Peter Brookes’s Times cartoon

  1. Can’t believe they’re still threatening their neighbors who want to join a defense organization. I’m seriously looking forward to Russia collapsing over the next 20 years. Russia truly is a buffoon of a country.

  2. Russia's actions in Georgia and Ukraine have made it quite clear what happens to neighbours that are not in defensive pacts.

  3. Russias history is an endless series of painstakingly building up military power and then acting like assholes for a while before pissing it all away on a big war. Then, convinced everyone else is to blame, they start the buildup again.

  4. I'm not, because it means all of the anti Putin Russians are stuck with that waste of carbon. They have and are showing what they think of him.

  5. I'm still trying to wrap my head around them complaining this violates prior made agreements.. while they bomb Ukraine, a country they made an agreement to not invade in return for giving up nukes.

  6. That was so well put, the only reason NATO has grown is because of Russian Behavior. They get all worked up about NATO, but NATO has never invaded any country, for its own gains. In the last 20 years how many countries has Russia invaded?

  7. 20? With crippled trade and plans to eliminate most of their fossil fuel revenue over the next decade, things are going to be very miserable over there. We're only 3 months in, and most of the problems they're already facing are only going to get worse as the various layers and interconnects drain their buffers and lose any slack. Shortfalls beget more shortfalls down the line but might take weeks or months to catch up to their new reality. And not only are they stuck with these issues for a long time, but a lot of businesses need a minimal amount of throughput or they fail; this lowers total capacity of their systems, even if everything was turned back on, it would take years to return.

  8. I’m pretty sure I could present a descent argument as to why they could legitimately feel threatened by this development if you care to discuss.

  9. That deere looks like a 7R or 8R with a 6020 cab front and roof and custom cab sides (the closest to that would have been the 3100-3400/Renault Ceres doors.)

  10. Looks like a f*cked t-44 hull with a Tiger II turret with Kontakt plastered all over it and an exhaust pipe for a barrel. Which is an odd combo because those are WWII tanks from opposing sides

  11. I noticed the bloody hand as well, but is it from all the innocent people he’s killed or the cancer swimming in his blood?

  12. Viual representation of the common English idiom, "he has blood on his hands" to refer to the fact that Putin is the ultimate culprit for all the people who have died in this war.

  13. Based on what we've seen of the Russian military in Ukraine, I have to wonder what the rest of the world has been so afraid of all these years. Nukes, I guess. Certainly not the "regular" Army.

  14. This is the most ilarious thing to me, like dude being a nuclear and military superpower you ar getting fucked by a small nation and its civilians that are not even trained, and you pretend to threaten the rest of the world? my gosh, this guy lives in a jar

  15. Round 3. Winter War and Continuation War. We don't talk enough about the Continuation war. We see it as black mark on our history, but it is important to learn from it...

  16. "Soviet power is a myth. Great show. There are no spare parts. Nothing is working, nothing, it's nothing but painted rust. But you, you need to keep the Russian myth alive to maintain your military industrial complex. Your system depends on Russian being perceived as a mortal threat. It's not a threat. It was never a threat. It will never be a threat. It's a rotted, bloated cow." - The Good Shepherd

  17. Russia is now saying that it means nothing aggressive against Finland at all and the electrical problems are totally just accidents and so on.

  18. St. Petersburg is already closer to NATO than Moscow. It's right next to Estonia, a NATO country. The Baltic states are often an afterthought when it comes to NATO because it was always thought by all sides that Russia would roll over them so quickly that there was nothing NATO could do about it in the short term.

  19. This cartoon has the same problem as with most 'tank-vs-tractor' cartoons: the smoke from the tank should bend the other way; now it looks like the tank is dragging the tractor!

  20. Don't worry Russia, you've got your good friends in Turkey who will keep Finland and Sweden out of NATO for you.

  21. Whatever you do, do not make a deal if Boris Johnson is involved, because a week later he'll say its a terrible deal and has no choice but to scrap it

  22. I think Finland should seize this moment and take back the lost part of Karelen that they lost during the winterwar!

  23. I hope he remembers Finland alone defeated the Soviet Union, not just Russia alone, if Russia attack Finland it will be without the soviet union, and it will be with NATO backing Finland Russia stands no chance.

  24. Im nervous about the possibility of them using a nuke or something, but based on everything else in their military are we sure if their nukes even work?

  25. Why is a voice in the back of my head saying we have a go to war for and with relationship when it comes to Finland and noway? Russia threatened us we responded with giving ukraine more money than we give to NATO.

  26. The disabled tractors are just the ones the Russians stole. The ones still owned by Ukrainians work just fine.

  27. I love it....right now the USA and Russia are the two biggest jokes on this planet....nobody is frightened from those two anymore....and you can see that it bothers both of them....hahaha.

  28. The arms the US are supplying Ukraine are, in part, the thing making Russia look like a big joke. Not sure how you've arrived at your silly conclusion.

  29. I love this type of propaganda, Ukraine is defeating Russia with farmers on tractors, that's fucking awesome!!! Guess they don't need 40 billion dollars. Now the u.s. can use those 40 billion to help it's own citizens!..... Lololololol.

  30. Normies keep laughing at these boomer cartoons until ya boy Vladimir pushes the red big button. Let's see who's gonna be laughing then. And don't start with the "nuclear weapons would be suicide" retarded statements. You cant have your cake by saying Putin is clinically insane for the last years and then eat it too by claiming that any of his potential actions would be rationally explainable.

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