Bella's bite from James

  1. I wanna say they said she probably/likely bit her own hand from the pain whilst she was out of it. If they actually said this word for word I’m uncertain but that’s the excuse I’d have used. I, personally, have bitten myself before when in pain. Not enough to bleed but combined with all of Bella’s injuries and confusion I think it’s more than plausible.

  2. I just assumed that the venom healed the wound, so the hospital didn't notice it? As Edward sucked it out, there would have been residue and so it wasn't bleeding etc.

  3. Apparently it left a scar on her that was colder than the rest of her body 🙄 I find it very weird that a vampire’s bite that doesn’t turn you leaves a scar because the process of turning erases all scars and “imperfections”…

  4. Vampire bites aren’t really noticeable by the human eye. When Bella is turned in BD she is shocked by seeing Jasper clearly for the first time because he is COVERED in scars that Bella didn’t notice with human eyes.

  5. When Edward bites Bella in Breaking Dawn, he licks the skin after he bites her, Jacob says he can see her skin closing up / healing when he does this. Presumably James did the same thing, so by the time they got to the hospital it would have looked like an old wound

  6. James didn't lick her skin. He didn't have time for that and it would make no sense. Edward licked her skin to close the wound and ensure that she's not losing any more blood, why would James want to close the wound? He didn't want to change her, he wanted to kill her, he bit to drink her blood

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