Over 6 000 unique ancient artifacts stolen from museums in Crimea worth millions of dollars have been found in Kyiv in the office of former Ukrainian MP Valery Horbatov, who turned out to be a traitor supporting Russia and fled under their protection just before the start of the invasion.

  1. It's weird how they transported them from Crimea to kyiv in the assumption that it would be taken. Maybe a symbolic gift to their supposed puppet regime.

  2. Wait now that I was thinking:wasn't there already an issue in the past with crimeqn artifacts in foreign museums and their return to either Crimea(under Russia) or Ukraine being contested

  3. One of the big problems Ukraine is going to have to sort out to become a proper member of the EU is endemic corruption. I hope that one positive thing that the war produces is higher standards in Ukraine public officials, and if it's not to much to hope for in how business is conducted

  4. Unfortunately, I don't think war is helpful in fighting corruption. Still, I hope for the best in that, it's hard to change this kind of endemic problem.

  5. It would be best I think if these valuable collections were stored safely in an EU country for the duration of the war under the protection of a few Ukraine officials. Some random orc missile could easily destroy them anywhere in Ukraine.

  6. I expect that most of Ukraines 'corruption' issues will be resolved by the identification and elimination of the RuZZian collaborators, moles, spys, and soviet leftovers!

  7. I don’t think this will resolve the root cause of corruption but the amount of corruption may become significantly smaller indeed

  8. These absolute pieces of scum will sink to any low. Just tossing these ancient aretfacts together in some shitty plastic bin in their office. Fuck them.

  9. How big was this guy's office to store 6k artifacts. Surely there must have been quite a few other people in the know about this, it wouldn't have been a small operational to move it all.

  10. At least the artifacts have been recovered. It is one small silver lining in this awful war.

  11. Yes… and Hungary already hid away their wealth of artifacts in early 2020. Go look at museum reviews before and after that point.

  12. This war is purging everything Russia from Ukrainian society and forging a distinctly new and unique country going forward. Nobody else could have done such an effective job at creating a Ukrainian worldwide identity.

  13. Is anyone else getting heist movie vibes? This sounds like something Hollywood would make. Actually, if they did make a movie like that and donate the proceeds to Ukraine...

  14. On the one hand, it is always good to clean house when the opportunity arises. On the other hand corruption is a result of humanity. A clean house is only momentarily clean. Not only are their more bad apples to be discovered, the ability to be tempted by evil runs through the middle of all of our hearts.

  15. A lot of treasures have been stolen from Ukraine since this war started, but this is something. It will certaily bolster Crimea's morale.

  16. I hope he’s currently being tortured in Russia so he could suffer physically , mentally and emotionally that he betrayed his motherland for them.

  17. I think it looks weird, there are things that don't look like they came from museums but from amateurs collections.... It is said he bought from looters... I know there are plenty of guys doing this and selling the stuff on ebay, I have talked with a few of them (a few years ago).But people who buy these things are collectors, and most collectors are interested in a specific era, or a specific type of object, here everything is mixed up, all sorts of artefacts, every possible eras from bronze age to WWII ..... It looks really strange, like this guy had a collection before the war (legal or not I have no idea, surely a mix of both) and then when the war started he went crazy and took everything he could get his hands on.I think the guy will argue he "saved" the objects and protected them until the end of the war.

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