Which Optimus Prime/Megatron Fight is the best?

  1. G1. I saw it in the theater when it came out. When Prime said "Megatron MUST be stopped, no matter the cost." You knew shit was gonna get serious. And you saw Prime take DAMAGE! You never saw that in a cartoon. 48 years old and I still get chills watching that fight.

  2. I was already in “wtf” mode before the prime fight. So many main TV show characters were straight murdered in front of your eyes before that fight, or even off screen and it was just, “so… there’s their bodies.”

  3. Agreed. Why is it over the years that the work/details of the animation seems to be more crappier? I get that it takes awhile to draw each cell, but ultimately the G1 movie will always be the goat, no matter the cost. 😊

  4. Their final fight during Endgame in TFA. It was the first time Megatron even acknowledged Optimus as an individual and an equal worthy of his attention.

  5. And also the fact that at the end you can see a lot of battle damage on them both. With the other fights it's either not present at all or hard to make out.

  6. Yeah. Honestly, it’s just a great way to end Optimus’ arc of going from someone who didn’t know how to be a hero and who had been constantly ignored or insulted by his peers (mainly those whose names start with “Sen-“ and end with “-tinel Prime”) into an amazing leader who even Megatron has to acknowledge as an equal.

  7. Prime had that perfect mix of great choreography, hits where you could feel the impacts, developed characters, and the OG voice actors. It absolutely wins.

  8. Also the perfect motivations driving the fight. Megs was off his combat A game because he was so consumed by the theatrics of it all, while Prime was at 110% rigorous fury murder mode.

  9. G1 by a long shot for me. It's just the right amount of tragic at the end but the fight itself with the music backing it is just too iconic. Prime has better choreography though and the other 2 are great as well (coming from a kid who grew up with Prime and Bayverse)

  10. Hard to top that one bc it was so unexpected for 8 yr old me. I went from absolute joy for being able to see a TF movie to being absolutely gutted for weeks that my hero and most of his friends were dead.

  11. Prime stepped down as leader of the Autobots just so he could finally let his anger and battle-lust loose and have an excuse to kick Megatron's ass.

  12. I really need to get a steam key for that game, but it’s fuekin impossible to find one. It’s either probably a real one for $65, or a guy selling a DLC for $45.

  13. I'll admit a long-held soft spot for the final fight between Optimus and Galvatron in Cybertron (it's pretty much just Megatron anyways).

  14. i really like the conversation they have in idw (around the bit where he turns), where they just reminisce about all their fights and the horrible shit they did to each other

  15. Can I ad the Latin American dub of the dam fight from G1? Optimus says “I’ll beat you and sell you for scrap.” and Megatron responds “Your grandmother is scrap!”

  16. Transformers Armada's fight between them both deserves to be up there, since they were literally ripping parts off of each other at one point, there's improvised weapons and scene changes as the environment starts to pose a threat.

  17. i know its a unpopular opinion,but i think thier fight in armada was the best one,it showed us a lot of character arc for both of optimus and megatron,and megatron sacriface at the end of the fight was really tragic

  18. Prime. That fight in S1 and S2 were incredible! Smooth animation, outstanding visuals, great voice acting, music, dialogue, everything about those two fights were outstanding!

  19. For me, after the G1 movie I didn’t feel like I actually saw the TF until the war for cyber from games. I know I’m weird.

  20. Transformers Prime. I LOVE that fight. You can tell that something about Optimus has just changed. Between the dressing down Ratchet gave him while high on SynthEn about how Optimus had let things get that bad, and Raf getting hurt, something inside Optimus just broke, and any hope he had of redeeming Megs is gone. It's the first time we see Optimus really fight Megatron with the intention of killing him, and it shows in how absolutely Brutal Optimus is. The fight starts out with Megatron almost in Business as Usual mode, like this is any other fight, but them Optimus really brings it, and God, it's one of the best fights in Transformers, period.

  21. I love the Bay fights. Every punch they throw you see metal get scraped off. Plus I really like the dialogue during the fight.

  22. I think tue movie and transformers prime ones are the best. The movie one is really cool to watch megatron beat the shit out of optimus prime. The prime one is good because of all the emotions tied to it.

  23. Everyone in the comments (G1)so imma vouch vor Bayverse. 1st movie Optimus started out well, but then Megs Battered him like a randomly. 2nd movie he gets his shit together and took on not just megs, but Starscream and Grindor, some of the biggest bois in the Decepticon ranks. That fight was awesomely done in my opinion.

  24. G1. I can quote that whole fight. Visualize it from, "Megatron must be stopped. No matter the cost." To primes death. Amazing.

  25. It’s a cool line, don’t get me wrong, but I feel it’s a little hollow considering all the fighting and killing they’ve both done up till that point.

  26. 86 movie fight is legendary but the 07 movie fight was just so memorable and iconic that I'd probably go with that.

  27. the final battle of Transformers Animated is extremely satisfying considering its optimus's first true win against megatron. Doesnt even kills megaton, takes him in to answer for his crimes

  28. I have to give it to prime on this one. The scenes were perfectly executed to show the strengths and weaknesses of both characters. Not just a black and white, good vrs bad scenario. They were also very evenly matched when it came to skill, strength, and how well they knew one another to use to their own advantage.

  29. Hard to say really. The Bay films feel absolutely brutal, the TFP battles feel personal and are beautifully choreographed, and the TFA battles are more of a David and Goliath situation I can't help but love.

  30. The original, I still don't see any of the others touching it.. The feels from the fight and the overall impact it had on almost everything in general is what makes it what it is, and no matter how many times we see them face anywhere, it's all thanks to the 86 movie which made that one of the most iconic rivalries in pop culture, I mean their build in the cartoon helped as well but the death of Optimus and the Rebirth of Megatron to Galvatron are some of the most iconic moments as well that they try and replicate but fail to do so in some other shows

  31. Prime or Animated. Possibly Dark of the Moon; even if it was technically a war crime, Prime was staring down a creature who had just massacred thousands (presumably including children) before his eyes. Definitely not 1986 bc that one ruined an entire year for me.

  32. 40 something yr old here and surprisingly I can't say G1 because the fight was so one sided. I liked the arc on netflix where in the past Megatron was 2 much for Prime. Nice full circle moment 4 me.

  33. The fight in the original transformers cartoon movie. So many iconic lines and Megatron’s trash talk was on point in that movie.

  34. I can’t really say I hate TLK but I was so disappointed we didn’t see a Megs vs Optimus duel in it. At least in the movie proper, Megs almost did kill Prime though.

  35. Could anyone fill me in. I know the upper left. That’s my childhood in the ‘86 animated film. I’m guessing the upper right is the comics and the lower left is the Bay movies. Which movie? I didn’t watch past the first one so I’ve never seen it/the rest.

  36. Easily transformers fall of Cybertron. Megatron literally had a entire sword go straight through him and he was still beating primes ass

  37. Each one of them are epic, but I love their fight in Transformers 1, the CGI and everything is really exciting of see.

  38. For me, the most memorable was on the dam. Mainly because it's the first episode I saw, and I was blown away as an 11-12 year old. Yeah, looking back on it, it isn't the greatest but it is in my brain still

  39. Prime is the best choice. I can't even call the Bayverse 's versions fights because Prime seems to just effortlessly beat the living scrap out of Megatron everytime they fought, but still 2nd best

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