Who's rooting for Charlie Olives?

  1. I’m a massive Gaethje fan, but I wouldn’t be upset if Olive’s wins. He’s really put in the work and seems like a real stand up guy.

  2. Yeah thats annoying. As Khabib showed us Justin can't do too much against excellent grapplers, of which Charles is.

  3. I don’t think Justin believes this fight would be easy as he said “If my stand up isn’t better than his I’m fucked” I think he’s just confident in his finishing ability

  4. Idk if he's acting like it's an easy fight. He gave Charles his props after his recent performances and knows the challenges he poses. He also knows Charles can quit on himself and he thinks he can test that.

  5. You mean what literally every fighter does to sell a fight? Its always the same thing, "hes an easy fight, this guys not on my level, wait and see what I'll do to him". What do you expect him to say, hes a tough opponent that will beat me

  6. Most obvious answer is Gaethje has a pretty clear path to victory. He won't give Oliveira the respect he deserves so Gaethje is prob also underestimating Olives rn too

  7. I noticed that as well. I like the way Olives is talking though. He's being respectful and acknowledging Justin as a fighter but his mental game is on another level. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and he's not afraid to throw down.

  8. I am! Was down in São Paulo these last few months and got some training in at Chute Boxe. Think I got CTE. Even the ammys go hard.

  9. Charles is such an inspirational guy, watching him develop his skills over the years has been a treat. When he first started in the UFC he was the typical Brazilian fighter-off the charts bjj and mediocre everything else. He has evolved into the real deal on every level. I hope he keeps the belt for awhile—he has truly earned it

  10. He has been talking a lot of shit but it’s ok… more than usual I feel. We’ll see how it ages.

  11. Why is it that anytime a fighter shows any kind of human emotions people call them cringe 🤦‍♂️

  12. I love Charles Oliveira! No disrespect to Justin intended, I think they are both great fighters and it could truly go either way, and I definitely believe it will be a competitive fight, but I believe victory will go to Charles.

  13. Even though I'd be quite surprised by Charles having a long reign as champion, simply because he always takes a lot of damage, I definitely hope he stays on top for a while longer. He's just a decent dude.

  14. Gaethje looks a bit similar to a guy that almost got me kicked out of school so he can get lost lmao let's go Oliveira

  15. I have to much respect for both of them so whatever outcome happens will be well deserved. But I’m slightly feeling Charles as the victor

  16. I'm rooting for him. Justin has made an ass of himself lately and Charles has more ways to finish the fight.

  17. I feel like Justin will fare just as well as Dustin did. Oliveria is just a better all around fighter. That’s not to say can’t get hit with one of Justin’s bombs and go to sleep. He just has the option to back pack Justin and put him to bed if he doesn’t like the heat.

  18. I never bet when Olivera is in the octagon. He always gets tagged, it is only a matter if he survives the early storm, which if he does, he will come back and win. Intense stuff.

  19. I'm just rooting for a good fight. I see Olives winning though. All the talk of Justin's "power" but his biggest clean out was James Vick, the man with the paper chin. I think Olives will pick him apart and get a finish on the ground.

  20. Yes! MMA is the only sport I watch that I have no investment in. When I watch basketball, it’s Celtics all the way. But MMA doesn’t have that dynamic for me. I watch to see the fights happen. I don’t care who wins. I’m there to witness the outcome, and be entertained. That’s all there is to it.

  21. I used to like Garth but he totally whined his way to this title shot and the shit that comes out of his mouth during press week always makes me see him as a petulant child.

  22. While I usually like Khabib’s bluntness. He’s gotta a little loose tongued and up his britches. I would like Olives to defend 3-4 more times so he can pass Khabib and I can stop hearing from his big head ass. Great fighter but his ego has gone levels up since he retired.

  23. I’m Canadian and rooting for Gaethje I’ve been a fan of his fights since his fight vs Foster them leg kicks made me fall in love 🥰

  24. I have a theory. All the fights he is supposed to lose, he wins. However all the fights he is supposed to win, he loses

  25. I never root for Brazilians but man Charlie Olives got a fan in me. If he gets this win I believe he will be cemented as one if not the LW GOAT

  26. Everyone saying gaethje talks shit. Olives is doing it too he’s just not in English so people aren’t seeing those clips

  27. I hope Charles gets the submission due to all the shit Justin has been saying. Plus, Justin sounds like a jealous, bitter little bitch lately and he's gonna eat his own words.

  28. Not me. I listen to a lot of UFC stuff as I drive and workout, can't understand shit if the champ doesn't speak English. That sounds xenophobic lol but it's nothing personal it just diminishes my UFC media consumption enjoyment 🤷

  29. Hard to pick a winner for this fight personally. I think both guys are great fighters although stylistically i probably got to go Oliveira.

  30. For the sake of the division, it would be nice to see Gaethje win and create some competition over the next few months, however, they are both brilliant and I’d be happy either way

  31. no matter who wins at least we're guaranteed an interesting and action packed fight. this is gonna be good

  32. I admire both. I would love to see justin hold the gold. I will be just as happy is charles defends it. Both are deserving.

  33. I am. I am also rooting for Justin. We've been emotionally invested in both of these fighters for years and there are only losers after this one. Justin deserves to be king and can easily do this. Charles systematically worked through the world to get to the top and will never lose again.

  34. At this level I don't really root for anyone except Holloway or whoever's fighting Jon Jones. Id like to see Olives vs Islam, but Gaethje winning would also be fun

  35. Charlie said he’s going to shock the world and knock him out. I would def be shocked, I wouldn’t expect it to go that way.

  36. Gaethje has kinda been a douche in interviews. “Once a coward always a coward”, downplaying his fight with Chandler, ignoring the fact that Olivera beat Dustin and Dustin TKO’d him, and just being kinda a dick overall.

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