North Korea blames US "hegemony policy" for the Ukraine war. Okay, Fuck these dudes like what they say matters.

  1. They literally talk shit just to half propaganda to broadcast internally. Literally no one outside cares.

  2. Us president should just tweet back “ok bro atleast we have a functioning economy and arnt the realife example of Animal Farm”

  3. North Korea is just jealous of Ukraine. We all love our buffer states, Ukraine between Russia, North Korea between China. They're just mad that if China ever tries this on them, nobody is coming to help.

  4. Whatever comes out of them is meaningless shit, just another parasite that has no value on the world stage. No one cares.

  5. USA did promise to protect Ukraine tho when they agreed to let go of their nuclear weapons. Obama didn't fulfil that promise when Russia entered Crimea. And the first impeachment of Trump was thanks to unlawfully withholding 400 million dollars worth of defensive military equipment because Ukraine refused to dig for dirt on Hunter Biden.

  6. I'm pretty left in the US and I'm not seeing this much. Maybe because I don't visit the political subs much, but no leftie I know is blaming the US and all of us are firmly supporting Ukraine.

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