My 13 year old best girl and bud tender got diagnosed with cancer last week. Going for surgery consult the 28th. Smoke one up for her and send her plenty of love frens cause I'm stressed about losing her

  1. Her name's Maggie, had her right before I was homeless and told her one day she'd have a big backyard to run around in. We moved 3000 miles on a whim and for the last 13 years her and my male Gage have been my best pals. I kept my word and she loves laying out in the sun catching rays in her garden

  2. My dog Otto is about the same age. He has cancer on his stomach, wasn't doing too good, so I started giving him edibles to ease the pain so he could enjoy his last couple months. That was a year ago, since then the cancer has regressed to a small tumor that doesn't seem to bother him. He's full of energy again and runs around no problems. So if you're open to it it might help. We make cannabutter out of my dab reclaim and then make peanut butter cookies and cut them in quarters. He gets 2 a day, 1 in the morning and 1 with dinner

  3. I wonder if this would work for my cat with cancer. I blow the volcano at him sometimes and it seems to help. I have some really potent coconut oil I made… I take a tablespoon. So a tenth of a teaspoon should be good in his food.

  4. "Let me tell you a story About an old friend of mine Somebody left her in a shopping cart In a parking lot for us to find

  5. There is a company in Costa Mesa CA. named Bailey's CBD. It is CBD specifically for dogs that we used this product when my friends Bulldog had cancer. I believe it helped. Best wishes coming your way. I hope your buddy feels better soon.

  6. I'm real careful about suggesting CBD because some people will either think "miracle cure" or the complete opposite "Snake oil" but since this is trees and someone has already suggested it I'm going to throw in my anecdotal evidence.

  7. I'm in the midst of losing my lovely boy, my 11-ish year old cat Poopy. We've been together through dark times. I'm going to smoke some Gorilla Zkittlez for all 4 of us. We'll be okay.

  8. Oh wow looks identical to another dog I know, similar age, same exact color pattern, also has cancer. My wife also has cancer and we used to be homeless as well but not now. Similar business. A lot of synchronicity here.

  9. Every single love sent. All of the love. I’m gonna go deep into the depths of my soul and locate emergency love to send for this top level sweetheart babe.

  10. About to roll one up for her bro my best friend is about the same age, I unfortunately can’t see her as much because my dad who I live with is allergic and it breaks my heart. Enjoy your time with her and cheers to you both. :)

  11. Shit dog, cancer is real scary with pitbulls. About a year ago I lost my best bud to cancer. I wish you and your pup the bestest of luck here. God speed soldier!

  12. Sending good vibes. It's always so scary when things happen to our furry friends but it's incredibly clear that you adore her and that's all that matters.

  13. Dogs are the greatest companions. Always loyal and hecking cute. Sorry to hear about her condition, but i wish her the best of luck and hope you get have alot more splendid days to share with her

  14. My boy just got diagnosed with kidney disease. I feel ya. Hug her tight and cherish the time you have with her. I’m on day 51 of flower on my first run. Can’t wait to chop. Cheers!

  15. Sending you and your dog love, bro.. recently lost one of my own and it was tough... he was older so we all saw it coming, and i know we gave him a good life until the end... but still tough. Im certain youve given Maggie 13 years of love and happiness, she looks like such a sweet girl and i imagine that comes from being comfortable/happy to have you in her life. Hope the consult goes well ❤

  16. I literally got up to go outside and smoke (it’s 1pm and I work overnights) just to take a hit for the pupper. I wish you two nothing but the best and hope for a speedy recovery!!

  17. Hey hey, Maggie looks awesome, good weed defence. I have a few doggies getting up in their age as well. Did you have any markers that showed the cancer like lab work that popped up? Were energy levels changing? New lumps?

  18. Lumps that the first vet said were just fatty tumors but the other vet I took her to said that one is causing fluid sac build up around her heart and that it was cancerous. 28th they're gonna do the X-Ray and consult so ill know more for sure then. Either way she needs the surgery to get the tumor a way from her heart and to drain the fluid sac.

