I completed my first OWS this past weekend and I feel compelled to let the world know

  1. I am training for a Sprint on June 4th. It will be my first tri ever and I knew I needed to give myself enough time to get used to open water. I have been getting in my head about it because the water is still quite cold where I live! I was pleasantly surprised with how warm my wetsuit kept me! Let's just say I am hooked and can't wait for this weekend to do it all over again!

  2. Very nice, looks great. One comment is that you should always swim with a buoy for flotation if needed but more importantly to me for visibility to boats and other watercraft

  3. I never swam in open water before my first sprint. I also didn’t own a wetsuit, so I was freezing for the whole swim. I still got through it, and you’re way more prepared than I was, so I’m sure you’ll do great.

  4. Hey, are you doing the Lake Wilderness tri? My wife and brother are doing that one with me. We did it last year, and it’s a super fun race.

  5. I did my first Sprint Tri April 3! I did not do the smart thing and train in open water at all.. I also freaked myself out thinking the water would be pitch black for some reason. Had the realisation the week of the event that the water will be lit by the sunlight and wouldn't be so dark. Come the day before the event when I arrived at the location.. checked the water to see how the visibility is and yep! It was brown, pitch brown.

  6. Man this post and video makes me excited. First open water swim Tri this June and 3 more the following few months! Excellent job. (Illinois resident)

  7. Really good job. I did my first open water swim last night and panicked and had to get out.....so I'm very impressed you got one under your belt and it went well. Keep it up!

  8. Thanks! And that is awesome you got out there! I think I had a lot of comfort because my partner was on a paddleboard with me the entire time. With out that I think I would have been much more nervous!

  9. Lots of lakes with swim centres hold group introduction sessions. A couch will talk you through how to get in and out of a wetsuit, what to expect in open water, and then take your group in for a first swim. It’s usually a good few minutes of just getting used to being in the water, proving that in a wetsuit you don’t normally need to tread water, you can just float on your back and relax. Then have a gentle group swim and practice a bit is sighting so you can get to a buoy in a vaguely straight line. Well worth it.

  10. I'm only just thinking about my first tri and trying out OWS as part of prep for that, but to my eyes you look like an expert and I'd never guess this was your first time! Nicely done. And swum.

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