Pat Barry reviewing the tapes, comes to the conclusion that Sean Strickland was the root cause of Rose’s loss. God dammit Sean!

  1. Pat Barry isn’t doing himself any favors by acknowledging Sean’s statements. He’s just adding fuel to the flame, now people will be talking about his relationship with Rose more and more. I’m glad he did that, fucking groomer needs to be called out

  2. I watched a criminal interrogation the other day of a dude who killed 2 people. When interrogated he immediately put himself in the situation instead of distancing himself be it leaving out facts and making up others. He tried to play his half honesty as a way of fooling the cops into believing him. Feels Barry is doing a similar type song and dance

  3. Pat had a chance to address the allegations on the MMA Hour yesterday but chose not to, I think that says enough

  4. Yeah, could have said something like. "We started dating when she was 18 or she chose me", something to ease the speculation. Instead he chose not to talk about the topic.

  5. I think the fact that he went on to complement and say that he is friendly with the guy who publically called him a pedo instead of defending it was a weird response too.

  6. Pat was all over the place in his recent interview with Ariel. he didn’t want to admit it was a horrible performance. Either he’s saying it for Rose as he knows what can trigger her or he’s not honest with himself about what he saw.

  7. Right. If your lack of emotional discipline lost you a fight, that’s as much your fault as anything.

  8. You are right he never said what this guy claims. He was praising rose for not fighting emotional. They are just twisting his words cos they hate him, which is understandable

  9. It’s Rose who needs to be blaming herself more than anybody else for choosing to have a dumb ass coach her. Groomed or not, she’s a grown woman now and has to take the decisions she makes for her career on herself. She has a great coach available to her in Trevor and willingly decides to forsake him. Love is blinding though.

  10. God, Pat Barry is such a manipulative loser. Every story I see about him makes me dislike him even more.

  11. Why would any MMA coach come out and say this. It makes your fighter look soft, therefore making them think they’re soft. He’s only grooming her for failure. But we all know he’s into that.

  12. The whole interview was fucking insane. He just rambled on about how rose stuck to her game plan, and if she didn't she might have got slammed on her head so, technically this is a win?? He never even mentioned rose losing as far as I know so, I don't think he said this at all. They should have written an article about how he wouldn't let her speak and was answering questions for her.

  13. He didn't, If you actually watch the interview then you would know this is just made up shit. Pats definitely a weirdo but I don't understand just making shit up, there's plenty of legitimate cringe things he does, no need to make shit up.

  14. I'm shocked at pats ability to not only contribute to make him and rose's relationship look HORRIBLE... his ability to keep burying himself with every word he speaks is impressive at this point.

  15. Lol pat doesn’t let rose get out of a 15 ft radius of him and makes sure she is in his vision at all times.

  16. Pat Barry blaming Strickland for an interview he did with Rose making it sound like Barry met his fiancé when she was 14.

  17. Did you catch Pat kinda blaming Rose? He said, "she's so disciplined now, even when WE TOLD HER to cut loose, she stuck to the plan". Isn't that a backhanded compliment? Sounds like he's indirectly blaming her for not cutting loose like they said.

  18. On the one hand, Pat Barry is a dumb, creepy, son of a bitch. On the other hand, I do feel like we should just start blaming more stuff on Strickland.

  19. That coaching was ass. Why wouldn't you tell her to push the fight once you found out that her opponent can't hold her down even when she got the td. Dumb as fuck to just be passive and fight not to lose instead of fighting to win.

  20. The thing people don't realize is the age of consent in MI where that gym is is 18 not 17 like people have been stating. So even if it was 17 not 14 its still super illegal and gross. And pat has been quoted himself saying he fell in love the first time he saw rose was that 14 year old rose or 17 who knows because he won't talk about it.

  21. She was scared to deviate from Pat's gameplan in case she upset Master. The guy is a fucking whack job. Talks like a cult leader would. I can see now how he groomed her. He's so manipulative.

  22. Lets all start calling a spade a spade and make it clear that Pat Barry is a delusional person with mental issues who has been controlling, conditioning and brainwashing Rose for years. He is likely directly responsible for a significant part of her messy mental state.

  23. I've heard a lot of excuses but this is the weakest one I've ever heard. It's actually pretty retarded if you ask me. If anything Strickland opened up a can of worms that should have been exposed a long time ago. Pat is a sick mf

  24. I will never understand how some people don’t realize that humbling yourself by saying your game plan failed and that you didn’t do your job as a coach during the fight will garner respect and admiration from your critics. It’s the easiest out and will almost always paint you in a positive light.

  25. I had my suspicions that Sean Strickland emotionally assassinated Rose. The poor performance, the boring fight and even her haircut! It was all Sean Strickland.