  19. sending you and her love. my parents’ dog’s lymph nodes are all swollen, and we’re all a bit stressed that it might be cancer while we wait for biopsy results. here’s hoping you still have a long while with your furry friend.

  20. Ugh I’m so so sorry. My best friend’s dog just got diagnosed too with an extremely similar tumor to the kind that killed her father. Life deals some shitty hands sometimes, I hope you find peace

  21. Sending love to your sweet pup. Losing our pets hurts like a mf. If it helps at all, 13 healthy loving years is such a wonderful gift for a dog. I’m sure she loves and appreciates you deeply ❤️

  22. That's horrible man. I lost my pup to neurological issues on my bday. Do what's best for your dog and I hope all goes well.

  23. Sending you good vibes. It is amazing how specialized and advanced vet medicine is these days. The odds are very good they will help keep her by your side for a long time.

  24. Sorry to hear about your doggo. She looks bad ass! Don't worry too much and invest in the good times. I am going through something similar with my 15 year old Border collie and it's hard but so worth it. Lighting up some Purple Trainwreck for your puppy and sending good vibes.

  25. I had to put my bulldog pitbull mix to sleep a couple weeks ago. Enjoy every second with her and sorry to hear about that

  26. My Pitts my best friend in the whole world. I can't even bear the thought of losing him without tearing up.

  27. Hey man, I know veterinary medicine isn't where human medicine is, but cancer is becoming less scary every year. Hang in there, enjoy the time you have with her, and know that this isn't necessarily a death sentence. Just love her like it's your last day with her even if you get the problem fixed. You never know when or how you could lose the people (and furry people) you care about. Sending some love.

  28. Bless u Maggie ❤️ I lost my dog a couple weeks ago. We didn’t know she had a tumor and she died suddenly. It’s been tough but she lived a good long life and she was very loved. Best of luck to you friend

  29. I cannot recall a day worse than when my girl took the rainbow bridge to the otherside. What I do know is she would hide her pain because she knew I loved seeing her happy. I wasn't fortunate enough to get 13 years, but the years we got together we the fucking best. The hole left in my heart was immense but life has given me other things for my heart to love both before and after her passing. Much love is being sent and I hope for the best but just make every day count. Favorite places, treats, people, cuddles, ect should be excessive if possible. If there is a universe that she ends up okay, and you guys get many more years of happiness... well i hope it's this one.

  30. Hey man, try to give her a whole food diet. Steamed rice and chicken. Sweet potatoes, etc

  31. Yeah I had mad anxiety/panic attacks for about a month before I lost my best friend earlier this year, since that was about the time we knew it had to be done. Appriciate the small things now like having her greet u when u get home, they're the things you'll miss.

  32. Best wishes and good luck. My dog was diagnosed in September and going strong with some chemo and steroids. Wish you all the best for you and your doggos.

  33. Sending best wishes and best of luck with the surgery over from Germany. You got people all around the world rooting for Maggie and you!

  34. Give her CBD/THC 1:1 edibles in small amounts, don't get her super blitzed lol. No doubt will help her recover faster and stronger.

  35. Really hoping she can pull through and surgery helps her to enjoy the rest of her life. Such a pretty little pup

  36. All the best to you and your girlie! We just lost our sweet girl last month. She was only 8 and ended up in full on kidney failure we think due to a change to high protein food source. We had no choice but to send her over that stupid bridge (sorry, just raw still). Chances of you getting more time are pretty darn good. Much love and support from us and our surviving pack!!

  37. Hey buddy I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope she has some hopeful options. But try to find comfort in no matter the outcome, she has become a part of you. You will forever carry the experiences and changes she's had on you, she will never truly be gone, I really believe that. I'm hoping for the best and sending love to you both!

