Ukrainian 92nd brigade Stinger training in VR

  1. VR is neat lol don’t have to be out in the field learning how to use it and become targets. But can learn the platform inside safely without exposing one self.

  2. Got to use those as a kid. Kinda like the old BattleTech pods. Had one "box" for the driver, and a second for gunner, loader, and commander, with all the switches and stuff in the right places.

  3. This is the Igla MANPADS simulator, which is manufactured by the Ukrainian company Energia-2000. They have other cool things. Here, for example:

  4. Not a stinger and not a valid substitute for a stinger training, if you did this with a stinger, the missile would have probably killed you.

  5. Why do you think the missile could harm the operator if he did the same thing he did in VR in real life? Did he do something wrong?

  6. What is the canister on the stinger missile launcher that they always unscrew and throw on the ground immediately after launch?

  7. Ive done a fair bit of VR training between the Marines and the Secret Service. It's better than not training at all I guess, but overall it's trash.

  8. Russians are fucked. Their equipment has all gone to the oligarch's yacht's. It's so fucking telling that one country can stand against a continent like Russia. It just speaks to how failed Russia is. How failed Putin is of a leader. What a sad sad joke of a "man"

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