Pentagon on American unmanned coastal defence vessels being sent to Ukraine: “I’m not going to promise you a newsletter, but I can promise that this deadly thing will work.’”

  1. They would run on the same positioning systems as uav's. Either preprogrammed way points or real time control remotely. If we've been developing these like we have our uav's whoo boy.

  2. The US has a ton of those in active operation already, it's pretty crazy. The ones I'm aware of are mostly for reconnaissance, but I'm sure there are weaponized ones too.

  3. What US is showing that when it comes to autonomous or AI based warfare, they maybe 20 years ahead or more. This make perfect since because of the all volunteer army and population sensitivity to war casualties. Also this make sense for the country that popularized the internet.

  4. imagine if usa sends the submarine hunter drone ship ...... imagine ukraine getting a direct hit on a nuclear sub... i doubt usa sends it but it would be great

  5. Now make it stealthy, and silent, and strap a big ass torpedo to it and say goodbye to everything in Sevastopol harbor.

  6. Remember this is war. Maybe this thing is useless as hell and the US is throwing in a ton of useless shits just for distraction while the real toy is being deployed somewhere.

  7. If armed with the appropriate equipment for hunting subs(which I believe they can be?) this is a golden opportunity for the U.S. to remove much of russias nuclear launch capability. On behalf of the rest of the world, please do.

  8. Just sending some nice friendly unmanned tour guides to them! The highlight of the tour is at the very bottom of the sea. Aren’t we generous?!?

  9. "An anonymous senior US Department of Defense official declined to say more about the system, but said some Ukrainian servicemen have already been trained to use it."

  10. Yeah I've been one of those complaining before but this is honestly the first time in my life its really been used doing something I really care about. I'm glad it's saving lives.

  11. The difference is we wage war to defend democracy and human rights. Russia wages war to support dictatorships and subjugation

  12. It is not the USA. It is the MIC and it is an emergent phenomenon. Got old rusting Russian weapons? Start a war. Make good on that investment. Sell a billion dollars in stealth planes to Germany. Eu is now back in the defense game. Huge profit motive.

  13. Bro, you are far enough with the weapons, take a deep breath and figure out your healthcare, student debt and drug epidemic/homeless problem. It’s ok, we will wait for you 😘

  14. Combine our fearsome weapons with stuff like January 6th and then be scared. Imagine Trumpers using autonomous drones to hunt down American civilians for being "far left radical communists".

  15. The US is the “old money” equivalent of military technology. No bragging, no parades, no displays, but everyone just ‘knows’.

  16. I started thinking this when the ghost drones and switch blades started showing up. There is no telling what else we have that we don't know about. Honestly, this is the first I am hearing of drone boats ffs.

  17. I just went into this rabbit hole of modern weapons, who is giving Ukraine what, what they do etc. And shortly holy fucking shit modern warfare is scary.

  18. There was a rumor back when I was in the service that there is a bunker complex somewhere in the Southwest full of the really scary shit (non-nuclear), just a phone call away to get it deployed.

  19. Like, I seriously think that whole Navy and UFO thing was us trying to cover up something ... something really fast and dangerous. I didn't even know we had sub drones. When I discharged, we were using GPS systems that were the size of the old radios.

  20. Fun fact: our already scary as shit F22 fighter jets have some special advanced capabilities that we’ve never allowed the pilots to use within view of outsiders. They’ll come out when we actually have an enemy who can play for real. It won’t last long.

  21. Nah. I worked for a government entity with a cool sounding acronym. A lot of money is spent on how to solve problem x. Ten different answers will come forward as most feasible. All will be developed and tested. One will be selected. The other 9 will be recycled into the system to see if they can fit another requirement somewhere.

  22. This war is really the first "war of drones". To be compared with the use of aviation in WW1, which started with mostly scouting and observation, and evolved to dogfight and bombing. A huge change in tactics is certainly underway in Ukraine.

  23. I think my dad, who was a steely-eyed missile man, contributed to another lesser, but still important change in military aviation. I was born in the Mojave Desert because he and his crew needed lots of room to test the Regulus missile, one of the earliest and most effective guided missiles. Yes, we live in the shadow of nuclear annihilation because of my father's work. Thanks, Dad!

  24. Bayraktar saw combat use in the Azerbaijan vs Armenia conflict a few years ago. It was the writing on the wall for things to come as Armenia did not have much in the way of drone tech and Azerbaijan did thanks to their support from turkey. Armenia's forces in the conflict got fucked.

  25. Yeah, it's been building for awhile, but this has certainly cemented it. Going to lead to shifts from countries that produce oil to countries that produce the metals needed for the panoply of drones we're going to start seeing.

  26. same! like US been waiting for this moment to show their new toys lmao. I love this country, even if we fucking suck sometimes, but at least we can help people in need. fuck you pootin’ dog water leadership.

  27. Had them for a while. There's a ton of money going into that space and it's not very well publicized, that's why you probably haven't heard of them. The programs are simultaneously fresh out of the oven and yet rather mature.

