is it a good idea to sell and buy the stock again at a lower price?

  1. If you had crystal ball yes otherwise no . This stock can bounce back. What you trying to do is just pure betting and it have failure rate of over 80%

  2. You'd also lose any FX impact from holding a US stock. On 212 your currency is held as £'s so you'd have to consider FX impact. Something like IBKR where you can hold $ this wouldn't matter

  3. Buy a strong company and just wait. Don't know how long but eventually you're going to profit. You don't think were are going to be in financial mess forever do you? If you do take your money out...Not rocket science

  4. You might be tempted to do so, but in the general case that’s a bad idea. Not that I’m not considering it for some of my stocks though…

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