[KyivIndependent] Russia offers citizenship to foreigners in exchange for enlisting in army. Russian authorities have been offering foreigners in Russia Russian citizenship in exchange for enlisting in the country’s armed forces, the General Staff reported on Jan. 16.

  1. You mean I can become the citizen of a medieval backwater AND get killed 16 seconds after arriving at the front? Not gonna lie, very tempting....

  2. Man, I just watched "K - 19 widowmaker" and it just confirmed that Russian army, supply chain, organisation of things was crap on unimaginable scale. Still is.

  3. This in conjunction with the animation they made for Central Africa, it Seems like they're trying to attract people from 3rd world Africa countries to bolster forces without doing another mobilization wave.

  4. It might be attractive to third world people. Russia does not like ethnic white Russians dying, but Africans will do just fine.

  5. who knows why all the putin lovers in the west haven't rushed to join in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

  6. Exactly, I hear from the Pootinista crowd that russia is a land of freedom, why aren't they lining up? If they are lucky they may even get laid for the first time... although they probably will find themselves on the receiving end.

  7. Yet another sign of Russian desperation, failure, and disrespect of their own armed forces. I doubt they get any "volunteers" of any consequence.

  8. wait you forget the 130 dollar per month pension i can look forward to enjoy when i turn 65 for a whole of two years before my vodka body is put into the ground.

  9. That is literally what the Freedom for Russia Legion is about. Fight for them, get Ukrainian citizenship (and be on the right side of history for once).

  10. Rumor has it that upon hearing the news, he run to the enlistment office, run out of breath, walked the rest of the way, but got stuck in the door. Seeing how fat he is, he was immediately offered a general rank. He will sign the papers after he catches breath and consumes his daily intake of a tub of lard.

  11. You have to be pretty desperate to have a 1 chance in 1000 to survive. Meaning, the ones who pick up the offer comes from places where you probably barely know how to read and write. Have fun trying to make an army with that.

  12. Lol….what an honour to become a citizen of that piece of shit country ….oh wait it gets better…..first i get to head to the front line with no training and see what the inside of my guts looks like right before i die. Sign me up.

  13. Shovel? Hold your horses, they ain't made of rubbles. Shovel goes only to the marksmen. You get a stick if you can find one.

  14. russia: Ukraine is using NATO mercenaries. Noooo you don’t understand it’s not the same when we do it they are volunteers who want to live in russia

  15. Remember that the whole surviving bunch of Wagner prisoners did fit in one medium room after first wave of mobilization.

  16. If you told me I had to choose, become a Russian citizen or put on shoes filled with cow shit and broken glass, I’d be walking away in severe pain and smelly as fuck thinking I got the better deal with a smirk of confidence as I go!

  17. Great opportunity for those that want to live as a crippled or be buried (maybe) as vet in a country that rewards 3 people and shits on everyone else….get real, lol.

  18. We determined that this submission originates from a credible source, but we still advise that users double check the facts and use common sense when consuming mass media. If you are interested in learning how to evaluate news sources more thoroughly, you can begin to learn about how to do that

  19. Who on earth after almost an entire year of an absolute s*itshow might ever want to join russian army in this war?

  20. Eh, much as we joke, 12 months ago for much of the world, getting a Russian passport was an upgrade on their existing one.

  21. Hmmmm as tempting as it might sound to be impressed into multiple human wave attacks…. I don’t think a passport has me convinced

  22. What? No. Way. You mean, not only would I get to be a citizen of a shithole country, but, I get to get sent to the front lines with convicts as well??? Sign me up!

  23. I’d rather eat my own fucking entrails, which is probably all I’d have to eat by the time this madness depletes Russia of its last few turnips.

  24. They have been very successful buying and poisoning conservative minds worldwide via facebook and twitter. I'm sure there are many applicants. /s

  25. Who would want Russian citizenship? Their passport will be useless for travel, and one will probably have become cannon-fodder before said useless passport even arrives in the post.

  26. Come to Ruzzia, live under a dictatorship, we’ll enlist you into the meat grinder and if you survive, we’ll make sure the rest of your life is horrible….

  27. idk, there appears to be a load of fucking retards in the world who seem to think Russia is on the right side of history, but they'd never renounce their citizenship for a russian one, wonder why?

  28. It’s the opposite of what wagner is doing. Wagner: “we’ll free you from prison if you fight for us.” russia: “we’ll offer you prison if you fight for us.”

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