I stand behind Tracy Cortez. She has great assets to be an amazing fighter.

  1. Me 2 but I don’t see it. She’s decent at everything and not really amazing at one of the arts. Kinda joking but not really, all that rolling with T City, I hope she ups her jiu jutsu game

  2. Brian Ortega walks behind ya and says "why you lookin at my girl dog?" Then boom you're in a triangle thinking to yourself "oh that's why they call him t city" then your head turns purple he thinks he's got ya finished, little does he know you're actually volkanovzki and you don't get choked out and you slip out. How the turn tables.

  3. Bitch is way too hot to be getting paid peanuts by Dana to get punched in the face with long term brain damage

  4. I've refrained from shitting on her tattoos since learning it's a tattoo of her dead brother. He's responsible for getting her into an MMA gym and a big part of the reason she's a fighter. He passed due to cancer

  5. Dosent Skete Davidson have a tat of her too? Man what's wrong with people why they like Hillary Clinton so much.

  6. I watched the video because I was expecting something to happen like missing weight or something, then realized oh, it's just because she's hot.

  7. I had doubts about her before the Gatto fight. But she proved that she's legit with that win. Will be interesting to see who they give her next.

  8. I’m sorry? The caption to the photo was just me complimenting a female fighter. Go respond to the comments stating “RIP MY DICK” or “I wanna lick her but” Get off Reddit if you’re that sensitive

  9. Serious question why are looks so focused on with female fighters? They’re fighters. Yes shes very attractive but why does that always influence creepy comments about them with little to no focus on their skills as professional athletes?

  10. I frequently watch fights and basketball games with women (I have 4 sisters and a girlfriend). Rarely do the comments that come out of their mouth have anything to do with the match. It’s not hard to figure out.

  11. I know right? Like, I see these posts a lot and I’m just confused lol Imagine you’re an attractive girl who is a fighter and a bunch of weirdos on a forum app make sexual euphemisms about you despite having a gorgeous fiancé 😬 it’s okay to admire people you find attractive but reducing them to the same treatment ring girls get?? oh naw

  12. The fanbase gotta be like 90% male. Why do you think? I agree that threads made just to focus on her looks are a bit weird tho

  13. In her last fight she just decided I'm stronger than her, and Ive trained with Brian fucking Ortega I'm not getting subbed and went full send. Respect.

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