Ukraine Captures Krasukha E-Warfare System “Disguised With Tree Branches”. DoD/ CIA/NSA will giddily sell their first borns for this-WWII Enigma Machine Level Big. $Billions of Russian Secret R&D. Ukraine has a bargaining chip the size of El Dorado.

  1. It’s mostly propaganda - but it’s really nice to have it shutdown and removed from the field. There is no secret sauce to it - everything it does the US EW systems can do 100 times better.

  2. Well we could’ve just bought one when their defense contractors started selling them last year. This isn’t really a “get.” Good for the Ukrainians to neutralize, but they didn’t discover the enigma machine like the post would lead people to believe.

  3. Bunch of RCH missions over and back between Europe and the US so I’d even say the US has had this for a week or two

  4. I don't understand this. I'm vintage 1980s. The fucking russians were scary. They were always smart, deadly bad guys. KGB was darth vader. They took over half the US and Colorado teenagers fought em in the mountains. Some creepy goliath of a ruskie stuck a hot knife into Rambo's cheek. Ivan Drago said "If he dies, he dies"

  5. It's like the wiseguy mafiosos who used to run my local pizza eatery in Queens NY decided to start a war. "Ayo Vinny, make sure Tony hides the e-warfare system real good now."

  6. That must’ve been one very hasty egress. The fact they didn’t physically destroy it makes me question just how incredibly incompetent these dipshits really are.

  7. Their military is the laughing fucking stock. What an utter embarrassment. I wonder who ol vladdy is gonna push out a window replace for this

  8. they were in touch with the original photographer probably within hours of it hitting Reddit. The original topic vanished this afternoon. This all happened early this morning Probably 15 hours ago. My guess is they’ve already got a dedicated team on it and is probably already in Poland. Just the mention of anti-satellite capabilty is gonna make the west scramble to snag this as a high value target.

  9. They probably have stolen specs, they always like to play with the real thing though. You can tell a lot about industrial technology just by how things are put together too.

  10. I mean, russian defense contractors started exporting them last year so it isn’t exactly top secret R&D like everyone in this thread thinks. It’s just a radar jamming system. We have our own so we know how they work.

  11. Ukraine is basically the black market of stolen Russian equipment at the start of that James Bond movie with the media mogul (Pierce Brosnan era).

  12. I'm beginning to suspect that a decent amount of these "wtf are they doing?" incidents are the work of intentional noncompliance. A common thread of russian POW statements is one of them saying something like "We didn't want this. What we're doing is wrong. There are many who feel this way".

  13. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, independent Ukraine has long proven to be a valuable source of Soviet-designed hardware for the U.S. military and the U.S. Intelligence Community to pour over as part of so-called foreign materiel exploitation (FME) programs.

  14. A pour-over will is a legal document that ensures an individual's remaining assets will automatically transfer to a previously established trust upon their death.

  15. Why do I suspect, once most of it is embezzled, that "billions of dollars of russian secret r&d" generally results in technology on par with a Speak and Spell?

  16. Makes one wonder if western intel had it marked as an "interesting" signal source amd relayed it to the Ukrainians. Given the tech embargo this is potentially irreplaceable to the Russian side.

  17. Is it really such an intelligence goldmine? It's a high power jammer and jams systems that we already know about because they're ours? A jammer is not particularly cutting edge technology unless it has some additional function that's not mentioned here but it certainly doesn't appear so.

  18. Yes and no. Not a total motherload since it doesn't appear to have the emitters, yes for what the control section likely contains. OSINT indicates that the system is designed for jamming radars, specifically Synthetic Aperture Radars (satellites/JSTARS etc). I would hazard a guess that it probably has more capability than just this, such as jamming of self-guided missile radars and likely the radars found on almost every modern fighter jet.

  19. It's a jammer that's specifically intended to counter our technologies. One of the key pieces of russia's electronic warfare arsenal. If we can figure out how it works, we just caused every penny and man hour russia spent on it to be worthless.

  20. Russia's EW capabilities...and key here is capabilities with goos training and practices..are pretty solid allegededly. Also, seeing how their various EW platforms are specifically crafted gives us potentially methods to beat them.

  21. Every single day they're in Ukraine the Russian military looks more incompetent and gives away more secrets. Russia grows weaker as Ukraine grows stronger.

