$40 Maine recreational eighth of some Mint Sherbet. Had me "high school high" last night.

  1. Dude Maine is seriously the Cali of the east coast. I’m in a neighboring state and buy all my bud in Maine. Would highly (pun intended) suggest taking advantage of their med program. Gives u access to caregivers, all the best growers are caregivers, Hazy Hill, Lonely Bonez, Salty Cultivation, Doomstay etc. all at dirt cheap prices. Pay 200- 225 for ozs feom hazy, lonely is 200/zip, doomsday is between 210 and 230. Plus mad new patient specials at store fronts.

  2. Yeah man one of my biggest regrets is moving out of Maine in 2017. I'm in Jersey now but have homies up here. It's wild how much things have changed but honestly Maine has always had the best weed on the east coast haha and a med card is $49?? Wtf is that about.. not to mention the concentrates are cheap even as far as recreational pricing...

  3. Been saying for the longest time Maine is really the Cali of the east coast. They got such a fire med program and gas on top of that!

  4. I have my Mass med card that I can use in Maine and I go right up to Kittery. The flower is so much better and so much more affordable that the stuff in Mass. The selection of edibles is awesome too!

  5. I wish we could legally exchange bud like people do regionally for microbrews. One day! I'm in Spokane and we get a ton of food stuff but I'd love to try something from the east coast again (I'm originally from Philly).

  6. Damn I wish I could get a job in the industry, Maine was so far off my budget tho compared to job options for IT and in general. I would never be able to afford my mortage there. I love it there so much tho, always a special place in my heart.

  7. Miss that high school high. That's why I've been back down to a dab a day the past week. Hopefully I can make it every other day next week and join you soon.

  8. Love this!! “Highschool high” hits like...well... highschool😂 shit we used to toasted back in the early days

  9. Love seeing Maine on here! I have four dispensaries within a five minute drive of my house, would recommend.

  10. Even when we get it here in NY, there's no way that we're getting 40 8ths, I'm expecting MA prices.

  11. We have something similar in FL called Sherb Mints or Smints. It’s one of my favorites. Puts me in a happy stoned and relaxed state. Sunset Sherbert x Kush Mints #11. Its nice af.

  12. LOL dude are you me? I was literally describing a time I smoked to my fiancé and I was like “...I like to call ‘high school high’ cause I never really feel like I get as high as I did in high school.”

  13. Dude I’m stoked that Maine is a legal state I look forward to laying my mother in law to rest there someday. Lol. Honestly the buds look hella good. What’s the wax like????

  14. My brother’s friend’s parents have a farm and dispo in Maine and everytime he brings something back we’re off to Mars 📈

  15. Maine has really good weed, especially if you like Indicas; they have a decent amount of local strains that you can only find in state and have been grown there without being cross bred much for decades.

  16. Hahaha. "High school eye". That's a good description I have never heard of. You were so high that it felt like smoking weed in high school when tolerance was low. Very clever...

  17. I moved from and illegal state to a legal state a few years ago so now I’m learning strains. This week I’m trying Do-Si-Dos and that shit has me high and giggly like when I first started smoking. I love it.

  18. Fuck. And to think, Ohio had a chance to legalize it like 6-7 years ago and we done fucked it up. Not that the law wasn't complete shit to be fair, but shit. Legalization would be so much better.

  19. If it makes you feel better, Maine was legal recreationally for YEARS before you could buy it in stores...

  20. Not sure if it's a Maine thing but there is a delivery service who does "stash and grabs" for promotional purposes. Leaving a 5 pack of joints somewhere and posting it on ig so people go and find it.

  21. Ugh. I'd kill to get so high that I cry laughing and eat a bag of pizza rolls again. These days I just get high and go to work. :(

  22. Dense but with a fluffy outside, sticky like glue, really gorgeous crystals inside the nug structure too

  23. My partner is from Cali and he was stunned by the quality here in Maine. Like, he's still in shock. And as much as I don't want to be here now, this place is kinda awesome. This weekend has been amazing too. Love this time of year!

  24. People underestimate Maine in a lot of different realms. This weather is absolutely unreal. I love late spring and early fall the best out here.

  25. I can NOT believe the quality of the bud in Maine. I've been buying all over MA since they legalized a few years ago and only got my first bag in Maine a couple weeks ago. Blew the MA shit out of the water. 'high school high' is the perfect description

  26. I went to school in Massachusetts but I haven't bought the legal stuff. Even then, Massachusetts had some great bud. Maine just smashes the competition. It's nutty hahaha

  27. I am shocked you found a rec store to not only get a $40 eight but a good one at that!! I’m my area I paid $18 for 1 joint! Yes one... and it was terrible. Like the high school high when your friend stole all her big bros shake and thought it would get you high. I’ll stick with medical until I find this place you went 🤪

  28. There are a few with affordable, quality bud. I did research and went to a few. I avoid the $55 eighths and $19 prerolls personally..this was on special to boot!

  29. My dad grew up in Maine, he wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but it always had a special place in my heart. Love the witches foot in Bucksport, my dad took me as a kid and I did a report on it for school. I live in cali so I’m glad to know If I ever go visit I can pick up some dank bud and some even danker lobster.

  30. That looks incredible! I’ve been enjoying some delicious Maine grown and extracted rainbow chip today, another great sherbet variety

  31. Idk why you're being down voted. I get $25-30 eighths in Texas that's same quality as Cali and Colorado bud, including some from those states. It sucks that it's so expensive in some states

  32. Could someone explain why some of the leaves go that black colour, is that a bad thing or is that just part of the plants natural ageing process? A lot of Australian weed looks like that and so many people here say it’s bad but... any clarity would be dope!! ❤️

  33. Where the hell are you getting recreational weed this cheap in Maine? The only Rec dispensaries I can find are 80/eighth. Feelsbadman.

  34. Set your location as portland or auburn on weedmaps, that'll help you find em. Stay away from wellness and theory, go to any place that had a med place before they had rec and you'll find better prices and quality.

  35. Where in Maine?! My roommate doesn't have his med card and The rec store here is like $50 and 8th. Sweet dirt

  36. I dont think ill ever reach the high I got off AK-47 strain. I threw up and asked my friends to tell my family I loved them

  37. I can attest to ME bud. I had some Hashplant and that was a trip and a half.(This was pre fire sweet dirt IIRC.)

  38. In Oregon about every disp I go to has multiple 100/oz and most are pretty good since they cycle between strains. Top shelf is about 320/oz for premium quality.

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  40. There are a couple good ones in Portland. SeaWeed Co, Sweet Dirt and Landrace have been solid choices imo. Yeah, tax included

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  42. Weird, the majority I've been to have some at $45, with a few at $35. This was at SeaWeed Co and was a special for the day. Landrace seems to be affordable from what I saw there. Decent range in prices

  43. States like Maine and Florida have very limited supply and high prices but it always seems to be Excellent quality

  44. Oooof $40/eighth? East coast pricing for ya. Just picked up a half of my current fav. strain (Jack Herer, best sativa I've found except for Granola Funk, which ain't around anymore) for $100.

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