Tbilisi, Sakartvelo (Georgia). Singing Putin Huilo during the march today

  1. Ok thank u. I was worried these were pro ruzzies. All I saw was red and no blue and yellow and was like man, Georgia has got their hands full if there are pro ruzzies demonstrating like this.

  2. The Russians took part of the territory from them, mocking them. And despite all this, the Georgians did not close the borders for them. It is pleasing that at least the brightest z-patriots are turned away at the border.

  3. And you think all Russians have the same thinking process that coincides with Putin? There are a lot of Russians who protest this shit and have to escape to other countries in order not to be jailed. Georgia is one of these countries.

  4. Ай, грузины, порадовали. Вспомнились славные и полные энергии харьковские парни. Мадлоба (მადლობა)!!

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