The fact that Chandler was the ONLY ONE able to get out when Charles had his back and fought through is so impressive, especially after watching how Charles submitted Dustin and Justin.

  1. After seeing Olivera dispose of Dustin and Gaethje when he took their back, this is all the more impressive. I hope we get to see these two rematch at some point

  2. Chandler is always doing the exact thing fight fans want to see. Dude is on your back? Get up and then fucking body slam him. I swear I always want to see this as soon as someone backpacks

  3. Yeah it’s always fun to watch, but problem is when the slam doesn’t work out you’re put on an even worse position.

  4. Me too. But also when someone has your back and slam on them, you basically are throwing a Hail Mary bc if they don’t get off from the slam they have even more advantage and also were able to tighten the choke more

  5. Saw a fight fighter slammed forward twice instead of backward did knocked out the guy from the back.

  6. It’s a nice move, but depending on your stamina it can gas you out. Also leaves the potential in the slam of leaving just enough space for the choke to actually get in tighter/deeper if your opponent is expecting it. Some guys I’ve rolled with have such great body control that they’re able to almost roll with the momentum and have you end up with me belly down (to clarify I was not trying to slam them, just as I somewhat got up they kind of swung me backwards but to the side)

  7. When he shot and tossed Tony Feeturson in the first round, that was one of the most explosive take downs I’ve ever seen.

  8. a lot of people seem to have forgot recently after pushing the "NO ONE goes in charles guard" narrative.

  9. He's absolutely at the top of the must-see list. I thought he had no business with the title shot but what the hell do I know. Both he and Oliviera would have made excellent champs.

  10. Me too. I’m a Dan Hooker fan so was gutted to see him lose again but after these last few fights I’m 100% a Chandler fan. Fun fighter and seems like a decent dude too.

  11. He’s an amazing wrestler and trains with some of the best in MMA, has for years. He’s underrated even with how much hype he has currently. The dude was steamrolling Bellator for years before coming to the UFC.

  12. He then went into Charles' guard and beat him up there for the rest of the round. Chandler's strength, explosiveness and awareness on the ground makes him virtually impossible to submit.

  13. Eddie Bravo would use to say that Tony is his most special student. Even gave him his personal belt.

  14. i mean its only 2 fights ago and just over 1 year. i get it people don't know bout chandlers grappling but he's a damn good grappler and head and shoulders above justin and dustin.

  15. Yeah, maybe not in terms of actual skills acquired but I feel like his confidence in big moments has obviously gone up which plays a factor at this level

  16. I think this will get him in trouble a lot but at the same time get him some impressive wins like Michael Pereira. Dude has lots of losses but I still tune in to watch him submit some guy with twister while doing a backflip

  17. Chandler is a fuckin 155 lbs rottweiler, insane grip and explosive strength. The way he bull rushed Tony and slammed him was amazing.

  18. This dude is the most explosive 155er ever. Change my mind. That kick on tony, escaping a back packed olives, right hand vs pitbull. So clean and fire.

  19. chandler has serious power. And I think it helps that his neck is very short because of his build. It looks nearly impossible to choke him out. The best chance charles had is tko him and he made it. Both mans are crazy

  20. idk man justinn gaethje is soooo over rated. from the damn leg kicks to the supposed great wrestling defense.

  21. as someone who's seen pre ufc chandler , to say i was shocked when he actually shot a TD on tony instead of striking a loosing battle would be an understatement! so maybe he's willing to turn of his showman caveman brain off.

  22. Chandler's performance against Charles is aging better the more we see Charles fighting against the top guys.

  23. Chandler's loss has definitely aged well, if he gets a rematch and is a little more patient (haha!)...

  24. This is the best post I've seen since joining this sub. OP is IMHO correct, after watching olivera's wake of destruction, seeing that Chandler can defend against that crazy good ju jitsu has me questioning that if Chandler had fought a more tactful, measured fight (rather than swinging for the fences, which is admittedly awesome to watch) that he could've gone further than he did w Charles. I'm hoping there's a rematch in the future

  25. would it be wrong to think that chandler is better than gaethje? i feel like he just didn’t approach their fight looking for a win… does that make sense or am i being delusional

  26. Oliveira beat Dustin with relative ease and made Justin look like an amateur. It was not the longest, but I think this was the most competitive of his title fights.

  27. Why is this even disputed. Downvote me all you want. I love Tony but the Dan Hooker and Bobby Green wins alone are more impressive than the Tony win and getting dropped in the process

  28. And so calm too! Never looked flustered. Chandler is a great fighter. I feel he needs a rematch with Justin

  29. When I watched this fight I didn’t really care for either fighter. Now I absolutely love both of them. They are just so fun to watch.

  30. That was a nice back and forth exchange , I just keep being impressed by olivera and chandler fits in perfect with the ufc roster,he’s legit

  31. He did what paul felder did, he fought on the ground, showing charlie olives hes not afraid of his ground game meanwhile justin and dustin avoided it at all costs, showing charlie olives they are afraid boosting his confidence and forcing the sub strat.

  32. Chandler smashes people, if only he had a little stronger of a chin but that shot put out Justin too. Only one of the three that wasn’t dazed by Charles standup was Dustin.

  33. People forgot about Pettis? Pettis is impossible to get back control of, I think Lamas escaped too although he got saved by the bell at one point.

  34. Chandler is strong AF and a great wrestler. It was his power n explosiveness that abled him to escape but it doesnt matter… 🫒 is too damn good. If Islam cant neutralize him noone will

  35. The only reason he was able to, is because its the middle of the octagon and he had space. The other two were caught between Charles and the cage

  36. Chandler is a total badass and an incredibly fun fighter to watch and would love to see him fight charles again at some point

  37. Let's not forget either Chandler is a 10th planet BJJ black belt, that definitely is a great counter to Charles ground game.

  38. One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet is how important the hip control is in these types of clips. Notice chandler in the scramble is always trying to flatten Charles hips. Notice how when chandler gets out he can't dove in because Charles floats his hips off the mat. The reason for this and why wrestlers are super dangerous to BJJ players, they need their hips to secure position to perform the sub. Chandler flattened and stretched Charles back control so he would only have to fight the hand and to make room to escape. Similarly Charles knows if chandler dives in his guard and his hips are flat it's game over.

  39. Everybody saw this fight go back and forth and thought they were two decent guys waiting to be beaten by justin and dustin. Truth is, chandler was a nightmare match up for olivera

  40. Between Chandler and Olivera, who do you guys think would give Khabib a tougher time? I think both would do substantially better than Justin and Dustin, but what do I know🤷‍♂️

  41. It's because he's always trying to control one of olives hands at all times, very hard to sink in a choke 1 handed.

  42. He's an inspiration. He doesn't quit, he goes 100%, and he was still able to hold off the post-knockout followups against Tony, and he adopts kids. Seems like a great dude.

  43. Chandler is great at reversals on the ground. He's done the 2 on 1 wrist control to roll out of back mount and into top position a lot in his career. He's got a pretty sick reversal for a crucifix too. Think he did it against Benson Henderson, off the top of my head

  44. It’s even more impressive that Oliveria TKO’s Chandler, he beat him at his own game instead.

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