That's just not something a faction with amazing ranged and artillery like the Vampirstes need.

  36. My sweet-sweet zombie pirates are gonna be fun to play again, i hope they can match up, it was kinda hard to play against either the High Elves or the Lizardmen.

  37. They weren't weak, they just suffered from being a little pointless in the Coast army, as well as people parroting Legend's opinion on melee units without understanding the context, as well as trying to use these guys are battleline units like Grave Guard, when in reality they're much better supported by a line of zombies so they can use their blender melee stats without being destroyed by their low unit count.

  38. They are great units, just low in numbers. If they get to be a 100 model unit, then they become quite top tier

  39. Yeah, they're just bad. They mow through low tier infantry but so does everything else, and that's a terrible trade to use them against trash. Missile units obliterate them, and against decent infantry they won't trade well due to low numbers and again, their cost is just too high to trade well.

  40. Only tangential, but I think it would be cool to get a mounted version of depth guard. Vampirates don't really have cavalry outside of Promethians with cannons, which are more a niche hybrid unit. Giving them a 70-ish speed heavy cav unit on like, idk maybe promethians again but as melee, maybe on like, juvenile sea dragons? (there's a model for these at least) could be really fun and make the faction have a weird alternative damage-dealing tactic to its usual gunpowder focus.

  41. What a typical "i never play the game, but want things to change" post.. Depth guard weak? are you for real? Before they were nerfed they were by far the strongest infantry unit in the game, on release. And even now they are really strong. They have self healing, they're like one the 3-4 inf. units in the game that actually do serious damage. They just dont fit too well in the guns and cheap chaff tactics of vampire coast.

  42. They need double the model count and higher melee defense, then they are good. I modded it myself in WH2 because I liked them too.

  43. Fuck that bullshit. A player, who potentially spent hundreds of $ on the trilogy, shouldnt be relying on installing dozens of mods to fix the myriad of balancing and other issues the game has. Mods are for changing things, not fixing what's broken.. Not that its broken in this case, Op is just dumb, but balance in general falls under "broken".

  44. Simple buffs like this can easily be done with mods. Just give them additional stats like MA, MD, WS etc... and you're good. But the problem with melee infantry is not stats, it's that they take way too much damage in battle and consequently slow you down in the campaign because you wait for replenishment. Also, most melee units have terrible animations, making them even weaker. This needs much more work than just buffs.

  45. I'd say buff them buuuuut make them way more expensive. So multiplayer you can't run these and many of the really efficient deck hands as a standard buils, but in single player you can have fun having these elites hold the line while your backline plays pirates of the Caribbean.

  46. Perhaps you aren’t using them correctly because they definitely aren’t weak. They’re not supposed to be elite units. They’re good infantry, not great.

  47. If we went with the lore entirely a single grail knight should be able to 1v1 a demon prince. More often units' relative power levels come from how they were on the tabletop, where things were more balanced.

  48. CA ruined these soley due to MP and never fixed them. They are the prime example of mp balance ruining sp. They need double their model count

  49. Huh, weird. I'm not a regular/up to date TW:W player, but I distinctly remember someone (one of the mp battle commentators like Turn, Milkandcookies or Dahv or something) saying this unit was top in its tier (whatever that is).

  50. imo the biggest problem with depth guard isn't there stats, model count, or passives (it's part of the overall problem to be sure). it's the building.

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