Well that's not ideal.

  1. I'm waiting for something like this to happen to our wood elf ranger. He's created many half elves on his journeys before the group and I can't wait until he gets hunted down for child support

  2. You know child support for half elves sucks too, they age much more slowly than full humans, so you'll be paying for decades.

  3. Every area's main baddie is a remeber of the Bard's party who have control over the area. They have no idea that the Bastards are looking for him. They're just doing their job of trying to protect the realm.

  4. Better idea: They have no idea why they're looking for him, but since the bard was a crappy person to a lot of people, they assume it's for sinister reasons.

  5. This is similar to an idea I had in highschool, "The Adventures of Fen'dar an Blen'dar" Fen'dar is half orc that charges in and knock stuff over. Blen'dar is a half elf that cuts thing to ribbons with his duel sabers. They both are on a quest to find their father Dar, a caddish human bard who slept his way through the fantasy kingdom 20+ years ago. They meet up with other half brothers with silly names ending in "dar" along the way such as Men'dar, Sen'dar, Fine'dar.

  6. Literally the plot of the last entry in a hentai game series. The protagonist of the series becomes the villain for the last game and all of the illegitimate children he sired throughout the franchise form a party to stop him.

  7. An old group of mine had a smaller version of this dynamic, once. A couple of characters were siblings by different-species mothers; their father was a human warlord who took a bride from each group he conquered. They were adventuring to prove their worth as his potential heirs.

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