Does swimsuit make a big difference?

  1. Yes!! The swimsuit will reduce greatly the energy you need to swim my making you more buoyant, it will also allow you to take it easy for a little while without spending energy to stay afloat.

  2. I’m a rather poor swimmer, but the wetsuit helps me quite a bit. Roughly 5-7 seconds / 100y. I’m wearing one for my 70.3 this weekend not for the speed but for the added buoyancy. I’ve found when I do wear it I can focus more on my form and expend less energy staying in proper position.

  3. This is my experience. Way more tolerable. Without the wetsuit I can feel my legs sinking and it just makes me irritated. So I focus on races where I’ll be using it.

  4. Just did my first tri (70.3) in the pearl izumi tri shorts and they worked really well for me. However my friend and I were the only ones out of 1400 others not in wetsuits haha. Our water was also 71f and it felt really comfortable. I wouldn't overthink it and just train hard and enjoy the race!

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