70 Japanese will volunteer to fight for Ukraine. 50 are former Self Defense Force's soldiers, at least 2 are from former French Legionaire.

  1. On the volunteer website, they suggest you bring your own uniform and protective gear. They will give you weapons and ammunition.

  2. The French Foreign legion do not fuck around: those are some real hardasses. If I were russian right about now'd be the moment I took the 5 million ruble lol

  3. Some may say what will 70 do against hundreds of thousands. But it's not about the numbers for these soldiers. It's a message to the world that Ukraine needs help. So instead of sitting in comfy chair, EU and US needs to get up and help Ukraine, PHYSICALLY

  4. Honestly im abit surprised we are still using humans as fire-power. Chinese have robots on borders and stuff and looking into micro chip tech for humans and gene editing. May be used for quicker response, healing etc

  5. Nothing has reverted. You might be overestimating what kind of robots the Chinese use at their borders, and microchips tech / gene editing are rather irrelevant to roboticise an army.

  6. Good luck. This is mostly an artillery battle, with very little gunplay. It's gonna come down to tanks and drones. That's what Zelensky needs most, a fleet of predators to wreck a convoy.

  7. i don't think they'd be able to operate predators but maybe someone can get some more Bayraktar TB2 drones to them, they seem to have been quite successful.

  8. In all fairness if I’m some Russian conscript and I hear “BONZAIIIII!” Be yelled I’m running in the opposite direction.

  9. Is a major newspaper in Japan quoting the Ukrainian Embassy in Japan not a good enough source of information?

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