The Ruble has tanked by 26% the past week despite the Moscow Exchange not opening

  1. These sanctions haven't been properly handled. The fact that it is only 70% of Russian banks included in the sanctions highlight the deals that had to be made to get some nations to agree to make this move.

  2. Putin’s vanity war is going to set the people of Russia back 40 years. The oligarchs hiding their money in crypto isn’t going to save them.

  3. Could you imagine how pissed he’d be (if he’s still alive) to see everyone buying up Russian property for $5?

  4. Amazing. I feel for the kids and anti war folks over there, but we need to starve the beast since putie is insane. There is a consensus in the West that he has gotta go.

  5. Stocks wont open until russia itself will take control over everything; if they would open then most of companies would go to penny stocks now.

  6. Once again, that's the official price. I've seen posts from Russia where the exchange rate was 150, 170, and even up to 250 rubles per dollar.

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