  28. Excuse me for the offtopic, not a native speaker here - What does “I’m not going to promise you a newsletter” mean?

  29. No worries. It isnt a normal colloquial phrase. He meant that he isn't going to give a lot of information or details

  30. He is making fun of the reporters expecting all the details and saying they are not going to get their own publication sent to them of classified details.

  31. Not a common phrase at all. So you haven't missed much. But newsletters are what organisations use to keep customers updated on what they're doing. He's saying don't expect to be kept up to date on what's happening with the boats.

  32. Anti-submarine probably makes the most sense here, even if it's just to scare Russia and not allow them free reign with their subs.

  33. Works for Russia. They will just claim they are MIA, so they don’t have to pay out families. Win for Ukraine, win for Putin.

  34. I was thinking the same. Now the orks are using subs for coastal missile attacks it would make a lot of sense if these were anti-sub capable.

  35. I remember in 2001 my uncle, a NORAD guy, said they could legitimately send a scud missile down someone’s shirt pocket on a dock in real time. Russia can drive for show… but the US of A putts for dough

  36. I’m so fucking done with “nation-building”, but throwing our weight behind Ukraine feels like such a redemption arch.

  37. Yes. Yes we are. And this is just the stuff we’re willing to write off if the Russians get their hands on it. Think about that.

  38. I’m going to protect my mental health and peace of mind by not going down the rabbithole of researching modern weapons, but I’m just gonna make sure my officials know I wholeheartedly support making sure Ukraine is sent only shit that ranks a solid 7/10 or higher on the “holy fuck that’s cool” scale.

  39. There is telemetry between the drone and the controler if it is a piloted flight. By capturing a uav it might be possible to pull a log and figure out where the controller signal was coming from. But not who was actually operating it.

  40. People have brought this up and the closest thing we have to an "answer" is: Nothing practically, but the risk of political backlash if discovered makes it unlikely.

  41. My one hope for this war is that very soon, the Ukrainians are given the weapons systems and training on those systems that it will take to speedily win the war. A long war is bad for its own sake, but in this war, the global stakes are much higher. The shorter the time Putin can commit war crimes and break nuclear/chemical weapons taboos, the better.

  42. One thing we are all failing to realize is that we would NOT be giving all this stuff to Ukraine if we didn't think their military able and capable of using it efficiently. Our CIA worked with Ukrainian Special Forces starting in 2014 and they were hella impressed and pretty much, from what I read, gave Ukraine all the training they needed and then a shit ton more! I believe the quote was, "They have a Special Forces capable of forming a strong backbone for the rest of their military." Putin fucked around and he is finding the fuck out!!!

  43. I would be terrified right now in a Russian submarine. I would be doing anything to get the hell off

  44. This tech has bern in the works for some time. Can you imagine these drones packing a pair of torps or SSMs?

  45. My guess is this is some high tier stuff, mostly for surveillance BUT also loaded with a ton of explosives and some kill switches to fry electronics so the tech doesn't fall into russian hands.

  46. WaPo says US bought them for Afghanistan. Then they were conveniently away for maintenance when Afghanistan became Talibanistan. Extra conveniently, five of them were getting their maintenance done in Ukraine.

  47. Coupled with the ukrainian force’s high success rate (as noted with record breaking javelin successes), I’d say, they’re deadly. Slava Ukraini

  48. I suspect, we're not wasting our time building drones for just surface coastal defence. We usually want multi mission...

  49. In the late 19th century and through the early 20th century, the world's battleships had only one feared enemy. That was the 'Torpedo Boat', a lightly armored fast, "Speed boat". The could outrace and outmaneuver any other craft in the fleet. Generally, she carried only one weapon of note, a heavy torpedo. Like some nautical version of the cavalry, these boats would line up such a way to all but guarantee a strike. Punching well a over her weight, these Torpedo Boats would strike such fear as to affect critical battles even without being used. The only counter to such a weapon would be one, the 'Torpedo Boat Destroyer', later known as, a 'Destroyer'.

  50. I firmly believe there’s a 90%+ will of old school American military brass that have dreamed of a day to show how these weapons beat Russia’s ass.

  51. What's the point of Switchblades against a boat? Why not send a Harpoon in a tube, or just load one with a Mk48 warhead?

  52. Only the straight is closed, these look like little boats that can travel by plane and train and truck to be delivered from a neighbouring land.

  53. This will cripple the Black Sea fleet. No wonder ruzzians feel the world is against them… bc of its behaviour it is?

  54. Maybe they can load some of these with ammo, food, water, and medicine and pilot it into the steel factory in Mariupol for a few runs.

  55. Do you guys think they could be using some kind of bad ass unmanned submarine ship killer drone??? That’s kinda what I think they might be using among other types of ships.

  56. Instead of taking forever to train Ukrainian soldiers, Americans can just operate these things remotely and no one would know, right? ;)

  57. US Navy loses an in a "fleet problem" to a bunch of suicide motor boats, then goes makes a bunch of suicide motor boats.

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