  38. Silver lining, the dog won't know. If the worst comes to pass, her final months will be spent getting all the love and being spoiled. I'd like to go out like that. Happy and oblivious

  39. Maggie is beautiful! I’ll be thinking of her when I smoke a bowl tonight and I’ll keep her in my prayers this evening. Lots of love for you both!

  40. I m so sorry! I recently lost my cat. What helped me is to know she lived a good life, just like your pupper. I'll pray for a full recovery of course but i know she had a good life and will great you on the other side when her time does come.

  41. When my dog was 15 and weak my dad used to blow vaped bud to her direction and she would start wagging its tail. She was the best.

  42. I cured my dogs cancer with cbd. 3mg per 1lb of body weight of cbd every 8 hours. Tumor and cancer was gone in 6 weeks. Not guaranteed but it may help cure it. We did no surgery. He’s still alive 4 years later.

  43. We just lost our dog Kashie about a month ago, he was 14 years old, wish you and her all the best!

  44. Do what my aunt did, as her 17 year old Pitt Petey was reaching the end She got a puppy in the final few months. Even though petey was hurting his spirits were lifted by that little pup and now after he’s gone she still has a companion

  45. We give RSO to one of our pups (not for cancer). He tolerates it well. Supposed to be good for cancer, so maybe worth trying.

  46. Maybe try a whole foods diet, my friends daschund had a tumor, his mom started cooking like chicken, veg for the dog and the tumor started going away. I saw it happening too, she was losing hair and getting sicker, but once she started eating the cooked food her hair was growing back and she seemed years younger Hope this helps

  47. Lost my best big girl Bella last year to cancer at 11. It's hard as fuck but the memories live on my friend, hope you're doing alright

  48. Looks a lot like my pit bull. I’m sorry to hear that OP. Hope everything goes well for you and your dog.

  49. Good vibes from a former pibble owner. She passed 2 years ago this Saturday, Cancer that moved aggressively. That dog was the bed couchlock buddy, god I miss her. I'll blaze for your good girl tonight!

  50. Sending you all the luck in the universe. I lost my best girl and soul dog of 11 years to cancer this past February. Fucking sucks more than anything in the world. I hope you get some good news for you and your best bud.

  51. If she gets bad homie, can't hurt throwing that stuff into an edible for her. But I be smoking for you and her tonight fo sho

  52. Sorry man, hope you'll be ok. These things happen tho. Iv lost alot of family animals, the time you have with them makes it all worth it.

  53. I know the feeling bro. My 14 year old girl passed away last week from cancer, she was my smoking buddy for the last 2 years. I’ll be rolling one up for your good girl.

  54. Loss is a hard concept but a very real one. Try not to to think about losing her. But instead think of everything great she has done for you and the memories she gave you that will undoubtedly last the rest of your life.

  55. THC in high concentration (Rick Simpson oil) will cure cancer. Some vets think THC is bad for animals but it's not. There are a few videos on YouTube where dog owners have helped their dogs with RSO. I'll see if I can find them.

  56. I’m in the same boat man my dog has cancer in multiple places and he’s only 3. I’m so scared of losing him but he’s doing well. Hope she gets better man.

  57. Oh damn man, Maggie is in my prayers. I hope both and your bud tender kick cancer’s ass. I’ll definitely light one up for both of them today.

  58. Bro, I am sorry, but you guys are lucky to have one another. Your doggone looks like a heckin' good girl. Much love from Michigan.

  59. I have a best good girl named Little Maggie myself. Good vibes to you both. One of the biggest crimes in the universe is a dog's short life. May the rest of her days be comfy and may you find comfort in knowing she was just as enriched by you as you were by her.

  60. My baby hippo was diagnosed with a bad meningitis today and half his face just hangs down. He can't blink and probably can't hear on this side. Vet can't tell if it will get better or worse

  61. I am so sorry :( But you should know that she will always exist in your memories and looking back over photos...its the purest thing

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