  26. I like Rose. But I can’t find anything positive to say regarding her PPV match. She’s in the ring if she’s following a game plan that’s fine. After first round it doesn’t take genius to realize she’s not aggressively defending her title. She and her team had time to adjust they choose not too. This fight won’t go away it’s part of her history fans won’t forget it. Her next fight will have to be brutally on the offense if it’s not she won’t deserve any top ranked matches

  27. I mean, it could also have been the realization that she was groomed and quite possibly raped by some definitions… but yeah, it’s Sean Strickland’s fault somehow

  28. Dude gave his wife some of the worst corner advice I have ever seen over 5 rounds, but we're externally focused on Strickland??? Find a mirror, Patrick.

  29. That photo of Sean reminds me of Patches from the Dark Souls/Elden Ring series. He's a shit with a shit eating grin, but he will always tell you when another NPC is sus

  30. No one to blame but his shit advice on the stool. Was baffled listening to what they were saying to her in-between rounds

  31. I don't know about you guys, but it's definitely one thing I took from that fight. She looked like she was fighting on pure, raw emotion that night.

  32. Bingo, but after she was able to get back up I thought "okay rose , now you know you can get back up your free to engage" but she just didnt

  33. If it got under her skin that much then there's obviously some truth to it.....also this is why I hate rose so much. She's so mentally weak she let's any little thing rattle her.

  34. You know, Strickland is actually more bearable to me than Barry is. Wow. Just shows how much of a fruit loop Pat is.

  35. Sean is a weirdo, in his own right, but his take is spot on here. I believe Pat was 28 when he met Rose, who was 14. There's really no excuse to talk to anyone that young unless it's like your relative/friend's kid. Pat's a groomer and a weirdo that should be called out, just like Shevchenko's Coach/Husband.

  36. I always want to call him Stiffler because he reminds me of that character, but not in a good way. I mean he's right about Pat, but I feel a bit bad for Rose being called out in a way by this.

  37. Trolls are definitely using Rose and Pat’s dubious relationship to low key attack Rose on social media. Meanwhile they’re just enjoying victimizing the victim.

  38. A legit psycho pointed out the very real fact that one very old Pat Barry is a groomer = why Rose lost.

  39. I think Rose is starting to age out of Pat's view of attraction. That's why she is suddenly concerned about damaging her face.

  40. Yeah but I’ve been saying this shit for a minute. Ya’ll attacking Rose’s situation will not bode well for her.

  41. I mean he’s the one going on tv and doing interviews and shit. He’s putting that out there. People are allowed to have an opinion about what he’s saying

  42. I’m not one of those people who believe that emotional shit in the lead up affects fighters once the door closes—unless it’s something like the loss of a loved one, a long layoff, or other HUGE thing.

  43. I would typically say yes but from most peoples point of view pat has groomed her and when you re groomed I mean do you know anything other than what you have? Pat told the world rose had been abused sexually and groomed since she was 6 and then he meets her at 14 and then again at 17 and he said he fell in love with her at first sight so is that 14 year old rose? If you gp by the 17 one then he was still 30 and targeted a young girl that had only known sexual abuse and had no strong male figure in her life she said that herself. I think pat saw an opportunity to have a young girl under his control and itsbjust my opinion but i think it's fairly obvious what has happened.

  44. So, If only Random Person Strickland didn’t have Twitter, or any random thoughts that he spouts off on any and ALL subjects, Rose would have won…

  45. Every championship caliber athlete should be able to leave their problems off the field/court/ring/octagon whatever. There are obvious exceptions like the death of a loved one (where even then some athletes put that aside for the moment) but someone accusing your groomer of grooming you should not be the excuse for why Rose not only lost that fight but had an atrocious performance that night.

  46. It surely couldn’t have been Barry’s encouragement to Rose that the boos meant she was winning. Not that.

  47. To be honest this is the first thing I thought of when she lost, there's been loads of talk about their relationship leading up to the fight, I wondered if she'd seen it.

  48. Strickland isn’t the first to bring up these allegations, just looking for an excuse cause Rose lost in an embarrassing and terrible way. Look in the mirror and realize you were shit in the UFC and are an even worse coach. There’s a reason you shouldn’t go into business with family and significant others

  49. she seems like somebody who is very self conscious, takes alot of what people say/think to heart, and likes to put on the act of being internally strong. If she did she wouldnt be walking out shouting Im the Best, and she would have stronger constitution with regards to what other people say about her.

  50. Always some bullshit excuse. She lost because she didn't want to engage and she wanted to Izzy her but she did less than her and she lost.

  51. Rose would be better off if this bum left her corner and never came back. Every time he opens his mouth I want to bash my head against a wall.

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