Why aren't we discussing a by-election in Tamworth...?

  1. There’s been talk of it, but coming off the back of a double by-election loss triggered by two MP’s who were forced to resign and a confidence vote , the government is dragging its feet on the matter.

  2. It’s not up to the government or the Conservative party. He’s had the whip removed, so ultimately he is now an independent MP and the choice to resign is his and his alone (which is also true if he hadn’t had the whip removed).

  3. My suspicion is that Johnson doesn’t want him to resign as an MP (regardless of what he says publicly) because he’s scared of another by-election.

  4. I've got to say I'm loving this. I left Tamworth 11 years ago but Pincher was already in his seat (since 2010) and I've kept a distant interest in local politics since then. He's such a slimey, sycophantic gravy train riding prick. I remember I tweeted something at him once about 10 years ago criticising a policy he was supporting and he tweeted back having read that I was a chef in my bio (it was my job at the time) saying "maybe you should stick to the kitchen". I'd mentioned that I was one of his constituents in the original tweet and that was his response. One of my pals worked as his intern for a few months during 6th form and our teachers (yes our teachers) used to ridicule him and call him Bum Pincher. That was over a decade ago.

  5. There have been several articles backing the theory that Johnson wants to avoid a by-election. It would be something if the Tories lost Tamworth as Pincher had a majority of nearly 20,000.

  6. I think there's probably also an element of 'you scratch my back' in that Pincher might have some stories to tell about Johnson if he was to turn on him.

  7. David Warburton is facing an investigation by the standards committee so he could end up subject to a recall. Not sure if the same is true of Pincher.

  8. There needs to be a written rule - it ought to be in the Ministerial Code - that ANY form of assault, however minor, must lead to immediate resignation/sacking and a by-election

  9. I don’t believe that anyone is disputing that these assaults took place. Process should be followed when there is disagreement, but it’s not in Pincher’s interests, or the interests of the government, to drag this through any sort of formal process.

  10. As one of his constituents I'd love nothing more than to join in with the by-election fun. That said, I'm still unsure whether we'd flip from Tory but I'll do my best.

  11. Until something is 'proven' they can weather it out a bit... Could be more damaging though. I'd assume he will resign as an MP by the end of the week.

  12. Well you answered your own question, because it's not in the ministerial code. MPs don't lose their seats automatically for any reason short of significant jail sentences. The only people who can do more are the voters in his seat who have the option of recalling him if they can organise it.

  13. The ministerial code is about ministers' conduct, not about MPs' conduct. A change in the ministerial code could make it so that a minister automatically lost their ministerial job as a result of something like this, but can't do anything about their status as an MP.

  14. Even if it was in the code, the prime minister is the one in charge of enforcing it and he clearly isn’t when it fits him.

  15. He has (finally) been sacked as a Tory mp. The conditions to be sacked as an MP are very specific (custodial sentences of a certain length and a recall referendum), for good reason, and he’s a long way from them.

  16. Think the short answer is actually 'Presumption of innocence'. When they are found guilty I'd agree with your suggestion.

  17. Prosecute him then. Meanwhile the Pincher row proves Boris Johnson is unfit to be prime minister

  18. The longer answer of allowing other facets of society (usually under the current governments control) to dictate who can even stand for election also is... questionable.

  19. I reckon The Tories (Boris tbh) know that there are a lot more rapists, sexual abusers, groomers and paedophiles in the party, and with the recent trend that sex crimes = resignation of MP and byelection, they and their media ccomplices are trying their best to change the precedent such that MPs can stay in place and just claim to be seeking help for their immorality.

  20. As far as I'm aware, the investigation is still on going, it would be unfair to sack someone for doing something if there isn't the evidence to prove something.

  21. He should resign but as you say this is the tories we’re talking about so party interest (not having another embarrassing bi-election defeat) trumps standards and decency.

  22. You mentioned that is a 'safe' Tory seat looking unsafe, but the real issue is that it was solidly for Labour throughout both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's time as PM. If Labour won a by-election there, then it would be a clear sign that they are going to win the next election, perhaps even with a large majority. So it is probably a mix of the impact a loss would have on the wider Tory party as well as the impact on Boris Johnson.

  23. I also don't see why we should allow a sexual abuser to make laws. It's likely those laws are going to eventually start becoming "let's allow sexual abuse".

  24. Using "mental health issues" as a justification/excuse for SA in this context is just awful too. It only serves to further stigmatise those suffering with MH illnesses (the vast majority of whom aren't groping people on a semi regular basis). It comes off as "Don't talk about me anymore, I'm just ill, not a pervert". Ick.

  25. Why aren’t we discussing the fact that Pincher, a sex pest and by his own admittance a serial sexual assaulter, isn’t being investigated by the police??

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