Russian military leader admits war has failed on live TV as Putin's grip on army unravels

  1. This far in the soldiers stationed in ukraine stole enough phones to be able to freely communicate with friends and family in russia, there an exodus of russians. It's fair to say the common russian knows how it is going and while some still swallow the propaganda it is probably common knowledge. And he is just saying nothing too controversial. Even the host of the show stayed silent.

  2. I watch closely some Russians channels and it's all cracking everywhere. It's a sight to see. Good!

  3. I know they won’t learn but they should take in consideration it’s 2022 not 1932, some people will not care to change and people have evolved to more of a group effort and understanding to make it a team effort instead of a I need to rule the world effort.

  4. For context, the express is the resident delusional tabloid for geriatic conservative losers in Britain. Whether or not they ever report facts in a useful way, you shouldn't ever bother reading it.

  5. I hope this is the beginning of the end, but this could also mean they are shifting their narrative a bit to blame the west for them losing. I watched a video last night that shared what to me was a scary scenario - drafting men under 50 to join this war. Gawd, I hope I’m wrong. I don’t trust anything that Russia media does as “good”, it’s all part of a strategy to make the Russian believe in whatever their next objective is.

  6. Hello OP, while we acknowledge that this war has had far-reaching consequences for individuals living in and adjacent to Ukraine, we want to re-affirm that the purpose of this community is to give space for, and amplify Ukrainian voices. For this reason, the mod team will be using their judgement when moderating content that focuses on discomfort or suffering of Russians in Russia or the suffering of individuals in other nations. Feel free to post it on a sub that specifically focuses on foreign politics instead, so that your content does not distract from the Ukrainian narrative in this conflict.

  7. Mods need to ban, its a bottom feeding tabloid that has been a constant source of misinfo for all of the gullible fools on this reddit.

  8. it is interesting no Russian leader has failed in a war and kept power they have all been replaced typically months after. So yes Putin based on history should be worried.

  9. No No, the war hasnt failed! It has successfully denazified the russian military. Oh wait, who were we supposed to denazify again?

  10. Maybe i understood it wrong, but did he really said at the end that Russia's fear of an invasion from Ukraine is totally justified just for the fact that Ukraine army is being able to counter theirs? What a non-sense if true

  11. Nice to see cracks forming but I hate when news tries to be vague and over state the importance of someone. It's like calling everybody 'experts'.

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