Will Zelenskiy be remembered like Churchill, Lincoln, Gandhi or Bolivar?

  1. Zelensky will be remembered as Zelensky, up there with those names mentioned. Equal in achievement, and therefore equal in stature.

  2. I've been discussing this a lot with my people. This entire thing is currently writing the mythology for our time. All the named heroes and villains are doing their deeds as we speak. We don't know them yet.

  3. He shares with Lincoln that he was, early in his life, an everyman. But Lincoln was dealing with different circumstances and was a fairly seasoned politician by the time he had to do so.

  4. Have you ever watched his TV show where he pretended to be president? In one of the episodes he has an imaginary conversation with Abraham Lincoln.

  5. Only time will tell if he'll be remembered as your listed figures, but he will certainly be somewhere up there, especially depending on the outcome of all this.

  6. I’ll be telling my son about him, as well as about all of the Brave Ukrainians traveling to safety and of those marching into danger in defense of their country when he’s old enough to understand all of this.

  7. Certainly not my intention, and whilst there are some comparisons to some of the names, that also wasn't my intention. Each deserves to be judged on their individual merits, but any list of any great leaders will feature their names, even if their circumstances and achievements were very different and not really comparable.

  8. For sure Churchill. He inspired his country to fight and beat the Nazis. This mean is legit inspiring the free world. I don’t think there has been anyone before him or will be after. His speeches are just beautiful, compassionate and awe inspiring. Slava Ukraini! 🇺🇸🇺🇦

  9. Yeah I think he will be and he should be, when his nation and even the world needed a leader he stood up and didn’t show fear in the face of what has to be absolutely terrifying to navigate and a huge burden to carry

  10. Hes going to be remembered as himself. A comedian, turned president, turned national hero and the man that brought ukraine to victory.

  11. Yeah I wasn't comparing their achievements, more their aura and ability to be remembered despite the passage of time.

  12. Two interesting points. Would his martyrdom elevate his status further? And what would be have to do to destroy the aura? Was this a man waiting for his time to shine or was he already delivering? These are questions I certainly don't have a credible answer to.

  13. History is written by the victors. His charisma has been sensational but there needs to be an end result to solidify him among the greats.

  14. Not always, sometimes the voices in the crowds are remembered for their heroic words that helped those around them survive that bit longer in what could be seen as insurmountable. It’s the fact he brings hope. Of course we all want Ukraine to win this but he will be remembered no matter what imo

  15. Gandhi and Lincoln were assassinated. Churchill was voted out of office. Venezuela is a Russian client state and a complete basket case.

  16. “Do not compare your material forces with those of the enemy. Spirit cannot be compared with matter. You are human beings, they are beasts. You are free, they are slaves. Fight, and you shall win. For God grants victory to perseverance.” – Bolivar

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