  22. Tell the Ukrainian Farmers that if they get these to the border intact, they can get a new John Deere tractor for life subscription, with AppleCare+. Even toss in a custom yellow and blue paint job, with a “hey Russian warship…” insignia. Engine modes to allow it to run on straight vodka. And a “Valet tank parking here -> “ bumper sticker.

  23. I guess I wasn’t the only person who has been wondering/hoping that these Ukrainian Deeres keep working? That Deere right to work bullshit could shut them down and that’s the last thing these guys need right now.

  24. I’d say based on how the electronic warfare component of this conflict has gone so far, US/NATO already has the cheat codes. It’s no accident that Russia’s had no communications, and doesn’t seem to know where to drop their bombs. Whereas Ukraine’s and information systems have remained up and running since Day 1, and they somehow seem to know exactly where the enemy is at all times. That doesn’t just happen.

  25. Why is this being reported. This is to Ukraine what the enigma codes were to the allies. This should have been buried deeper than your grandma's cooch until it was off Ukrainian soil.

  26. I imagine there's a delay in what has been captured and what has been reported in the news. I imagine this is already out of the country or NATO already knows about it.

  27. What? You don't think the Russians noticed they lost radar jamming in Kyiv? Their troops lack motivation. They are not all stupid.

  28. On a previous thread about this someone explained it as a sophisticated jammer designed to confuse enemy radar, communications, and navigation.

  29. As I understand it, it’s a Russian electronic warfare unit. It’s designed to mess with drone communications, missile guidance, plane guidance etc. it’s meant to be state of the art Russian military hardware that they dumped billions in R&D (USD) into.

  30. You know how the Americans love their fancy AWACs planes with the big radars ? And how they use drones ? And surveillience satellites ? And communication satellites.

  31. Its an electronic warfare system containing the latest Russian technology , essentially its for screwing up communication, gps, satellite's, long range plane sensors, blocking drone signals ect.

  32. If it's existence is being reported here then there's already one in a warehouse next to the arc of the covenant.

  33. This equipment being so vulnerable proves that Russia thought they could take Ukraine in 2 weeks, and they didn't think it would be an issue to leave sensitive equipment laying around. Fail.

  34. It seems it was a part of that 40 km line of vehicles that was outside Kyiv. With so many vehicles around it, should have been well protected. Ukrainian forces made some impress counteroffensives today.

  35. This is further proof that the Russians are disorganized and had no plan to actually face opposition to their invasion.

  36. I think Ukraine would be wise to get this to the border as quickly as possible and simply gift it to the United States.

  37. Maybe this is a stupid question but is military gear not equipped with gps trackers? I guess I can see this could go both ways for security. Could be located by the enemy or team.

  38. I knew the US seriously wanted this when all the original posts about it this morning disappeared. I’m not talking about topic locked or deleted. It’s like the 2 main posts with photos of it never existed. The original post was a series of about 6-7 photographs of captured vehicles and that container. All of our comments about it in our comment history vanished too.

  39. tbh bases on the showed corruption and level of the russian army the us has probably already got that thing with serialnumber 1-10 befor the regular forces got theres

  40. This is rather baffling. Surely the soldiers abandoning it would have destroyed it as they went. Or are they really that demoralized?

  41. The US conveniently told them to look under that square shaped tree from the satellite feed.

  42. This thing isn't staying in Ukraine for more than 48 hours. This is gonna be on a ship pretty soon and getting a special escort back to the US. CIA/NSA etc. Already wanking it at the thought of getting a prestine system like this to reverse engineer.

  43. Okay, calm down. It's not some insane unknown tech, that system just affects the electromagnetic spectrum in ways humans have been aware of for a century.

  44. I think Ukraine should just give it to the west. Russia probably assumed all info was given to the west anyway. So they won't give anything for it.

  45. This isn’t something the Ukrainians should be boasting about or publicising for operational reasons, because until now, the Russians probably weren’t even aware that it was missing.

  46. This information generally is hours if not a day or two behind more than likely this has already been moved or destroyed if they weren't able to move it. The CIA In Ukraine most likely is waiting on it already.

  47. I wouldn't bet on that. If the US had intelligence of the invasion months before it actually happening then I doubt that they don't have the plans/blueprints for this technology already (through espionage sources).

  48. Then wht the fuck are you publishing it online for everyone to see and with a picture... Jfc are you aware how fucked you are if you and your squad not leave? Keep military infos Secrets! Anyone can see and read these. Ofc Russian intelligence can and will i mean duh!?

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