McConnell Says Ukraine Aid Package Should Pass on Wednesday, Calls Out Anti-Ukraine Republicans and Urges Biden to Designate Russia as State Sponsor of Terrorism

  1. Now you have Democrat leader Pelosi and Republican leader McConnell both calling for Russia to be on the state sponsor for terrorism. I believe it's actually gonna happen and oh boy when it does.

  2. Who knew only Putin could unite them lol 😂😂 he united a lot of folks for attacking Ukraine. Muslims, Jews,Christians i bet some Buddhist are also there fighting. So many volunteer fighters from Countries that don’t see eye to eye too.

  3. Not really. The aid is spent on US products and services. It's not like the US gov't deposits $40Billion in an account and Ukraine can buy weapons with it from Germany, the UK, etc... The money goes to the US Military-Industrial complex.

  4. Safe to assume it's a politics thing with him, Russia's so toxic it's hurting the GOP for the midterm, so it's time to change course.

  5. No, he's playing how he always had. He will turn tables around the absolute moment that it will benefit him. He was called moscow mitch because that was likely who was paying him off at one point in time. Even if not, things lined up for him at that point, and so did trump. Soon as it was beneficial to ditch, he does.

  6. Mid terms are a few months away; the Republicans are trying as hard as they can to save face after so many Republicans supported Putin in the first 48 hours of the invasion.

  7. I think that - much like Boris Johnson in the UK - he is desperately backpedalling away from his Russian contacts now they've become a PR disaster.

  8. Not state sponsor of terrorism. It’s a straight terrorist state. They don’t sponsor anything anymore. That shipped has sail when they went for full scale invasion

  9. It helps to have memory beyond a goldfish of him being called Moscow Mitch. Leopards don't change their spots, he's only doing this to avoid being associated with Russia.

  10. He's realized that not being all in on Ukraine is political poison, so he's bailing as fast as he can.

  11. Yeah, I think he was appalled by many of the actions of Trump, and despised that he had to lick his boots to stay in favor of his party and now is using this as an opportunity to further cleave that branch of the GOP from "his" branch. The amount he cares about Ukraine, or even for the US, is zero except in terms of his own political capital.

  12. It’s pretty appalling to see everyone clapping for him knowing he’s only doing this for his own gain. Like he didn’t change, he knows his nickname and who’s in his party. He will go back to same ol Moscow Mitch in no time.

  13. I'm so glad that the Republican Party has not gone down the "Putin is a genius, I trust him over the FBI" route that Trump propagated.

  14. The US government is full of Russian agents. Especially since the Supreme Court made dark money in politics OK. Guess the dark money is running low

  15. I’m a Republican and I don’t fucking get all this “not our problem”, “let’s spend money on other stuff” bullshit from some conservatives. I want to strangle some folk sometimes.

  16. Regan would be ashamed if he saw some of the conservatives today. Regan was right to call Russia an evil empire in 83, they were evil when Bernie Sanders honeymooned there in 88, and they still are today.

  17. I'm in shock. I was beginning to believe that bipartisanship was dead and gone. I'm thrilled, I just never thought I'd ever see this again. Now, if we can just get the parties working together again for the sake of the country, we just might have a chance at true democracy again. The Republicans need to start getting some in their party to start acting decent and like adults and get rid of oompaloompa and the cult maybe our whole country might come together again. It's probably wishful thinking but I can dream can't I? Well, whatever President Zelenskyy did he needs to come to Washington DC when the war is won and work some of that magic on the rest of our congress.

  18. Lets be clear, mitch has been and will happily be a russian asset if he sees it as a way to stay in or regain power.

  19. Mitch must be sick, he has been pro orange Julius I wonder what changed? I'm just happy he is going to get Ukraine the support, I still despise him.

  20. Mitch has always cared only about winning - every move he makes is calculated agaisnt whether or not it helps him to win, or helps Republicans to win.

  21. McConnell is merely a vapid opportunist, its not like he has some sort of legitimate loyalty to Russia. This situation has offered him the perfect escape opportunity to sweep all those questionable/compromising connections under the rug.

  22. To get close to Zelensky, obviously. He can say where he was, how many people around him, etc. Hopefully the Ukrainians kept him in a shitty hotel room and met him somewhere they'll never go again for any photo op or meeting.

  23. What fresh hell is this? McConnell saying and doing the right thing? Something I agree with? Is it the end of days?

  24. Lone voices? I doubt Zelenskyy forgot that nearly the entire GOP voted that Trump did nothing wrong by holding up aid in order to extort Ukraine. Nor that their party was responsible for pushing the narrative that Ukraine and not Russia interfered with the 2016 election.

  25. I think part of the explanation is probably that a lot of Republicans are old-fashioned hawks. This war feels good for them. And that supporting Ukraine in this war is popular feels even better. However, where my doubt comes in is in terms of how much support there is among Republicans. Then again, if anyone can manage Republicans it's McConnell.

  26. Paul should understand the Maths, by eliminating Russian gear across Europe the world can squeeze out ALL Russian equipment. Then its European equipment and no money for Russian. Also you get a good earnings stream in future and are all on the same gear.

  27. MM coffers must be running low. The bastard ( that's the nicest word I could think of) has gots no teeth! I guess better late than never. But make no mistake this inst about helping people. Trump will likely invite him to Mar-a-Lago and the next day he will be back to screwing people over. But that's just what I think, I'm a optimistic person.

  28. I do not like this man at all. I'm glad he supports backing a WAR but wish he would support his own country in moving forward and the people living in it.

