This is huge.

  1. As a German I can assure you our entire population shares your hope. Note that just this day his political party (SPD) said they would kick him out, meaning he can't leech off of tax money anymore.

  2. USA / New York here- there is a lot of talk on the radio / TV here calling for the US government to allow NY to begin seizing the luxury apartments of Oligarch's in Manhattan. Hoping they do it!!

  3. Donate them to Ukraine. They deserve a block of luxury apartments in New York and a fleet of yachts.

  4. Yesterday the Netherlands voted for a proposal that stated that all seized Russian assets will be liquidated and the profits will be placed in a trust fund meant for the rebuilding of Ukraine.

  5. Good! Name the other oligarchs as well. They all deserve to be hung. Russian bastards are killing kids. I wasn’t angry at the Russian people, until today. Their soldiers are killing kids and women for no reason. I feel like, what more does it take, what more does Russia have to see to realize Putin must go! Must the world lay Russian low, for this to stop? The longer they wait, the more chances he has to use the unthinkable. Then it will be too late, your nation will be held accountable for its participation.

  6. Putin started rattling that saber weeks ago. It’s one of the excuses some governments and the pundits used to insist that he couldn’t possibly be serious, that he wasn’t planning an invasion.

  7. If your first threat don’t work… Cary on nothing to see. We as the world will destroy Putin and his cronies. We stand however we can with Ukraine 🇺🇦 Slava ukraini

  8. Get killed by those close who don't have a terminal illness and aren't prepared to lose everything over a madman. There is only one solution here, and that is an assassination of Putin. Let's remember who we are dealing with here... those propping up Putin aren't career businessmen or politicians used to civil negotiations, they are mobsters and thugs. A single well placed bullet solves a lot of problems for a lot of people.

  9. World not very impressed by first threat. Second threat just as empty. This is Putin, all talk. From his days as kgb attaché in Germany to now, he is all words. Show me one time he has kept his word? He thought taking Ukraine would be days, but see his army faltering. No fuel, breakdowns, desertion, food that went bad in 2015. His entire army is lies, his empire is based on lies. And now we topple his house of cards.

  10. Once this terrorists attack is over with the Ukraine is going to need to rebuild so the money from these terrorists are most likely going towards that.

  11. Take back all of their fucking property that they're holding in the US and UK, I'm tired of them buying up condos and leaving them fucking empty while there's so much homelessness. These fuckers shouldn't be allowed to own anything

  12. Yeah... But when you got these assets just because you were friends with a murderous dictator, you had to assume it wouldn't have lasted forever?

  13. The problem is that by seizing the assets, the russians dont have any reason to back down anymore. If you only freeze them, they have a reason to come to their senses

  14. The Oligarchs can re-make money, they will have other assets as a safety net stocked up somewhere that cant be touched, they remember the fall of the USSR.

  15. Seize and hold. Inform that the $$ will be used to repair damage Russia inflicts on Ukraine from the moment of seizure. Clock ticking. Every minute/hour/day that damage & death continues, more and more and more of the seized $$ will unfortunately (yeah, so sad) have to be deducted from the pool of seized funds.

  16. It's true but it shocks them too and makes them think their wealth is in a death spiral that can only be stopped by rapidly installing a new President who immediately stops hostilities

  17. I really wonder how this would have been handled had Trump been in office. Good on the Biden Whitehouse, and Western Europe for going the extra step. My only wish is for the military from NATO nations to play a larger role before this whole thing turns into a killing field.

  18. Those funds should be used to rebuild everything Russia has destroyed in Ukraine. And to compensate Ukrainian refugees for their losses, and to pay for medical care and rehabilitation of injured Ukrainians, and to pay damages to families of murdered Ukrainians. And that just for a start.

  19. Nuclear weapons and bombs are not the only weapons that can backfire. the US and the world are trying to avoid a backfire by not limiting Russia's energy exports. To me, this is a really scary line to walk for all countries involved.

  20. Then make sure these oligarchs, and any other putin cronies that the faster they remove him, the faster they get most of their shit back. Keep some if it to pay for the rebuilding of ukraine

  21. Americans - here’s a quick prompt to use the ResistBot to send letters to your congressional reps - text the phrase SIGN PAGKVV to 50409

  22. Take it all, sell it at auctions, donate to Ukrainian families and rebuild efforts. Or just families... Make the Russians pay to rebuild.

  23. I thought maybe extort these oligarchs to put a hit on him, by arresting their kids in europe and using them as leverage could work.

  24. After seizing them, they should be auctioned off and the proceeds donated towards the Ukrainian people.

  25. This is what the Romans did. Sulla created proscription lists. Anyone on the list could be murdered and their property auctioned. This is how Crassus became the richest Roman / buying cheap stuff. Caesar and Octavian and MA used this tactic also to find their wars.

  26. Well who else is going to pay for rebuilding an entirely destroyed country? And who will pay for the military pensions of remaining family of those who died defending their country?


  28. Finally, I said on day 1 that this should happen - freezing assets is like saying "we will still forgive afterwards", seizing assets means no way back.

  29. Freeze= its still yours but you can't use it. Seize = it does not belong to you anymore. If they didn't expect this they're probably shitting their pants

  30. Hell yeah. Take the assets and never return them. Let them cry about how unfair that is. Bonus round, sell them back to them at ten times their value, and distribute the funds to the victims of their collective war crimes as restitution.

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