Feel very off when taking Tolerance Break

  1. I also feel this when intake a tolerance break... I always assumed this is because I have bipolar disorder and a change in routine can affect my mood swings

  2. It might have to do with that, I also have a suspicion it has to do with dopamine and serotonin levels but idk ima do some research ill let you know what I find.

  3. Mine begins among being irritated easily and being too stressed to eat properly. Often feeling hunger but not being able to eat. Appetite.

  4. If you are only doing them for a day or a few as a regular, then u got withdrawal symptoms. Also AFAIK a T Break of a day or a few days is of no use and the benefits only come after weeks of taking a break.

  5. Hey man thanks for your input, I'm just trying to have a healthier relationship with weed and implement more moderation and will power

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