The next 24-48 hours are going to be very difficult. Be there for each other.

  1. Russian Army is going to surrender. You wait. People firing the missiles are not in Ukraine. The rest are going to walk out. No gas food and plenty of mud

  2. please spare this subreddit for critical information so that ukranian people can get quick access to it. try to find other subreddits or discuss in the comments of critical news.

  3. Can I respectfully ask: if you want a subreddit to be available for “civil defense support”, why didn’t/don’t you create a subreddit entitled “urkraincivildefense”, ukrainehelp” or any other much more appropriate title than just plain “ukraine”? And as soon as it’s created, publish the link from here to there? Indeed, a subreddit entitled “ukraine” should be more generic in nature.

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