Who would’ve been dominant if the UFC was around in their prime

  1. That’s pretty insane to think about, especially when I think of how Jon jones is considered by some to be past it right now

  2. Looks like a straight up axe murderer too. Lankier than most elite wrestlers too. Can’t wait for Bo Nickal to make his run.

  3. I will forever think if Kurt Angle could have cut to 205 (he was 220 at the Olympics) then even without a striking game with the level of competition at the time he would have been UFC champion. Think Shamrock was the champion when weight classes got introduced in 97

  4. Kurt really wanted to do MMA but there was no money in it, he almost got signed to the UFC when it got bigger but they wanted him to quit wrestling and Kurt wanted to be loyal to TNA, kinda do half and half. It’s probably good it never happened then because he had a lotta injuries and I think he had that Perc Angle thing going.

  5. This. I thought this exactly. The guy was a beast of a wrestler. He manhandled Brock Lesbar backstage, granted WWE but still, the man could get anywhere on anyone and win.

  6. He was able to beat Lesnar in a shoot wrestling match they had in the ring hours before a show. This is just wrestling (real wrestling) but Angle said the skill level from an Olympic wrestler to an NCAA champion was big enough that he could pull a win off against the much bigger stronger Lesnar. Would have been interesting to see that skillset play out in the Octagon

  7. Wasn't there some story about him fighting an experienced grappler at a wrestling show.. now that I think about it, maybe I dreamt it. I'm going to Google it

  8. Can confirm as a history teacher. Lincoln only lost one wrestling match, and it was apparently very controversial.

  9. As an irishman, the things I'd do to watch maggy thatcher get thrown into a cage with a prime Valentina or Joanna.

  10. you might be kind of joking, but its well known a lot of those pro wrestlers were notorious bar brawlers. i dont know much about warriors past but im sure it involved a lot of cocaine. lol. two names that always get mentioned is bret hart and roddy piper.

  11. He definitely had a tremendous pain tolerance. I remember a match between him and Terry Funk, they beat hell outta each other. Match of course started in the ring, they fought out into the parking lot and somehow ended up back in the ring. I'm not the biggest fan of wrestling but that was fun to watch.

  12. Bruce would most likely cut to 135 since he was naturally around 148, no doubt with modern training Bruce would’ve been a top contender, I heard he was even starting to train different types of Jiu Jitsu before he died (I have no idea if that’s true though)

  13. Like others have said, lots of wrestlers, especially ones with a high ape index. A name that I'd bet no one will think of is Kendall Cross.

  14. That’s a solid suggestion. Havent heard that name since high school and that was from my coach bragging about coaching him at some point

  15. Alot of wrestlers are technique focused for obvious reasons. They are tough, sure, but it's not paramount to success in wrestling. Dave Schultz is said to be one of the meanest guys to ever do it. He wanted to break your neck with a cross face, he wanted to break ribs gut wrenching. His half was not to stop a bridge, it was to remove your head from your body.

  16. Read fox catcher. Dave Schultz mindset definitely could allow him to be champ. Way calmer then his brother Mark who dabbled with MMA.

  17. Danny Hodge, the man could crush an apple with one hand up until the day he died in his late 80's. So as an 88 year old man he had more grip strength than most UFC middleweights. Not to mention he was an Olympic silver medalist in freestyle wrestling, a 3 time NCAA D1 wrestling champ and a decent boxer.

  18. Id like to see him vs sean mcdermott. Dude was a beast of a wrestler in high school. Had over 100 wins in a wrestling state like Pennsylvania

  19. What’s so fun about mma is that we’re SO EARLY into the sports existence that we probably haven’t even seen our jordan yet. They probably won’t appear until the next decade honestly, it’s probably some 5 year old kid who’s hitting crazy shit for his age at his dads jiujitsu gym. Relative to other sports, Jon is like what Kareem was to his era. When we get our pure athlete obsessed with winning is when we’ll get to see what fighting really can be

  20. I always thought Russel Wilson would've been a cool prospect, amazing athlete (drafted to NFL and MLB), not a huge guy so he wouldn't go straight to heavyweight, great speed and footwork, and huge fucking hands for his size.

  21. I know it was around at the time but I think Kurt angle would have been a good legit fighter if he didn’t go the pro wrestling route

  22. Anyone with benjamin button disease, they would lose fights at first then get better and better.. by the time they were a little baby they would be kicking some serious ass..

  23. J'den Cox or really any olympic wrestlers above 77 kg. The athletic talent drop-off from 170lbs/77kg plus is for real. I think the athletic talent below 77kg is there.

  24. I know it's not quite in the spirit of the question but DC trained for a full Olympics cycle and didn't compete because his kidneys failed during the cut. 5 more years of kickboxing might have made him pretty dang scary and he would have had more cage time

  25. Lebron James lol he’s arguably the greatest pure athlete ever and was an Allstate wr who had offers to play at Norte dame as a sophomore in highschool. I say that to emphasize that he would probably be exceptional in just about any sport he set his mind to thanks to his natural gifts and dedication. There was even a chance he played in the NFL as a tight end during that one season where the nba had a lockout. Imagine Lebron sprinting across the cage and hitting someone with a flying knee masvidal style. Dude would cave in skulls

  26. This was my first thought. Greatest overall pure athlete in human history, factoring in his size. Plus, his dedication, and brilliance within his sport is legendary. If he had applied that toward MMA, he would be legendary. Plus, his reach would be TOUGH to deal with.

  27. Haku/Meng. There's tonnes of stories from many different sources about how that guy fucked up entire groups of people.

  28. Put Mike Tyson with a couple year of wrestling/bjj into 2000s mma and you have the scariest being to ever live

  29. Not a huge fan but I’ve always thought if Lebron James fought mma in his prime. He’s a freak athlete. I think he would excel in any sport. Has a winning mindset. He’s a 6’9 250lbs all muscle. Extremely explosive in his prime. If he went straight mma young I’ve always thought he’d be one hell of a force or possible champion.

  30. Lotta nfl players if they trained a martial art from a young age would’ve been champions I bet. I don’t for one minute think Greg Hardy disproves this theory. I’m talkin the JJ Watt, Aaron Donald, Myles Garrett, Saquon Barkley, Micah Parsons, Tyreke Hill, Antonio Brown type absolute freak athletes.

  31. Welterweight DC. He was already dominant during his run (being #2 to Jon Jones is no easy feat), but imagine what a lean, mean and powerful Cormier could do to the 170 and 185 divisions.

  32. Karelin’s always been my pick for these kind of questions. The guy was an absolutely terrifying wrestler, a freak of nature!

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