Moderation and Withdrawals

  1. Try and wean off rather than quitting cold turkey for a t-break. Smoke a less potent weed and diminish quantity until you’re completely off. Your body is used to a certain amount of cannabinoid so it has to be treated like an addictive substance to lessen withdrawals :)

  2. I'd suggest seeing a psychiatrist/psychologist for the rage followed by depression. That's something I deal with before i smoked and havent really realized it until being older. Other than that. Just stay hydrated and usually after a week you become more normal

  3. Smoke or vape some CBD for the first couple of days to take the edge off. Worth taking the tolerance down a bit. Withdrawal is withdrawal.

  4. I recommend CBD gummies. The issues will pass I quit edibles back last December and just weaned down and used lots of CBD gummies that helps a lot with the depression and anxiety. The irritability will go away it’s natural to feel this way right now. Also if you do any thc edible match it with a CBD gummy and it will be a lot better. For your stomach I recommend Mint tea, ginger and Benadryl helped me too I have to take for allergies. I’m sorry your having a rough time, this too shall pass. Peace my friend you’ll be ok ✌️🌈

  5. I would recommend self moderation to start off. Ingest/smoke THC only when strictly needed, in minimal doses, while your body gets used to it. When you finally feel comfortable with the idea of not getting any amount for days, then try that, no need for a drastic change if you get so many problems from it. At some point you'll notice that a much lower dose can have a big impact on you, just be patient.

  6. Wow, I had no idea it could make you allergic to it though I did meet a bud tender who said she was allergic to some strains. I also have heard it can cause underlying mental issues to push to the surface which is a little unsettling. I hope I’m never in this situation again, but if I am I know what I’ve got to do now… thankfully. I appreciate you taking the time to offer your advice! I’m on day four and actually slept last night really well for the first time in ages. People were right those. Dreams were crazy and vivid! Will be interesting to see how the rest of the day goes.

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