Attention: Digital Force of Ukraine (DFU) has discovered a psychological operation from Russian War Criminals who pretend to be Ukrainians spreading hatred towards Belarusians. Those who spread hatred towards Belarusians DO NOT represent the opinions of Ukrainian people.

  1. I think that hate speech towards belarusian was started by ruzzian trolls, but because of lack of knowledge what is happening in Belarus in last 2 years some part of Ukrainians unfortunately picked up that narrative.

  2. Must not be going well because in general people have been positive to Belarusians as they have been sabotaging their government and trying to throw Lukashenka out but Russia has too much of a presence there. They are clearly all being held hostage.

  3. True, Ukrainians like Belarusians, except their "president". These are the true brothers, unlike ruzzians.

  4. I don’t hate belorussians— but quite disappointed by their naivety during last elections, they had huge numbers, passive police, actual leader, Lukashenko was literally shitting his pants… but instead of escalating protesters decided peaceful way like if dictator sitting 20 years in power will run away if you talk dirty about him. And as result, dictator stays in power, many peoples arrested or even dead, some forced to fled from own country…

  5. I mean, let's not forget Russia is basically occupying that country. There was no way Lukashenka was being thrown out while Russia is there. The people there are trying a lot to stop them and that's very well shown with the battles near Kyiv and the Russian trains constantly getting derailed.

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