"We're in ToonTown" No security. Man punches multiple women at DISNEYLAND for nearly 5 minutes.

  1. Can someone explain what they are fighting for? Or why there's one woman on a cart, and next scene she's laying On the ground?

  2. This is from like 2 years ago. He was identified and arrested the very next day I think. Disney's security and the public in general is very disappointing in this instance but at least that fucker copped a few felonies in the end.

  3. This is so friggin dumb. I thought towards the end the b*tch of a guy in the Pink shirt was with Tan tank top lady but then he starts wailing on her too. Where's the security? There should be at least 6-10 in video.. What are the numbers for a place with hundreds if not thousands of people?

  4. "Man punches multiple women for five mins in Disneyland" That's a title you cannot not click... Also would loved to have the Disney Music louder, it would've been perfect.

  5. There are just some people who will be garbage no matter they go or what they do. I have never needed security when I was at Disney. I actually have never needed security in my life.

  6. An actual fight at Disney World is very unusual but I would say, most days at Disney World, you will see some very unhappy people, usually exhausted children. Because it’s so expensive, there’s a huge pressure to see as many sites and rides as you can. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen parents dragging hot and tired children around Disney World, “You’re going to have fun, god damn it.”

  7. I'm sure it happens a lot. It's honestly pretty stressful to go for a few days. You have to plan carefully to do everything you want to do. It's expensive, so unless you're really well-off, you feel the pressure to maximize your time there. It's a ton of walking and standing, so you're tired. There's something to buy everywhere you put your eyes, so if you go with little kids, they'll constantly beg for stuff. It's hot. Your family is thrown together more intensely than at home, magnifying normal tensions over who's always late, always messy, always noisy. It's a fun vacation, but definitely not a relaxing one.

  8. This is actually hilarious because in last year I took my 3yr old son there and decided to change masks and had maybe 5 to 7 security guards on me in seconds. Looks like they have their priorities straight. Disneyland is trashy as fuck

  9. Explain to me how that man is still walking. How many men are gonna watch this dude attack people? Smash his face in.

  10. so sad to me how he beats on women but his sister/cousin/friend? mom, and girlfriend condone him hitting women and they’re used to it obviously

  11. The worst part about this is I’m sure they are super embarrassed. God I hope no one catches me at my worst in public it’s like my greatest fear.

  12. you can tell not everyone in the family or group was okay with the behavior so yeah it would be super embarrassing being the sister or mother or child trying to stop the flight or something and knowing people are recording is messed up :/

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