My son got this flowering carrot at Home Depot. This isn't cannabis is it?

  1. Before I could finish reading that sentence my brain finished it for me and read the last word as vagina. It needs help.

  2. It’s so nice seeing a young man providing food for his family. If you’re lucky, he might even start growing chanterelles in his closet too!

  3. They're Canadian carrots. Fun fact: Canadian carrots have special flowers that are great for smudging. Just pick some buds, bundle them with some organic twine, like perhaps hemp twine, and burn them in a saucer in your house. Close the doors so the spiritual cleansing is complete.

  4. I too belong to the Pro Carrot Guild (chapter 1241). Definitely a premium carrot bush right here.

  5. The alqunb plant known for producing little to no carrots, this plant is commonly a house plant. Rearing it outside will most likely not produce carrots but the plant will flower. It's best to collect the flowers and dispose of them, I'm sure your son has been reading up on proper disposal.

  6. Surprised I had to scroll so far down to find this info. Proper maintenance will be important for the health of the carrot plant. By the looks of the image, it seems the son has done his research. Good on him for taking initiative, this isn't something a lot of people would put care and research into at his age!

  7. Hi, plant scientist here, I wrote my thesis on flowering carrots. While they have many similarities to cannabis, there are a few distinct differences that make them easily distinguishable. Are there 7 points on each leaf? This is a unique characteristic of flowering carrots. Another are those tiny ridges along the sides of the leaves.

  8. oh those are definitely carrots, and ngl that is going to be a good, good batch of them. props to your son for finding such good stock 👍🏼

  9. Man I've never seen such a nice big carrot plant. Nice and dark green. Looks like your kid has a green thumb.

  10. Your son fooled you and so did most of the people commenting. This is a Japanese maple tree. I have one just like it. Carrot, indeed!

  11. This is like the 10th post I've seen asking if a carrot plant is weed. It's OBVIOUSLY carrots. Should be added to the FAQs smh

  12. It is a carrot plant, it's ironic part that so many people are acting like it's obviously weed and mocking the question

  13. Nice flowering carrot. On a totally unrelated issue, does your son own an odd looking, tall yet skinny glass vase?

  14. Why is a carrot vase unrelated to the carrot issue? If it weren't tall and skinny, no flowering carrot would fit.

  15. Carrot greens are actually healthy and delicious so make sure you dont throw those out! Great for roasting...

  16. I've grown carrots before. This is definitely flowering carrot. Looking good too! Very healthy! What a great hobby for a young man, should be proud!

  17. Yo definitely carrots, but they are still very young and delicate. Tell him to take good care of them, he'll learn a life skill...

  18. Yeah those are carrots. I've been wanting to grow some but I don't have the room for them yet. Sons got a green thumb for sure!

  19. My uncle had a plant not dissimilar to this and my grandma would feed it baby bio, plant food, she thought it was tomatoes

  20. I have never in my life seen a more wholesome community then in here, on this post today- I love it and those lovely carrots! 🥴

  21. When the carrots start blooming and those strange stinky flowers start coming up on top, you can clip them and send them to me. No need to waste those flowers. Enjoy the carrots!

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