Post fights where the loser's stock still went up

  1. This was my answer too. People were calling him glass chinned. Took gaethjes shots and showed just how much of a meat missile he was

  2. I would argue this, he expossed his low iq in that fight. He is as much responsible for torture that night as Justin.

  3. I’ve watched some pretty convincing videos on why Reyes should have been declared winner, but I’ve never seen the fight all the way through though personally.

  4. Definately, im a Jon Jones fan as a fighter and i thought he lost 3 rounds to 2 and i don't think the rounds he won he did anything where you would think he definately won.

  5. Not sure if Silvas stock necessarily went up after that one, but he did show that he’s a true warrior - managing to win a single round from Chael

  6. I was visiting family for that first one with O’Malley, and my niece snuck out to watch the fight. Her first ufc fight ever was watching “tennis ball head” as she called him get the crap knocked out of him.

  7. Sonnen in the 1st fight against Silva. Everyone thought he'd get embarrassed like Griffin but he dominated arguably the greatest fighter of all time when he barely got touched prior to that.

  8. It really bothered me how Sterling was as treated. He leaned into the trolling a bit too hard for my taste, but people were legitimately acting like he wasn’t a straight killer who earned his shot at the strap. People were even trying to rewrite the history of his Sandhagen win, and it was just wild to see.

  9. Rodriguez vs Holloway. A lot of Holloway fans were saying Yair wouldn't get out of the first round but he proven that he's a very good FW. He could've won that if not for the silly kick in the last round.

  10. Yes everyone know Bobby was walking into a buzz saw but the respect to take a quick turn around like that will always make your stock go up.

  11. Green vs Fiziev is more accurate, I remember people being almost annoyed for some weird reason when bobby got steamrolled by Islam.

  12. Johnny Hendricks against GSP. He took arguably the greatest ever to a split decision and many still feel he should have won. I mean, look at George's face after the fight. How often did he look like he just crawled out of a meat grinder after a fight? Pretty much never

  13. While this was absolutely correct at the time, I don't think history has been kind to JHs performance. There are many who suggest he was on PEDs for his entire career up to that point.

  14. dan hooker vs poirier idk how you can look that good after 5 round of taking a battering but he did

  15. Kris Moutinho (he had no stock but his face took a thousand punches without crumbling) but that was short lived

  16. Hunt v Fedor. Early MMA career Hunt damn near kimura'd the emperor of kimuras and armbars in his prime

  17. In recent memory, Diaz vs Edwards. I think most people came out of that fight feeling like Nate had the upper hand at the end and wouldve finished if there were anymore rounds, and most had Nate getting mopped by Edwards going into the fight.”

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