  29. Don't get complacent. These are the same people that tried to overturn the election and wanted the guy who withheld aid for favors. This is a calculated political move and let's just keep it at that. They had the smallest amount of sense to be on the right side of history for once, let's not pretend their "back to normal"

  30. No here's the problem they have really good data on public opinion because they have no problem harvesting social media. The war is immensely popular therefore they are going to ride it for the next election and try to steal some of Biden and the Democrats Thunder. As a Canadian I don't give a shit as long as Ukraine gets all the fucking money and weapons they want.

  31. Then they no longer fear /bow to Putin, which indicates that they know he is finished, no longer in power. Because the GOP are completely corrupt fascists now. They do not even bother to hide it. They are going to overthrow democracy.

  32. Nearly 100% of Democrats are supporting Ukraine and 50% of Republicans. He is very calculating, and knows that this is a good opportunity to get some conservatives that now vote Democrat back. Trump is a dead end for the party.

  33. While I despise Moscow Mitch, I do agree Russia needs to be labeled a state sponsor of terrorism. I really hope it happens.

  34. McConnell finally saying something important. But where was this talk when they were attempting to influence US elections?

  35. McConnell trying to save face after supporting a Russia-loving traitor who tried to sell Ukraine down the river a few years ago.

  36. If the US designated Russia as state sponsored terrorism then there goes half the republican party for aiding domestic terrorists, unless that's what McConnell wants

  37. Good to see some of the worst most evil sacks of shit my country has to offer actually do something for once. Though I wonder about this trip. Seems calculated to offset the rand Paul thing. This didn't really accomplish anything very useful

  38. I hope someone told Zelensky that you can’t trust a word Moscow Mitch says. If he decides something is better for him personally he will have No qualms screwing over Ukraine. His history is clear on that no matter WHAT he says.

  39. I too wondered and also hope that someone close to President Zelensky told him that despite this calculated act by Mitch, to never ever trust always keep his guard up around him. Never trust a narcissistic sociopath who worships the all-might dollar.

  40. Moscow mitch trying to turn over a new leaf and save some face with upcoming mid terms etc. Its a play but whatever, it helps Ukraine so i don't care why he's doing it, its the right thing to do.

  41. I hate that i have to agree with Mitch “Snapping Turtle” McConnell… But I gotta thank him for actually agreeing. Makes sense though, man’s got a hard on for Killing Russians… or pretty much anyone that he deems a threat to the American Empire.

  42. The turtle finally shows some humanity. Don’t kid yourselves, there’s something in it for him. He’s shown the world who he is since the Republican’s failed insurrection.

  43. Yeah? And what would McConnell say if Trump was to run and win in 2024? Don't trust this turtle or the cancerous party of his. McConnell was the one who let the entire republican party fall to lying, conman, thief. All so we could get a couple judges and slowly destroy the US. Don't let this one right thing to do change the fact McConnell is a white supremacist asshole who wants to destroy democracy in favor of a forever Republican America that worked in direct conjecture with Putin who attempted to destroy Ukraine if they didn't give them

  44. Haha I think Putin's cheque is starting to bounce if Moscow Mitch is starting to say this. Too bad Kentucky is deep in Russia's pocket. Im looking at you Rand Paul.

  45. This is not McConnell suddenly doing the right thing. This is cold and calculated for election purposes. he is trying to paint Biden as not doing enough even though a Senator, from his state, delayed the aid package. McConnell couldn't give a shit. this is just PR.

  46. McConnell not being a Russian asset is literally more surprising to me than the notion Ukraine would ultimately win day one was to most westerners.

  47. Moscow Mitch may be summoned for an urgent 'please explain' from his boss. Good on him though, every now and then he shows glimpses of being a decent human.

  48. Funny now what's he say about his old boss getting help from them even the oversight committee found his old boss was wrong at withholding Ukraine Add then

  49. Russia in my opinion was setting this up for years pushing some to threten to pull out of nato if others don't pay there share and this was in the works back in 2016 when thay gad there puppet on the string

  50. I'll preface this by saying I'm for Ukraine and against any aggressive actor, however, we've been down this road a few times. Both the Republicans and Dems are starting to treat this as a proxy war. We haven't voted for war, and I guarantee you a majority of Americans don't want war.

  51. Mitch McConnell is the enemy. He wants all of us to remain poor and shackled. There should be a global revolution against the ruling class but sadly, dick faces like him have the majority of people in their thrall.

  52. Does this mean we have to stop calling him "Moscow Mitch" now? We can still make fun of him for looking like a racist turtle, right?

  53. If you think Mitch is on your side you don't know the man that well. Supporting Ukraine is broadly popular here while the whack job wing which has been ascendent for 6 years is stupidly in process of turning against you folks.

  54. well... the guy is a prick, but I'm glad he has at least some principals he'll stick to. One of the first times I 100% agreed with him.

  55. The Military industrial complex seemingly always can convince democrats and republicans to pass bills that would allow them make a tone of money selling weapons.

  56. I really don't like Republicans. But sometimes even the wrong people are doing the right things. 🤗👍

  57. Moscow Mitch doesn't like his nickname. Don't trust anything he says, because he has an ulterior motive and has a long history of loving Russian money.

  58. This isn't as weird as everyone seems to think it is. Going from the comments here, it seems that people think Mitch McConnell feasts on the souls of newborns or something. This isn't a crazy turn for McConnell, and the fact that because people have political disagreements with him, they expect him to stand for everything they oppose shows the toxic nature of polarisation in politics.

  59. what is it with the Rpublicans that are claiming Russians are misunderstood? Some yes but Putin has sponsored terrorism through poisoning outside of Russia.

  60. If invading a country with your military is state sponsored terrorism America better brace itself for some bad news. Checks notes. America and friends invaded Iraq and they hadnt done anything to America

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