Best Knockout of the Year!!!

  1. The promo at the end was just as good. I didn't like the immediate title chance, despite arguably deserving it, but he's been a stud in the UFC too. That kick was a beaut.

  2. The man with steel beams for hands, fucking has them in his feet too. Absolutely ridiculous knockout, love it.

  3. I’m surprised we didn’t see Khabib come flying out of his ear considering he’s been living in Tony’s head rent free.

  4. Looks like Ferguson even pushed his chin downward/moved it down as he was getting kicked on it so that was even more devastating. He needs to learn from Izzy and keep head moving back to avoid incoming kicks and punches

  5. This knockout reminds me of the Diego Sanchez - Matt Brown knockout. You’ve never seen them rag dolled that way. It takes a second for your brain to catch up.

  6. And he still could've Madvidaled him - diving in for 3 beamers while he's asleep on the mat.

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